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How to choose a deodorant?

the Choice of perfume or toilet water can tell a lot of things about you, but will tell also the choice of a deodorant not less. Its aroma is not so noticeable, not so attractive, but it can how to rescue you in many situations, and, on the contrary, to embarrass.

In shops the great variety of deodorants, antiperspirants and deodorants - antiperspirants is presented. What is that?

Actually the deodorant is urged to block a sweat smell own strong fresh aroma. It suits you if you do not sweat strongly and do not do hard manual work or sport. Because otherwise I pound from it a little.

Sweat in itself does not smell. It when bacteria get down to business and it begins to decay, the unpleasant smell appears. Therefore if you could not take a shower and wash away sweat, then attempts muffle its smell a deodorant can lead to a boomerang effect often: the smell of sweat mixes up with a smell of a deodorant and, God forbid, you still use toilet water., the Turned-out cocktail will hardly be pleasant.

Quite often deodorants together with alcohol contain also other bactericidal substances. For example, triklozan and farnezol. Triklozan effectively fights against microbes, but his action can be too strong - together with harmful microorganisms he destroys also useful. Farnezol has the same effect, but does it with smaller intensity, without depriving at the same time skin it natural protection.

The antiperspirant regulates sweating. What is undoubted plus for potlivy people. But there is also minus: he clogs up pores, does not allow skin to breathe that can lead to unpleasant consequences - at least to irritation. Therefore it is so necessary to observe hygiene and to wash away an antiperspirant from skin. It is necessary to apply an antiperspirant (as well as a deodorant) on clean dry skin.

A deodorant - the antiperspirant not only regulates sweating, but also possesses a pleasant, strong smell. Today it is most effective and popular.

Deodorants can be presented in the form of spray, a roll-on deodorant, a stik, gel, cream, powder.

Spray is good at active sweating, at sports activities; a roll-on deodorant, gel and cream soft, pleasant, but if you have an increased sweating, then they can be too weak for you. Talc without fragrance (powder) can be used that who has an allergy to perfumery. It is possible to use also the perfumed talc, they well absorb sweat, but can leave white stains on clothes (as well as flow down which part talc is), besides, talc dries skin.

There are leg deodorants, but they can be used few times in a week because they almost completely destroy the bacterial environment that is very harmful.