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How to carry out a hen night?

Once davny - long ago, probably, at the time of our grandmothers, before a wedding of the girl came to the bride home and arranged a hen night. That the outdate analog of today`s hen night had long ago the rules: girls should not have sung sad songs, men on a hen night should not be, all girls had to to prepare beauty - it is any thing of the bride (a wreath, a tape, a scarf). Beauty - it is a symbol of former life of the bride. It shared between all girls or the bride gave it to the close girlfriend or the sister. Today in inheritance from grandmothers we had only the name from this tradition.

I do not know, fortunately whether or not, but you are a modern bride, and therefore you can arrange any hen night, in club, in a strip - bar, a sauna - opportunities the sea, and can do in general without it, but so, perhaps, it is not interesting. Remember, still, main and only rule of a hen night there is an absence of men. Though governed for this purpose and governed that was what to break. Especially as the main function of a hen night - an opportunity last time to feel free and independent. Councils relatively decency framework I am not authorized to give your holiday, alas. You choose whether there will be it something from the category of extreme entertainments (a man`s striptease and so on), from a series of secular receptions in style and - la - a buffet reception, or a simple sit-round gathering in kitchen with mother and a couple of girlfriends. I do not recommend an extreme to persons with pronounced signs of conscience and the sense of guilt which is becoming aggravated from time to time in an occasion and without. Similar actions will do excentric and reckless ladies only good, but nevertheless it is necessary to know when to stop.

So if you decided to use this last day of freedom to the full extent and to have a ball, it is necessary to secure extremely itself, for the sake of own benefit. Threat No. 1 - a brain zatumanivaniye in alcoholic couples in the presence of the mass of temptations (the male means), as a result - loss of self-checking and a connivance to the whims. An exit - to have a snack more, to drink less.

Threat No. 2 (if No. 1 was not succeeded to avoid) - unpleasant surprises in the form of a bouquet of the most interesting sores as to avoid it, itself perfectly you know. Soberly assess a situation if degrees went to you to the head and around everything is fine and healthy, it does not mean yet that it is possible to muffle a reason voice carelessly. Generally, thought, I hope, is clear.

Threat No. 3 - a compromising evidence. If mad action is filmed with the camera, the camera, take care of that all pictures and rollers before leaving the room, passed your strict censorship. In the light of this threat presence pseudo - girlfriends of whose fidelity you are not sure are extremely undesirable too. And if it is serious, then emergence of similar thoughts and desires, and also a connivance to them - a signal to seriously to reflect on the subject and whether it is necessary for you in marriage? Not late Decided

what is necessary?! Then reading morals will not be any more. Let`s start the organizational moments. In - the first, it is absolutely optional to arrange a hen night directly on the eve of a wedding as to you it will be necessary to sleep, look vigorous and good properly, but not to be ill morning after. It is better to arrange it day for two - three. In - the second, girls from future husband, even if they good even if one with you age, it is better not to invite. You do not need in the subsequent their stories at a family table about what it was terrible orgy . You still will be in time with them it is close to have enough communication .

Now the third, but the main thing - how to organize a hen night? There are two defining - your opportunities (financial) and your desire. If the first is a lot of, for the second business will not rise.

" Option; to all sisters on " earrings;. It if you do not want to offend anybody. Several hen nights in a row - at work with colleagues (coffee - tea - a cake), with girlfriends are arranged (wine etc.) and with aunts, sisters, neighbors (depending on culture level), all the same I do not recommend relatives of future husband.

" option; classical . The place is chosen according to your preferences and compliance of material resources. Invited - only those whom it is pleasant to you to see. Music, alcohol, gossips, songs and dances.

If among invited there is a lady (though, looking what) or a couple of middle-aged ladies, be sure - everything will pass boringly and inertly. Mission of your girlfriends before a wedding - to entertain you, but not to join in the general bustle behind purchases. Your dress for a hen night can be the most various, besides, you if you want, are able to afford to be without make-up and in very indecent look is your right, there are no men all the same nearby.

And the last - do not try to get on a bachelor party to future spouse. Let he will take a fun and will spend time as he wants. Eventually, nobody limits you in your rights.