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How it is correct to choose a brazier by a new shashlik season?


their Main difference - lack of naked flame, a grill is enough to be connected to a gas source, and gas rings warm a baking sheet on which the food is cooked. Among gas there are so-called grills on a lava - the gas torch makes lava pieces red-hot, and they thanks to porous structure are a source of intensive infrared radiation. At the end of preparation it is possible to throw a little sawdust for a smell. Some models combine in themselves both types, i.e. on one half of a grill it is possible to prepare on a lava, and on another - on a baking sheet. Advantage of gas grills - usability and fast heating.


It is obvious that this kind of a grill can be used in the places equipped with electric sockets. They are equipped with a baking sheet for a browning, by the size happen from the most compact for house application to professional models which use in kitchens of restaurants. The electric grill will help out in the winter or in rainy day when there is a wish for a shish kebab, but there is no opportunity to prepare it in the open air.


get To this category as braziers usual and familiar to all, and more advanced models - round, oval, rectangular with an additional little table and regiments. Larger models, as a rule, have couple of wheels by means of which they can be moved easily from place to place. The grill consists of capacity for coal and a lattice from above which in the majority of models can be regulated on height that allows to operate preparation process.

WOOD GRILLS They are made by

of thicker metal or cast iron which are capable to sustain high temperature of burning. Happen the different sizes and design, of course, gas and electric grills do not demand fuss with coal and firewood, process of preparation purer and fast. However cultivation of a fire, a smell of the burning firewood, a type of pieces of coal and an opportunity to stir them - the most pleasant in the course of preparation of shish kebabs.


is an option of a coal and wood grill with densely closed cover. The grill - the smoking shed has to have two openings for ventilation: on a cover and at the bottom of a copper by means of which it is possible to regulate temperature. These shashlychnitsa it is possible to use as a usual grill - coals are directly under food, it is also possible to fry meat by means of lateral fire - coals are at the edges of a barbecue, and products in the center, the cover has to be closed (at such way the food is roasted more slowly and more evenly). When smoking coals settle down at the edges, and between coals and a product the baking sheet with hot water is put. On coals after they burn through, add wood sawdust or chips to give to a dish smoked aroma.

STATIONARY CONCRETE GRILLS - BARBECUES This a construction, serious and quite impressive by the sizes, - it establish

on a steady platform from concrete or a brick, the distance from the house and trees has to be not less than five - six meters. Nevertheless, concrete barbecues are simple in use, do not demand special leaving, they big therefore you can prepare a shish kebab on the big company of guests.

of the Successful shashlik season!