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Whether you know 10 rules of good taste? Desire to look good each woman has

, and here with ability the situation is not so well. That it will be convinced of it, it is enough to look at crowds tastelessly and on a bigger measure of equally dressed people who are scurrying about on our streets. In the spring when we take off from ourselves heavy fur coats and practical sheepskin coats, it becomes especially noticeable. The color disparate and discrepancy of styles can plunge into a depression not of one fashion designer. Well, really, they try, create for us collections, think out new tendencies, and we still prefer that is cheaper also than pobleskuchy. Of course, it is possible to justify the inability to put on lack of sufficient funds for acquisition of orders haute couture, but as practice shows, this factor in a question of good taste not defining. If you possess knack correctly to select things, consider that you were lucky. If is not present - do not despair, good taste can always be developed. For this purpose it is enough to follow some rules only:

1. Better it is less and better.

Should not hammer the clothes ill-matched things which persistently do not want to be combined with each other. Give preference to costume combinations. At the same time under a suit not only its classical option means (which surely has to be present at clothes of each woman). It is necessary to select for this principle also other things. For example, buying jeans, choose to them a suitable jacket, a top, a pullover or a jacket. And already proceeding their these combinations select footwear, bags and other accessories. Do not neglect full study of a suit. To sadly see when the footwear does not approach a dress at all, and a bag at all quite another thing. Let in your clothes there will be a few things, but all of them will be picked correctly up.

2. Quality and once again quality. As if you it wanted

, cheap and low-quality (these definitions usually coincide) things by any efforts will not manage to be disguised under works of the best fashion houses. Yes in principle it is also not necessary to do it. It is necessary just to mean that the cheap thing will reduce the price also of all your look. And it is not important on what you will save, on footwear or on gloves, it will not change the general depressing impression. It is better to have a few sound things of high quality, than the whole army of the Chinese jackets and T-shirts. Wise British who are a good judge of clothes not for nothing speak: We are not so rich to afford cheap things . In it there is the homespun truth. The qualitative thing which by definition cannot be cheap and will serve longer, and pleasures will be brought incommensurably more, than by counterfeit analog. keep in mind

I, unpretentious accessories and fur fabric are good only for young girls who have a youth - the best ornament. Mature ladies have to aspire to all sound and natural.

3. Many a little.

It is and still very difficult for b to resist temptation to do shopping by a two-three of cheap things in the wholesale market. Well, here already business of preferences. Here only, buying an Asian t-shirt, and to it select all the rest at this producer. It is not necessary to combine expensive stylish things with products of the Chinese masters. " jeans; Wrangler will lose all the gloss near a cheap jacket and sneakers of a handicraft manner. Conform to the simple rule: expensive things to expensive things, cheap - to cheap. Though variations with the price are possible. As the leading fashion designers assure, the woman should not save on linen, footwear, cosmetics and pullovers. And here trousers can be slightly cheaper, but only slightly. The striking difference will be evident at once.

4. First try, then trust.

the Fashion rigidly dictates the terms, and in certain cases is even very cruel. At me in memory times when all women with a volume body it is universal are still live put on in color leggings and long leather jackets. More terrible than this show difficult to imagine something. Thank God, awful - e remained 80 far behind, and at the beginning of a new century we became though which - what to understand in clothes. However, not everything, differently with what to explain the fact that trousers fashionable nowadays on hips are afforded even by women at whom length of legs leaves much to be desired. Thus they emphasize the shortcoming which in other conditions would not be evident at all. It is not necessary to follow blindly what is offered by producers. Podiums ezhesezonno give so many ideas that any tendency can be adapted for own interests and features.

If a mirror ruthlessly signals that peep of a season sits on you as on a cow itself you know that, it makes sense to refuse this choice. The fashionable thing - not that which filled up counters of all shops and that which fits well approaches complexion and emphasizes identity.

5. On taste and color.

First that at once is evident and gives nasty taste - it is wild or incorrectly picked up color combinations. The cherry skirt and a lilac jacket can cause gnashing of teeth in people around, and the ultralemon jacket in combination with brightly orange trousers will provoke a headache attack at neighbors. Therefore it is necessary to approach selection of color scale of the clothes with due consideration. Our people, not to puzzle over this question, prefer to put on in the main weight in are black - gray scale, occasionally diluting, this gloom seasonally - fashionable color. However at this method there are a lot of shortcomings. Dark tone will make you absolutely imperceptible on a surrounding background, and fashionable color can appear not to the person at all. Nowadays popular slivovo - lilac shades in this plan are especially dangerous. If the thing of a fashionable color does not suit you, reconcile to this fact and be limited to small accessories of this color, and choose the main clothes nevertheless by the principle goes - does not go . How to understand color variety and to pick up the of tone, numerous fashionable magazines give a lot of advice. To define the easiest way to what type of women you belong: fall - winter - spring - summer. The main thing - is correct to identify itself with a season, and further a trick.

