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But if to live intelligently, it is quite possible to secure itself against unnecessary problems... The problem is old as the world. When the wood discloses marriage shout of a deer and the terrible crash of horns is heard, it is clear. Men (in this case, horned by nature) are busy with an important issue: fight for the best female to ensure better posterity. In the nature so was and there will be always, this necessary condition of a survival of a look. Ourselves when were wild and shaggy, arrived also.

Having felt that at us horns grow (and it after the tail only - only fell off), took in hand a cudgel more impressively and took down the heads to rivals. Later were enough in an armful the seductress, slightly living for fear, to drag it in the cave which is filled up with the picked bones on a marriage shock of straw. And nobody for it dared to throw into us a stone.

Other times came, need for marriage duels disappeared, gallant duels and knightly tournaments remained in the past too. The truth from practice cases of banal and absolutely uncivilized fight did not disappear yet. But it in certain circles. more often among the teenagers imitating the Hollywood supermen. The real man resorts to similar means seldom, only, as a last resort, and, of course, not to steal at someone his girlfriend.

However the green-eyed monster sometimes dims the head when you, having been fond at a party of serious man`s conversation, notice that your darling, having forgotten about you, laughs loudly over jokes of some unfamiliar moron. The hand itself reaches for something heavy, for that prehistoric cudgel

It is atavism as a tail which fell off long ago. It is impossible to allow female levity to wake up in you bad feelings in relation to tribespeople. Male solidarity has to be above female egoism.

The woman is so arranged that having appeared in the company of any representative of an opposite sex, begins to coquet. She is given birth to captivate and fascinate, in any case, it seems so to her. And the impetuous coquetry with all passers - cross does not testify to her moral unscrupulousness and sexual dissoluteness at all. However, if you deal with the woman, it is necessary to be guided by the checked rule: God helps those who help themselves.

It is possible to avoid the atavistic passions generating irresistible desire to break which - to whom a skull in only one way: in not to allow emergence of dangerous situations. The problem should be solved once and for all.

In the remarkable film version of the operetta Bat the unlucky lady`s man caught on a jealousy hook - the husband, with ease agrees to new conditions of the renewed marriage contract of a condition of the smart wife: Complete control for my part and full submission with yours! . And the husband obediently nods. But this cinema. In life as you understand, everything has to be in accuracy on the contrary - complete control of you and full submission - from it. Only this way.

Some by youth and inexperience, and sometimes from excess romanticism, consider that in the love relations everything is based on mutual trust. It - washing, it is in love with me as the cat will not escape also anywhere. The most dangerous delusion!

The woman needs to be led in a string and, it is desirable, in a strict collar. Perhaps she will also not escape, but who knows. There are always enough a pretty female hunters even if she already belongs by right to one specific male, that is you.

Trust, of course, the piece good, but is better not to neglect the well-known rule: first try, then trust.

Let it captivates and fascinates in the framework which is strictly determined by you. To each man it is flatter. when stare at his companion. Let it gives charming smiles to the right and on the left, let even coquets, but only under your supervision. You will allow to invite your companion to dance? Please, if she does not object. Darling I wait for you at a bar " rack;.

Also do not relax. As soon as waltz sounds (a rap, a rave) abate, let it will desire to arrive to a bar rack behind further instructions.

Or is admissible, in the sea resort during rest all maidens sunbathe topless. Do not allow the. In - the first, it is harmful to female health, and, in - the second, its delights belongs only to you and to stare at them to strangers there is nothing at all.

She has to feel like always yours, even when you are absent nearby. Continuous training as it not offensively sounds, to reflex level " is necessary for similar effect; not free female . And it demands huge patience and various " gingerbreads; in order that it liked to be only yours.