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Training abroad. Whether justifies the means purpose?

It is representable that you are a parent who is eager to send the child for study [/URL]... let`s call it far . The child, it should be noted, graduated from school or college and wants to continue training abroad, now in higher education institution. It was necessary only to choose the country and to make the list of necessary actions for implementation of the plans.

the Country - it is exclusive your choice. I can advise nothing. The only thing that it is possible to add to it, so it, the fact that the countries are practically open for study all (it is mainly about Europe). Though... also other directions practice presently. How to you China, for example? Perhaps New Zealand, Australia, Republic of South Africa, South Korea... Papua New Guinea? (I joke - I joke). About the States with Canada, I think, at all to remind there is no need.

A little more difficult the situation with " is; " papers; and other organizational moments. In - the first, be defined: you will work through intermediaries or will prefer to go to the country savages and to resolve all issues on the place independently. If all - the intermediary, then carefully choose, do not face swindlers whom an abyss. Ideal option: find acquaintances who will be able to recommend you already checked firm. Well or in detail you inquire, check each detail, especially it concerns documents. Perhaps, there is a sense to take in the help of the lawyer. You precisely will need the notary for any drawing up statements, powers of attorney (especially in case the child minor), let it is someone checked or recommended too. Well and in such spirit - trust, but check. It, actually, also was in - the second and in - the third too.

If you want to take everything in hand, at most, than I can help you, so it wish good luck. Well still here, probably, there is a sense to note that work without intermediaries will cost considerably cheaper. However properly think whether there is a sense to save on such important question. Sometimes the firm with which you work can provide you guarantees for receipt of a visa, help with documents etc. of

A actually what there are these firms - intermediaries about whom I write? These are those organizations which will train your child in language (depending on where it goes); documentation, some references usually belong to their duties. If your child wants to be trained in English which he already decently knows and wants directly in higher education institution then the firm and is engaged only in receipt and pieces of paper . If it is, say, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Slovenia in which it is better to learn a state language, then you should spend year for its studying, then to hand over language examinations and only then introductory. Here the firm plays very important role: documents, information, courses, trial examinations... State universities of these countries give an opportunity to study free of charge, only with a condition: you will be trained in a state language and if you want, can, of course, and in English, but it already for a fee. Whether it is worth saying that all private higher education institutions - paid?

Let`s say you made a choice, and now your child already in process . But you should not relax. Still with which - what difficulties to face to it all - it is necessary. Shortcomings we Will begin


with minuses and most tasty let`s leave for a dessert.

1. Paper the red tape did not end, rather only began. Not strongly count on ardent desire of firms to help you. They issued base in the form of the fact that the child on the place, takes courses, and further -. They to you - information, and it is necessary to do the rest. You run on notaries, translators, in police on registration... Here the main thing - to forget nothing.

2. Morally can be difficult. The country is new, language unclear. Time for adaptation is necessary.

3. Not all love visitors.

4. Yes, expenses, by the way, too did not end yet. For everyone piece of paper it is necessary to pay.

5. Be adjusted on the fact that system (all) absolutely another, and you need only to accept it such.

of Advantage

we Will talk about pleasant.

1. You will become more independently. Learn to make decisions.

2. You will get acquainted with the new country, culture, thereby you will broaden the horizons.

3. You know better yourself and people.

4. Learn one more foreign language. It never happens superfluous.

Perhaps, you, reflecting over this question, you will find also other positive or negative sides, well, a question indeed too capacious to find room for everything in one article. However I sincerely hope, as the described points will be able to be useful to somebody, and on the question raised in heading you for yourself already found the answer.

As for my own... Try!