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What main differences of English from Russian?

When studying any modern language all elements (creation of the offer, a pronunciation etc.) are subconsciously compared with the native language. But differences in languages exist and if their obvious to designate outlook of the native language takes the dominating positions.

And it leads to awful things: You study English, but do not understand why quite so who needs these foolish rules and so on. In total either you cram or you hammer. But neither that nor another not an exit. Actually English, it is in many respects similar to Russian.

And dissimilarities are easily explainable if to understand them. From the experience I will tell that all differences teach as they a reality they are to eat“ This rule which you have to learn also any show off“. At the same time all features stretch for many years. And actually there are reasons of it “ house “. But at the beginning I would like to tell about the main differences of English from Russian.

1. In English there are sounds which are not in Russian.

2. Distinction between writing and a pronunciation (in Russian there are distinctions too, but it is much less of them)

3. Rigid words order in the sentence.

4. Existence of articles of the and a(an)

5. Absence of categories of a sort and inducement at nouns.

The English nouns belong to a neutral gender if it is not told to

about living beings.

As for cases, their function is carried out by pretexts. Nouns not of

receive the terminations as in Russian

6. Absence of categories of a sort and inducement at adjectives.

7. Use 3 - x verb forms, - ing of the terminations

and auxiliary verbs (do, be, have)

8. Polysemy of the English words. One and too the word can act as

and as a verb and a noun and an adjective etc.

9. steady grammatical designs inherent only to English.

The 10th existence of the fixed pretexts with verbs and adjectives.

The fixed pretexts are the pretexts forming steady

combinations to the corresponding adjectives and verbs.

is dlozheny.

11 existence of only one denial in the English offer.