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To whom in pleasure Put the Dead?

At all times people could reflect what waits there, after death whether also the truth that time having left, we any more will never return to this world where left our family, darlings, friends?. And not therefore whether almost in each culture there are All Souls` Days what so there is no wish to believe that our already left relatives - not with us?

Day of the Dead - as paradoxically sounds, a light and joyful holiday - is celebrated in Mexico on November 1 and 2. Its tradition originates to ancient Indian rituals, and its celebration can strongly differ in the city and in the village.

It is considered what on November 1 to communicate to live souls of the died children, and 2 - go - souls of adults come. Mexicans prepare a special altar for this day - altar of the dead . Photos of deceased relatives are decorated with flowers and festoons, before them put fruit and sweets - everything to attract soul of the dead to the house. Children these days are given sugar skulls or chocolate grobik, is baked special bread of the dead - a sweet roll with the image of the same skull or bones. Sometimes in bread the small skull from plastic is baked - it is considered that the one who will get it will have good luck. Skulls and skeletons these days will pursue you everywhere - all grades, flowers and the sizes which restriction is only the imagination of their creators.

In big cities, such as Mexico City, altars are arranged directly on a main square of the city. On them it is possible to see Pancho Villa, Che Guevara, Trotsky`s photo - yes, sometimes not Mexicans, but the people esteemed by Mexicans at all.

Cult character Day of the Dead - calavera de la Catrina - Katrina - woman of fashion shchegolikha . It is a skeleton in a magnificent women`s dress and an elegant hat with feathers. Strangely enough, but at this beauties there is quite specific author - the engraver Jose Posada, the father of black humour in visual art . The death dancing on streets together with all in its interpretation is that that equalizes all without wealth and eminence. Sometimes it is possible to see Katrina surrounded with the cartridge belt and with a rifle in hands - echoes of the Mexican revolution.

The culmination of a holiday is Night of the Dead - with 1 for November 2. Many Mexicans spend this night on cemeteries, at graves of the relatives where they come the whole families. Candles are lit, from baskets gets the brought food and drink. The same who has no opportunity to visit graves, come to squares and the central streets, organizing the real festival with candles, in the flowers and garlands is a holiday not for live, and for comers to visit them a shower deceased therefore everything has to be made so that it was pleasant to them.

Options of street celebrations differ depending on the region of the country - from gloomy processions from torches before almost carnival processions, and sometimes the make-up of participants can give odds to a make-up of some horror film!

In recent years Helloween came to Mexico, as well as to many other countries. And though the attributes of both holidays seem similar and they are celebrated almost in at one time, among themselves they have nothing in common.