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How to find the address, phone and e - mail of the person in the Internet network?

On what websites we go first of all to learn e-mail, telephone number or the postal address of the necessary person? First of all on the page of the favourite searcher. We enter a name of the person and the subsequent studying of results can bring us to the necessary person - - if she, of course, left in any way the mark in WWW.

Similar approach will be very effective if at searched there is a homepage, Web - the diary or a habit to participate in numerous Internet - forums under the real name. However what to do if in a window with a search result it is highlighted only sad the required combination of words is not found ? Or, even worse, the name turned out such widespread that Google or Rambler gave hundreds of references to the websites from different continents?

Search in phonebooks will become effective strategy in that case. Though the telephone companies of many countries also publish national reference books in Internet, nevertheless they are usually closed for Web - searchers so for convenience I gave references to reference books of a number of the countries in the table to this article. If there is no country which is necessary to you there, the phonebook can be received, having tried a combination from a name of the country and the phrase white pages (the name of the section in which addresses and phones of private subscribers are published). By the way, in some countries the domain name whitepages is reserved for convenience of search under telephone directories.

Telephone search on the portal Netscape Netcenter, wp will be not less useful link for entering in bookmarks also. netscape. com/netcenter/whitepages. html, where one " form; are covered Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Great Britain, USA and Canada. The following useful address - is the website My Phone Number Is..., my. phone. number. is on which, besides references to telephone directories of the different countries, their international codes are specified. In Russia only www possesses similar system. infobroker. ru

at the very beginning of development of World Wide Web appeared numerous reference books which main objective was a collecting of e-mail addresses for creation of the large-scale search database. Now hardly you will convince the user voluntarily to bring the address in a certain database - - fears about spam, and also unwillingness of to advertize usually get the best, and the serious searcher on e-mail addresses does not exist today.

Meanwhile many websites try to meet this lack as searching of people in Internet becomes more and more popular. Let`s say that blank pages described above, you were not helped. What`s next?

It is possible to try the World catalog of e-mail addresses, www. worldemail. com/advanced. htm though, frankly speaking, this resource did not make special impression because gave 0 results even on the names which are quite extended on different continents. Other similar service - - Addresses. com, was more successful (his organizers do not count on voluntary entering by users of the e-mail addresses into their base, and create algorithms for improvement of work of the searcher). Adresses. com offered quite decent list of e-mail addresses and even found the address of the author of this article (the truth, already invalid).

Search of e-mail addresses on the portal InfoSpace, www. infospace. com/info/wp/email, was more friendly - - in case of absence of the results which are completely satisfying to inquiry, InfoSpace Email Search tries to issue the information about people at which only the name or a surname coincide, say.

If the person whom you look for uses Internet, then it makes sense to look for it in directories of the large websites on which it can be registered. Here ICQ White Pages, web will be useful. icq. com/whitepages/search, Tree of Friends on the Ukrainian portal, www. uaportal. com/friends, and Yahoo! Member Directory. If to wander about several resources there is no desire, then the website My Email Address Is..., my. email. address. is, will allow to rummage in five popular directories. Enter a name and a surname and in five opened windows you will see references to the necessary websites with reports on results.

Can happen that all above described ways did not help. Then there is one more way - - search in Usenet. If the person of Internet in life did not see, most likely, such option should be rejected, however if he ever participated in the Usenet conferences, here will come to the rescue Database of the addresses Usenet usenet - addresses. mit. edu, and server Google Groups, groups. google. com.

English-speaking Internet acquires the special websites for association of the former schoolmates, classmates, brother-soldiers, those who attended the same kindergarten, etc. recently. Classmates is a typical example. com, www. classmates. com, full access to which, however, costs money. Despite an obvious amerikanizirovannost of this server, information on the schools and higher education institutions residents of all countries therefore " can bring; to be run according to its pages nevertheless it makes sense.

Obtaining information on people simpler and convenient would be desirable to hope for fast emergence in Internet of services, sdelayushchy. Participation in them will be voluntary, and access to a phone number and the e-mail address will be limited by the owner. Search of information about particular persons becomes more and more actual now, and financial success of Classmates. com says that they for such these users are quite often ready to pay. Therefore we will hope that in the next several years searching of people in Internet will be the same lung as today full text search in WWW.

Country of URL

Australia www. whitepages. com. au/wp

Austria www. superpages. at

Argentina www. paginas - doradas. com. ar/pdportal/gt

Belarus rit. minsk. by/cgi - bin/mphones. pl

Belgium www. infobel. com/belgium/wp/search

Bulgaria www. bol. bg/services/phone. html

Brazil www. brasiltelecom. com. br/site/102

Great Britain www. infobel. com/uk/wp/search

Hungary www. matav. hu

Germany www. telefonbuch. de

Hong Kong tinyurl. com/as17

Greece www. xo. GR/whitepages/GR/index. jsp

Denmark www. infobel. com/denmark/wp/search

Israel www. 144. bezek. com

Spain paginasblancas. terra. es

Italy paginebianche. virgilio. it

Canada www. canada. com/search/people. html

Lebanon www. leb. org

Lithuania telefonai. takas. lt

Luxembourg www. infobel. com/luxembourg/wp/search

Netherlands www. infobel. com/netherlands/wp/search

New Zealand www. whitepages. co. nz

Russia phone. rin. ru

Romania www. whitepages. ro

Slovenia tis. telekom. si

www of the USA. anywho. com/wp. html

Faroe Islands www. nummar. fo

Finland www. keltaisetsivut. fi/gSks

France www. infobel. com/france/wp/search

Croatia imenik. hinet. hr

Czech Republic ctel. iol. cz

Switzerland whitepages. ch

Sweden www. gulasidorna. se