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How to remove the website in the TOP without excess expenses? The ROOKEE

U service you will help there is a website, but only you know about its existence and several your colleagues? The resource does not make profit for your business? And it was created for this purpose. How to attract the interested audience on the website? to

to you will be helped by SEO - a package of measures which helps to lift the website on the top positions in search delivery by inquiries the Internet - users. If your resource appears on the first page in the list of the websites found the searcher, its attendance will increase.

To whom to entrust advance of the website? There are two options: the checked SEO - agency or the ordinary freelancer who for the small sum will undertake to lift your website in the TOP. The first way - reliable, but expensive. The second - risky as the experts working at an autsorsa do not give any guarantees and do not sign the contract with clients.

And it is possible to be engaged in advance of the website independently by means of the ROOKEE system! ROOKEE - unique service of the automated advance of the websites. To begin to work in it simply: Be registered by


Create an advertizing campaign for your website.


Results will not keep themselves waiting long! In the automatic mode the system will pick up inquiries by which it is favorable to advance your resource, and will count how many money will be required in order that the website got to the TOP. After process of advance will be started, attendance of the website will begin to increase!


independent control of expenses on advance;

full automation of process - you save the forces and time;

simplicity and availability of the interface - will be able to understand functionality even the beginner;

transparent reporting on expenses and efficiency of advance.

Be registered in ROOKEE! Let the website work for your business with 100% return!

ROOKEE - service of the Ingate Development company .

Key competences of the company lie in the area the Internet - technologies.

the Area of work of the company - development of mass services for work on the Internet.

Products of Ingate Development - the ROOKEE services (the automated advance of the website), Rooletka (automatic audit of the website), Babkee (system of monitoring of mentions in social media) and Sembook - the encyclopedia of search advance. Over 120 thousand clients use the Ingate Development services.

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