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How to make manti?

of the File of the recipe:

Manti - second course.

the Preparation time - 2 hours.

Quantity of portions - 20.

the Dish does not belong to the category of vegetarian.

What is necessary:

of 500 g of the

1 flour

egg 0,5 glasses of

water of 700 g of

mutton of 300 g of

beef of 100 g of fat tail

fat of 6 bulbs

of 500 g of pulp of

pumpkin salt, pepper to taste

What to do:

the Stage 1

From flour, eggs and waters to knead stiff dough the same as for pelmeni. To roll in a sphere, to turn in wet towel wipes and to postpone for 30 - 40 min. Pumpkin to wash up, exempt from a peel, sunflower seeds and fibers and to chop very small.

Pulp of mutton and beef to chop a stage 2 on small pieces. Meat for manti is chopped only manually. Of course, it is possible to depart from the rule and to turn it via the meat grinder, but it will affect taste of a dish. To peel onions, to chop and add thinly to forcemeat. Onions has to be is also one of features of manti much. To salt, pepper.

Fat tail or nutryany fat to cut a stage 3 pieces size about a large fasolina, to add to forcemeat. There to put the cut pumpkin. Carefully to mix everything.

The stage 4 with

As well as in the recipe of preparation of pelmeni, is recommended not to roll dough in thin layer then to cut it on squares under a stuffing, and to mold from it thick plaits with a diameter of 2,5 - 3 cm. To put plaits on the surface of a table powdered with flour and to cut them on pieces 2,5 - 3 cm long.

Each piece to untwist a stage 5 between palms, having created from it a ball of the correct form.

A stage 6 to roll with

by means of a rolling pin each ball in flat flat cake about 2 mm thick.

A stage 7

How to stick together manti:

and) On the rolled flat cake to put 1 tablespoon of forcemeat. Big and index fingers of both hands to tighten dough from edges to the middle and to quickly connect two edges, densely pressing them fingers.

) to Turn the mant one of the opened ends to himself. To raise edge of the test for the middle and to bring up him to the molded seam so that all stuffing was completely closed. To pinch this edge. To turn a mant other party and also to pinch the second edge.

in) the Stuck together seams have to be similar a configuration to the letter " extended across; N . The right and left hand to take corners which are as if the lower part legs letters to bring up them to each other and to connect.

of) to Develop the mant to himself not stuck together party and to repeat operation.

Considering that all manti cook at the same time, to cover with wet towel wipes those which are already prepared that dough did not dry up.

of the Lattice manti - a kaskan to grease a stage 8 with butter. To spread out to them manti so that they did not adjoin among themselves,

is ready to be sprinkled cold water and to cook under a cover of 40 - 45 min.! Ready manti fill

katyky (the sour milk fermented in the special way very similar to yogurt) or sour cream. Manti will turn out especially tasty if to fill in them with the strong meat broth seasoned with black ground pepper and greens.

First courses with pelmeni are very popular in Central Asia and Transcaucasia. For example, Azerbaijani dyushbara or Turkmen etl Boren of a chorbasa. The Russian pelmeni use for seasoning of broths too. But in this case they have to be absolutely tiny.

In a subject

It is natural that not in each house there is such adaptation as manti - kaskan. The ordinary double boiler will be suitable for preparation of manti. However, in this case process will take three times more time as in manti - the kaskena unlike a double boiler three tiers.

If there is no double boiler also, it is possible to use just big pan. For this purpose it is necessary to take a soup plate of smaller diameter, to oil it and to put on a pan bottom. To lay on a plate manti in one row so that they did not adjoin among themselves, and to cover with other plate. On a bottom of a pan to pour water (water should not reach edge of the lower plate), to densely close a pan a cover and to put on very weak fire. After water begins to boil, to cook manti of 25 - 30 min.

One more way of preparation of manti - to fry them in oil before formation of a ruddy crust and to bring to readiness on couple. In this case manti can be put on a plate in several layers. Appetite pleasant to you!