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How to choose furniture for a bathroom?

Passed those times when in a bathroom the mirror with a shelf and couple of hooks for a towel and a dressing gown hung. Today in shops offer such rich range of furniture for a bathroom that eyes run up. It is so various, functional, and at times and is smart that much want to have it at home. How it is correct to choose furniture for a bathroom? Let`s try to understand. we Will begin

with the fact that with purchase of expensive set or separate objects you should not hurry. Existence of such beauty and convenience of use demands modern finishing of the room. Therefore before purchase of furniture for a bathroom it is desirable to make in it good repair.

Repair of a bathroom usually begins with a ceiling. Finishing of a ceiling depends on humidity level indoors. If you the fan of water procedures or at you are in the apartment bad ventilation, it is necessary to consider this moment and to choose such finishing which will be steadiest against constant humidity of air. Not moisture resistant coverings are subject to stratification and over time blacken from - for influences of fungi and a mold. The easiest way of finishing is coloring with use of waterproof plasters, primers and paints. Now for a bathroom do false, rack and stretch ceilings. The choice for you.

When finishing walls and a floor in a bathroom it is also necessary to consider a factor of the increased humidity. The most resistant and durable covering for this purpose is the tile. Now it is possible to find a tile with special anti-fungal enamel which excludes emergence on its surface of a mold and a fungus. Finishers recommend to use for tiled seams in a bathroom a special zatirka for pools which is also steady against blackening. Do not forget that color of a tile has to be in harmony with the furniture chosen by you for a bathroom. Therefore it should be selected already at a stage of carrying out repair work.

Well it is also necessary not to forget about a good quiet extract which will help to get rid of the increased humidity in a bathroom.

How to choose furniture for a bathroom? What furniture is more preferable here? Its choice in many respects depends on the room size. Attentively make measurements of all empty seats in a bathroom and think over what objects you would like to see here. If you are allowed by the place and financial opportunities, it is better to stop the choice on the set consisting of several objects. Cases - cases, curbstones with a sink or without it, suspended cases, mirrors and so forth can enter it. It is important that all elements were executed in one style and formed uniform design for a bathroom. Color and material depends only on your own preferences. And the selling assistant will help to make a right choice of furniture for a bathroom to you.

If your bathroom is insufficiently big to contain at once several pieces of furniture, you need to be limited only to the most necessary. Attentively study offers of shops and choose that it seems to you the most useful and pertinent. The offered range allows one subject chosen with taste to carry out all several functions at once. For example, the mirror case will quite replace a wall mirror, the curbstone under a sink will hide water pipes, and the hinged case will allow to get rid of several shelves and hooks at once and will make room for the washing machine.

After installation of furniture in a bathroom it is necessary not to forget also about additional accessories: holders of toothbrushes, soap trays, hooks for towels, basts and other useful things. Accessories not only will help to make carrying out water procedures comfortable, but also will add to the room the style.

It is also worth taking care and of modern bathroom equipment : to install new high-quality mixers, bars for a shower and the beautiful and convenient heated towel rail.