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What attributes the commercial website has to have?

you, probably, met a situation when you visit the website, and at once cannot understand about what it and to whom it is addressed. Statistically, the user estimates the website no more than 30 seconds, having seen it on diagonal. If the user does not find anything interesting, or did not understand about what the website, then without regrets will close a window of the browser or will press the " button; back “. For the entertaining websites it is small loss, and the visitor is very valuable to the commercial websites since he is a potential client.

So what has to be the commercial website at once to let the visitor know that it came to destination.

The main page of the commercial website Theatre begins

with a hanger, and the website - with the main page. On this page visitors most often get, and according to it there is an opinion on the website. Our purpose - to interest buyers, and to eliminate visitors who do not need our goods at all.

Specify to whom your website is addressed. It is not necessary to specify a company name or the map of the drive at once. At once specify for whom you wait on the website. Capital letters: “ Dear motorist “ “ Attention, accountant! “. The example is too exaggerated, but it is desirable though approximately so to address the visitor. Even if the visitor got on the website incidentally, then being a motorist or the accountant, he will become interested.

The logo has to be indicative. Often you look at a website logo, and you do not understand to what it. If the website about car tires, then on a logo also there have to be tires, let stylized, but tires, but not the smiling beautiful girl. Yes, it is more pleasant to look at the girl, but you sell tires.

Specify the country and the region with which you work. Very much irritates when you go 30 minutes on the Internet - to shop, and then you find out that delivery only the courier across Moscow. It is necessary to specify accurately: “ Delivery across all Russia “.

On the main page make a little “ Hot " offers; blocks with new goods or the most sold goods. They well are evident and draw attention. Surely specify that it “ Season Novelty “ or “ The Most sold … “.

Give contacts of a support service. This block has to be on any page of the website. Many prefer to contact a support service at once and to ask questions to them, than to look for necessary on the website. It is necessary to give to the visitor alternative to a traditional basket the Internet - shop. Do not forget to specify a code of the country and city for phones.

Do not overload the page with graphics. Many users still use slow Dial - Up connection, and the page 120 KB to them are heavier it will be difficult to master. Rather they will close the page, without having waited for loading.

Internal pages

Let`s say the visitor visited the internal page. To understand what the website is, the logo will help, but it is necessary to give to the visitor the most convenient and clear navigation. The menu has to be standard, accurate and clear. The line of navigation will not interfere with references of a look above: “ Main> Shop> DVD - disks> the Western “. So the visitor will understand at once where he got and will be able to pass into the necessary section of shop without effort.

The form of search is necessary not only on the main page, it is better to place it on all pages of the website.

Special pages

For the Internet - shops it “ Delivery “ and “ Payment “.

In the section “ Delivery “ ways and delivery terms have to be accurately described and the estimated cost of delivery is specified. The buyer has to though approximately to estimate, in how many him purchase to the order will manage.

As the buyer I will notice: it is more convenient to me to receive parcels in usual post office, and not from a hand to go to office of a delivery service. Many the Internet - shops wrote off traditional mail, and it is absolutely vain, it is fraught with loss of buyers. Yes, not any goods can be sent by mail, but many it is possible.

In the section “ Payment “ give payment methods with which it is possible to pay the order. Will not prevent to specify documents which you issue: “ Receipts “ “ Tax consignment notes “. Most of buyers also does not need it, but makes impression of major and serious trading company, and adds trust. Will not prevent to accept payments in electronic payment service providers, it is especially actual for inexpensive goods: compact - disks, books etc.

For the companies providing services, it “ Services and prices “.

the List of services has to be the full and accurate. Very much the inscription " irritates; Contractual price “ to such an extent, what even to call a reluctance. It is better to write from ġġ$, and the customer will be able though approximately to estimate the expenses.

Terms of payment, the list of the provided documentation (acts of the performed works, checks etc.) too are very necessary not to lose buyers who are legal entities.

For the companies trading in offline, it “ Location map “ “ The Price - the sheet “ and “ Contacts “. to

the Location map is necessary both to visitors, and residents. It is often difficult to find the necessary firm though and you know the city. Better if there is a card, with a binding to and to the known noticeable places.

A price - the leaf is better that was also in an on-line look, and in the form of archive. Someone will prefer on-line, and someone to download and look later. Grant to potential buyers an option. Surely specify actual date a price - a leaf. If the prices in dollars, then specify internal dollar rate, specify by a large print, with the VAT the price or not. All already know these unfair methods of default, and it is possible to cause disgust only.

Also the developed contacts will not prevent: accounts department, sales department, department of advertizing etc.

Conclusions All mistakes were found

on the current commercial websites, and are still very widespread. Look crucially at your website and be engaged in reconstruction. Each improvement will bring you new buyers, customers, clients.