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What is the photoblog?

Probably, you still remember those times when the hobby for the photo was destiny of enthusiasts and demanded a lot of time and means. An infinite pursuit of reactants, a film and photographic paper, magic manipulations in the dark room, garlands from the fresh pictures drying on a linen rope from which only the two-three of the elite got to a family album. Now it is possible to leave this difficult ritual to professionals, and for fans everything is simple: clicked, copied on the computer, removed unsuccessful pictures, corrected flaws in the program - the editor, and here it is ready - a personal photo album! You want - unpack and show to guests, and you want - brag to the whole world, on that is the Internet and such concept as the photoblog .

According to Wikipedia, the photoblog - the website containing in the basis regularly published photos often accompanied with the name of a picture, date / time, the text description, data of Exif, etc. The photoblog often contains a possibility of addition of comments, exposure of a rating, etc. The photoblog can support the RSS or Atom technology. The photoblog can be author`s or collective. The mobile photoblogs (made by means of cameras, which are built in mobile phones meet). As a version, there were text photoblogs (in which the photo is replaced with the author`s text description).

How to create own photoblog? It is the simplest to use one of the numerous free photostorages existing in a network: Photofile. ru, Photosight. ru, Photo. mail. ru and so forth. These services give such opportunities as creation of genre albums, loading and editing photos, author`s notes and comments of guests, exposure of estimates, participation in ratings and competitions etc. In order that it is correct to choose photostorage, it is necessary to consider also possible restrictions: the volume of the provided disk space, the maximum size of the photo, quantity of the loaded pictures in days. Naturally, for paid users of restrictions it is much less.

Other way - to create the ordinary blog on one of popular servers: Livejournal. com, Blogger. com, Liveinternet. ru. You free of charge have basic opportunities for maintaining the network diary, however placement of photos on such servers is often accompanied by some difficulties: restrictions for quantity and volume of the stored images, absence of the editor for their processing etc. In this case you should or store still pictures on one of the listed above photowebsites, or to create the paid account with expanded opportunities.

If you want to have the full photoblog - convenient, fast and functional, it is necessary to think of idea of creation of own website . It is optional to start everything from scratch, it is possible to use already ready cursors for creation of photoblogs, for example Pixelpost. It is necessary to remember that the majority of such cursors needs support of PHP, MySQL, existence of certain libraries on a hosting where your website will be placed. And of course, you need to have some skills a web - programming.

As you can see, creation and regular support of the photoblog - process quite troublesome. But if the desire to share the achievements with the world, to receive an adequate assessment of the photos, to find adherents and to improve the art nevertheless is big - dare! It is not excluded that the simple hobby will become business of your life and will bring you deserved glory.