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In what colors to paint the house and office?

our behavior and mood are closely connected with color scale of environment. So in what colors it is better to paint office and the house?

For work as for a holiday!

If you not the big boss, then are able hardly to recolour at discretion walls and to change furniture on a workplace. And noble gray color of walls of office makes depressive impact on an organism! In it is black - is white - to gray scale stresses and troubles are endured sharply, and it not really - that increases working capacity.

The employee who surely feels on a workplace, subconsciously to seek to make cozy a working corner. Here it is possible to resort to small cunning - to add color accents to a habitual situation. Order bright folders for papers, bring a motley mug, hang out drawings, pictures on a wall, place small suvenirchik on a table. If you have to work long at the computer, make bright prompt on desktop . For example, the color gamut from violet to Xing - green will approach - they reduce emotionality, or pick up drawing in green tones - they calm and counterbalance.

Yellow: we eat with appetite.

of Colour for the house should be selected depending on purpose of each room.

Shades of warm scale will be suitable for kitchen more. Especially as in today`s apartments the kitchen often carries out also functions of the dining room. Will approach apricot, peach, red and especially yellow color which considerably improves digestion and stimulates work of a stomach. Are pertinent orange tone of a cloth, napkins, ware. Even in kitchen and in the dining room it is better to paint walls in solar colors. However, this council is good only for those who are not afraid to recover!

If extra kilos to you to anything, choose blue, blue wall-paper and cloths with napkins of the same flowers - they suppress appetite.

Violet: we sleep tight. the Bedroom is traditionally made out by

in pastel tones. However it is possible to experiment also with blue color (it removes muscular stress, helps to calm down), and with violet (slows down pulse, improves a dream). But it is important to remember that abuse of color can exert also negative impact. Therefore in a bedroom primary color should not be too bright, it is better to combine it with warm colors of an interior. For a bedroom are ideal it is green - blue tone. But also here it is necessary to know when to stop that the pacification and rest did not address in melancholy green.

Green: we are condensed.

of the Kid it is better for b to lodge in the nursery issued in soft flowers. Consider age of the child. Kindergarten paint the period brightly. The school student will suit the room more quietly that the situation did not distract from occupations. For example, green increases working capacity, improves visual acuity and promotes concentration of attention. Therefore on a desktop to the place there will be a lamp with the green lamp shade.

Red: we dream. the brightest of tone use

in a drawing room. Give imaginations freedom! Remember that warm colors (purple, red, orange, yellow) create a cosiness and give feeling of heat. In rooms of such shades air temperature seems 3 - 4 C above, than actually.

Let`s make our house and office is cozier!