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Whether fat is useful?

Fat at the moderate use are considered very and very useful product. High caloric content of this product - 770 kcal on 100 g is obvious. And, if to use the term from the field of economy, then it long caloric content that is it suits for the tourist, the athlete and the hero - the lover.

There is such piece as arakhidonovy acid, in pure form is not used, alas, but this miracle contains in fat and actively participates in a cholesteric exchange, cellular and hormonal activity.

In traditions of the Russian cookery to use when frying both melted butter, and, of course, fat, that is, our ancestors liked to cook, using fatty acids, not suspecting at the same time about atherosclerosis and carcinogenicity. And apparently, nothing terrible happened to them.

Cholesterol, by the way, not alien connection for our organism where it carries out the mass of important functions: is a part of intercellular membranes and body tissues where is or in a free state, or in the form of compounds of fatty acids, participates in synthesis of components of blood etc. Norm from 150 to 240 mg in 100 cubic see blood are considered (where regular medical examination of the population?) to some extent it is the conditional indicator reflecting intensity of processes of oxidation of fats and carbohydrates in an organism in process of their receipt and synthesis.

From myself I want to add that couple of sandwiches with fat cause a condition of a pacification in me directly according to a saying: What for became silent - from al`s grain from fat?

However, is also other option: What for became dashing - from grain or " fat;.

When you buy fat, do not hesitate to ask the veterinary certificate is your right. Remember that even the vodka liter on fat sandwich will not kill a tapeworm or trichinosis. Have a look also at a brand of veterinary supervision, it will not spoil taste of fat, and will add tranquility.

For especially hypochondriac I can advise fat to boil an hour three (with spices and salt) that reduces probability to pick up mucks. It is better to lard garlic on - hot, then by tradition in the freezer for about five days. The fat prepared in such a way is well stored, tasty and fragrant, but in my opinion something is missing. I think that all this will be more tasty to eat with adjika.

Useful properties of fat are limited only to unlimited quantity and medical contraindications. There is no recipe of dietary fat or salted pork fat in the nature. So it is necessary to prepare by those techniques which developed historically.

I, frankly speaking, prefer the frozen fat prepared by the easiest way. The pieces of fat rubbed with salt with pepper, sustained in heat couple of days and week in refrigerating office and then frozen in the freezer, something like that bearing a faint resemblance to a stroganina in the look cut and not thawed yet.

I recommend not to forget about a chesnochka, tomatoes with cucumbers in salad. Do not forget to season with vinegar. And categorically he does not agree with those who claim that it is the translation of a product: say, beer without vodka... On my taste, just remarkably. And that who cares for the figure, can tell that vinegar acts here also as antioxidant. There is also other way: ate fat - go to a gym. (Well! But almost like at ancient: Mens sana in corpore sano )


Lard in the overestimated quantities can cause negative consequences. Please, observe a measure!

Eat fat and do not cough!