6. What is not visible. the linen does

the woman Zhenshchinoy therefore you should not neglect this intimate part of our toilet. Many fondly believe that time of the fact that at us under clothes, all the same it is not visible, and not really - it is important that there us it is put on. Especially stockings and tights suffer from this everyday postulate. Economical Russian ladies quite quite often put on under trousers and long skirts worn and even fragmentary chulochno - nosochny products. It is excessive to say that for Frenchwomen it is simply inadmissible. The follower famous Coco Chanel precisely know - quality of our linen inexplicably finds reflection in our eyes. If under clothes at you openwork baud and stockings with a belt, the most strict suit gets aura of almost inaudible sexuality. Refuse the worn, washed off linen, give yourself pleasure and get a two-three of expensive sets. Even if you will protect them for special cases and to carry only on an exit their presence at your clothes will warm soul. However, the daily bra also has to answer standards of purity and hygiene. As for stockings, to regret, but with them it is necessary to leave the first inhaling. Such it is short-lived goods, do not demand from them bigger.

7. Highlight of the program. does not have

such woman who would not have a soft corner in the heart for good footwear. The footwear is a convenience, comfort and beauty. She gives completeness to an image and acts as a dressing element. With its help we emphasize our suit, we mask shortage of growth, we extend legs and we shock public. But with what purpose we would use her N, the main thing - that it was high quality. The qualitative footwear serves longer, looks better and does not spoil a foot. Unless it is not enough once and for all to believe in need to acquire footwear in good shops.? At the same time the price not necessarily has to be expressed in five-digit figures. The footwear of high quality is quite capable to keep within $100-150. Astronomical the sums on price tags are caused not so much by quality of goods, how many a name of his producer and on a bigger measure are calculated on the consumer`s ambitions.

8. Refinement drop.

Spirits at all their ephemerality cannot be carried to luxury goods in any way. It is necessity for each woman. In relation to spirits we are divided into two categories: one all life remain faithful to a favourite smell, others are inclined to experiment and change fragrant flakonchik. But that it is possible to do in general without perfume it is difficult to imagine. Take for the rule: to the beautiful woman - smart spirits. But at once refuse fakes how low price attracted you. Good spirits cannot cost little, as well as aroma Chinese " will not be able; Poisson to correspond to the prototype. Each woman has to afford at least a small bottle of the real French perfume. The main thing - is correct to pick up them. Spirits differ on compositions: bitter, sweet, flower, tart, cold, fresh etc. Besides they are day and evening, heavy and easy, for young and mature ladies. And all this needs to be considered in the perfume choice. The smell has to be in harmony with you, but not exist separately. If you are a little red laugher, you will hardly suit noble scale Christian Dior or bitterish smack Paloma Picasso . And if you are a bright dark-haired brunette refuse warm colors Organza or sweet aroma Opium . Also observe a measure: even spirits are picked correctly up, too strong smell to mozhetvosprinimatsya by people around as gas attack.

9. Principle of compliance. not only the fact that you carry, but also where you are going to go in it Is important

. Discrepancy of clothes to a surrounding situation will easily make you vulnerable. I somehow had enough during the holiday in honor of the well-known newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets to see the lady who is walking about on lawns on ten-centimetric hairpins and in an evening dress with long gloves. Such clothes, strange for street action, caused at all not exclamations of delight on which, apparently, the smart toilet, and the sympathizing views and doubts in mental capacities of his bearer was calculated. The clothes have to meet a situation. The Shinshillovy fur coat will silly look in the crowded car of the subway, have to be applied to it at least Mercedes and the apartment in the prestigious area. This principle, by the way, works a little unilaterally. It is firm only for middle class. So-called lumpens, however, as well as owners of multimillion states, are able to afford to put on in anything. People around perceive it either as need, or as eccentricity and originality.

10. In harmony with. All details of your toilet only the captious female look separately will be able to notice

. Men perceive all of us at once, so to speak, in full, being guided not by a style of shoes and not by color of a skirt at all, and by purely subjective message it is pleasant - not - it is pleasant . You from legs to the head are dressed in works of the best designers, and he also will not nuzzle, but as bewitched stares at a rare miracle in terrible peas. Take your time to write off this fact for nasty male taste. Perhaps, " peas; are in full harmony with their owner, as creates so notable effect. The well-known labels - yet not the key to success. The main thing that the suit sat and who sewed it there, not so important. The clothes have to be in harmony with your mood, temperament, a season, days, a surrounding situation and the social status. Only in this case it will carry out the main objective, having made you it is even FINER, still ZhELANNEY and even more UNIQUE!