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How to optimize the website? We read Encyclopedia of search advance Ingate

How to optimize the website that the clients who came to you from search engines had a desire on it to be registered, make purchase or other target actions? Learn about it from the new chapter Encyclopedias of search advance Ingate which is called Increase of conversion of the website .

The edition will be useful for owners of business, the Internet - to marketing specialists, PR - the managers beginning SEO - experts, and also all who want to receive the interested visitors on the website.

Conversion is the attitude of total number of visitors of the website towards the visitors who made any action on a resource (registration, downloading, purchase, registration of the order, etc.) . The this size is higher, the website works more effectively. About what needs to be undertaken in order that the website successfully worked for business, there is a speech in 7 - y to chapter of the encyclopedia.

From the head Increase of conversion of the website you learn: what helps to attract with

a traffic from search engines;

how successfully to work with technical part of the website;

how to protect a web - a resource from viruses;

why is important to prolong a hosting and the domain in time;

what influences a usability (work with content, design and a technical aspect of the website);

how to improve behavioural indicators of the website.

In the appendix which you will find in final part 7 - y chapters our experts tell about the basic rules of a usability which concern:

- navigation on the website;

- visualization a web - a resource;

- structure of materials.

New head Encyclopedias of search advance Ingate - and to increase this practical grant which will help readers to raise website positions in search delivery the number of clients! Only useful information and recommendations from professionals of SEO!

You want to solve successfully business - tasks by means of the Internet? Download and read chapter Increase of conversion of the website right now!

About Encyclopedias of search advance Ingate

Encyclopedia of search advance - this edition which is actual always: it is created, edited and published online. The book is written in an available, living language, with its help promotion of the website even the beginner can independently be engaged. Every month there is new chapter of the book.

In the previous heads Encyclopedias of search advance Ingate it was told:

- as are arranged search engines;

- why one websites are on the top lines of delivery of searchers, and others - on the lowest;

- that impedes successful progress;

- of what stages consists advance process;

- how to optimize the Internet - a resource that its promotion was effective;

- how work with reference weight influences website positions.

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