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Where to look for meaning of life?

... Having sighed, Martin gave himself some tea...

- Recently I visited the planet Arank, - he told. - Interesting world. Aranki is not understood that it is meaning of life, but it does not confuse them I keep thinking of them, the key keeper. Almost such, as we. Brothers on reason. Even their shortcomings do not confuse us - it is the same shortcomings, as well as at us. They have everything except sense. We if to compare, have nothing. Even sense - that is not at many. I remembered one terrestrial young man, the key keeper. He grew at the ordinary boy, moderately clever when it is necessary - plaid pranks and laughed when he happened - also the poster was afraid. And when its time came to leave the childhood, the boy for the first time thought: and in what it, meaning of life? He was a widely-read boy and began to look for the answer in books. Those books that was said - meaning of life in dying for the homeland or for idea, it rejected at once. Death even if the most heroic, cannot be meaning of life. The boy thought that meaning of life - in love. Too there were many such books, and it was far easier and more pleasant to trust them. He decided that he by all means should fall in love. Looked round around, chose the suitable girl and decided that it is in love. Perhaps, the boy was well able to convince himself or maybe his time has come,, but he really fell in love. And everything was good until the love left. By then the boy already became a young man, but was upset as sincerely, as in the childhood. He decided that it was some wrong love, and fell in love again. Both again, and again - when the love left. He trusted himself when he spoke I love and he did not lie. But the love died away, and the young man had to believe - so happens actually. Then the young man decided that meaning of life - in talent. He began to look for talent at himself, at least the most trifling. The young man already knew that the true love can inflame from a weak spark, so and it is possible to raise talent. And it found at itself(himself) talent, a tiny kernel of talent, and began to raise it carefully and lovingly, just as raised in itself(himself) love. And at it it turned out. Fell in love with it for its affairs, it became necessary to people, in his life there was a sense again. But there passed time, the young man became the adult man and understood that he found sense of the abilities, but not sense of the life. He again very much was upset and surprised. He began to look for meaning of life in pleasures - but they pleased only a body and became sense only for a stomach. He looked for meaning of life in God - but the belief pleased only to a shower, and only for it became sense. And for something small, pathetic, naive that was not either a body, or soul, or talent, - here for this purpose, the man making the personality, the sense was not. He tried everything at once - to trust, love, to enjoy life and to create. But the sense was not. Moreover, the man understood that among the few people who are looking for sense in life nobody could find it.