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What myths about nail extension exist?

Having observed several weeks women in the city and, in particular, my friends - women of fashion, I came to a conclusion: probably, the increased nails again at popularity peak!

I reflected, and whether I should increase kogotochka and decided to re-read the corresponding literature. But, to my chagrin, sensible information on this procedure did not find: neither on the Internet, nor in the book market.

Surprised me and the fact that in beauty shops not really - that want to comment on this subject. Whether nothing is known, whether are afraid to open the secrets. Having thought a little and having collected the strength, I decided to make a number of experiments with the nails. In total for the benefit of women`s society!

Now, after several months of tests, I can report you results of the researches and discredit myths which multiplied around nail extension.

For a start, let`s be defined that represents this building. Nail extension - procedure which allows without serious consequences, in several hours to get artificial nails of any form and length, on appearance not differing from natural at all. On condition of the correct carrying such nails can serve not one year.

There is a set of ways of building. They differ in materials which are used by the master: gel, acryle, porcelain, silk, lyon and even crystal (!) . According to material the price and technology of building is formed. Presently the most popular are gel and acrylic nails: they are stronger than others and look more natural. Process of modeling (i.e. building) such nails is carried out on tipsa (a false nail from plastic, or from special material) or on forms when material gives all the best on a special paper form with a teflon covering. The way of modeling most often is selected the master and depends on a form and a condition of your nails. I want to note that in most cases the nails made on tipsa keep longer and look more natural.

And now I suggest to study the most popular myths concerning nail extension and their exposure.

MYTH 1: Time building procedure always identical, - means, all masters identical and are not present any difference where and to whom to go to increase nails.

Reality: and neyl - an art without exaggeration can call Nail extension aerobatics elements in art of manicure but, only on condition of the good master. It is possible to come to supercool salon, to increase nails for $500 and in several days to lose forever not only increased, but also the natural nails. And on the contrary, the master who was engaged in nail extension at home for $20 is capable to make not only a work of art, but also improving procedures for your nails. After a set of tests of my nails I understood - the master has to be checked. It is desirable that somebody advised it to you (someone to whom you trust).

MYTH 2: Acryle is better than gel and vice versa.

Reality : War of acryle and gel continues not the first year. Remains to unknown who started similar inveracious hearing in masses. Actually gel and acryle belong to the same chemical group akrilata . From there is conclusion: gel is not better than acryle and acryle is not better than gel!

MYTH 3: To increase nails harmfully.

Reality : During carrying artificial nails natural nails are in the protected state and are not subject to any aggressive influence from the outside!

In most cases at continuous carrying the increased nails even the injured natural nail gets the right direction of growth and a form, ceases to exfoliate and can take an esthetic form completely. Building is recommended also to those who has a big load of nails.

IMPORTANT: To the women having diabetes, skin diseases, sharp arthritis, disorder of blood circulation, a fungal infection (on hands), at the time of building passing himio / X-ray therapy and accepting photosensitive medicines, and, of course, to women during pregnancy - it is not RECOMMENDED to INCREASE NAILS!!

MYTH 4: It is possible to be wounded with artificial nails.

Reality : Once, long ago, one woman was wounded and dumped everything on the increased nails Jokes jokes, but actually, the increased nails (any form!) you will not be wounded - they very stupid at the edges. Though, the element of truth in a joke everything is is: the first several hours after creation of artificial nails they can scratch slightly. But when claws will finally become blunted, - about body scratches and even about arrows on tights can quietly forget!

MYTH 5: Artificial nails quickly break.

Reality : Very strong and them it is very heavy to break actually increased nails on condition of, of course, qualitative materials and the good master. Exceptions: excessive perspiration of hands, pregnancy, reception of hormonal preparations (including contraceptives). So if material began to exfoliate, crumble or not to keep at all - look for a problem in the master or in the health.

MYTH 6: The increased nails demand frequent and difficult leaving.

Reality : Artificial nails demand leaving only once in 2 - 4 weeks (correction). On the increased nails even the cheapest varnish keeps on average 2 weeks. With artificial nails you should do cut manicure with a rasparivaniye much less often. Under such nails dirt gathers less often, and about agnails in general it will be possible to forget.

MYTH 7: Time artificial nails such cool means with them it is possible to go constantly.

Reality : Though the increased nails also do not damage your health and beauty, all - them needs to be removed periodically. On average, at a constant a sock, it is necessary to remove artificial nails time in 2 - 4 years for a period of 2 - x weeks to 3 - x months. Duration break depends on the individual growth rate of nails. For this period the nail plate has to be updated completely. Such procedure is necessary since natural nails when building are exposed to trimming. Especially material, for long term, can lose the esthetic look and it needs to be replaced.

MYTH 8: If nail extension - harmlessly, so I can undergo this procedure every week.

Reality : Yes, to increase - it is not harmful! But if every week to increase new nails, - it will result in sensitivity of a surface of a nail plate (from - for repeated trimmings) that can lead to serious consequences.

MYTH 9: If I do not like work of the master, I will be able to remove the increased house nails, independently.

Reality : It cannot be done at all. Even do not try! You can spoil with the actions a nail plate or put yourself a serious trauma. Of course, if you have skills and special materials, - can remove nails.

MYTH 10: Nail extension standing is a silly joke.

Reality : Yes, when I learned also about such service, - I very long laughed. But, actually nail extension standing can solve problems of many women. Of course, problem nails mean. Besides, similar service can be very opportunely, in the summer when there is a wish to look faultlessly. Especially as standing to look after the increased nails even more simply.

Remember if you decided to increase nails, then the cut manicure should be made at least three days before procedure. If after building your natural nails turned yellow, so during procedure under material air or moisture got - it is not terrible, but sometimes happens that the unskilled master could bring to you an infection. Certainly, the result of work depends on professionalism of the master, his imagination, but it is not always necessary to complain about it. Responsibility for a condition of artificial and natural nails lays down not only on the master, but also on the client. The good master will always make to you recommendations of how it is correct to carry artificial nails, and the good client - will adhere to these recommendations. In addition it is necessary to consider also features of the organism. For example, at 7% of women acryle on nails will not keep at all, as much women will not apprehend gel. And nails of 6% - will tear away both gel, and acryle. At the request of the client, it is possible just to cover natural nails with acryle or gel that not only will give them an esthetic look, but also will strengthen nails.

Here, in principle, all nuances which need to be known before nail extension. And I need to wish you patience and success in the choice of the master. Take care!