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Oglamurim world? There are no

any difference at all how to put on. The main thing that the clothes carried out the protective functions from cold, wind and a rain, plus were pure and tidy. The comfort and convenience are self-evident what even you should not speak about is on the first place.

I never liked excessive cycling on clothes - all this fashion, all aspiration to seem someone, but not themselves cause bewilderment. Does not concern me how people uninteresting to me put on - if only did not disturb people around, for this purpose it is enough that their clothes were pure. Small interest is caused by clothes, to be exact appearance of people more - less to me interesting, it is possible on their clothes it will be possible to approach their deeper understanding a little. Some mocking feelings are caused by the people seeking to be expressed by means of clothes … They lack something to the poor creatures seeking to be allocated from so-called with them “the gray weight“.

Certainly, it is impossible to pay attention to those who seek to attract in every possible way to themselves looks of strangers, by means of vestments in unusual clothes or changing the appearance, whether it be piercing, a hairdress or kilograms of plaster. That who seeks to shock, be allocated - that manages to draw to itself(himself) attention of people at least. All are happy: both dandies, and the people to which will be what to take a look on the street or on the way to the subway at.

At least, at me such in jeans lines of pants and other horrors are lower than conducting piercings, dreads, bums - cause protective reaction of an organism - unhealthy cynicism and desire to mock.

So, here result of attempt to join internal templates with surrounding reality and couple of councils how to be allocated from “gray“ weight:

If you want to become object of a general glazeniye on streets, then for this purpose it is enough to pass only from so-called category of “the gray weight“ in alternative, but nevertheless weight - it is not important whom: glamurnik, dandies, hippovaty dudes, raspaltsovanny boys or still what results of generations, our industrial cyberpunk century (it will be necessary to understand gradation). In more detail by each type of a shiza I will write as - nibud another time. So far we will talk about the common features inherent in each type of an illness, and further we will consider so-called “ordinary dandies“.

The course of disease begins with navyashchevy desire though to be allocated with something. It is possible to be allocated with mind, it is possible to be allocated with talents, it is possible intelligence. But - it is easy to hide intelligence as well as mind, and talents are shown not at once - it is long-term investments and talents not so often and not occur at everyone. There is one and easiest way - to be allocated by means of clothes. In the multimillion city it is hard too - the competition is too high from others same. And here are used such the fight weapon as constant awareness on fashionable tendencies, roving on clothing stores and places where can be found necessary rags, communication with brothers on reason, and also other collecting and the analysis of information on degree of hipness of this or that rag. Fight at the front of allocation of, by means of rags, needs to be conducted constantly as it is important to be allocated not only from “the gray weight“, but also and from the mass of dandies, glamurshchik, or someone there still.

It is not important at all there is a speech about women`s clothing or men`s wear - as men and women are equally subject to this kink, but women, as we know, to this illness have a natural tendency caused historically. At men of tendency such is not present - but sometimes deviations (and it must be said very strong, as not at each woman it happens) towards an aggravation and terrible dependence on rags and external plumage meet. I am inclined to carry such phenomena which unfortunately meet even more often, and is more often by our time - industrialization, globalization and difficult social processes for nothing for anybody do not take place in modern society.

Ordinary dandies are inclined to acquisition of rags in expensive clothing stores presently. They extremely scornfully treat production of Chinese and in every possible way express the “ôè“ to those who stock up on clothes wholesale for a year for all family on wounds. Having good taste and wishing to be allocated not so much with a type of in fashionable rags how many the cost of these rags, such, usually, prefer clothes of famous brands, clothes from the famous designers, is more rare - author`s clothes.

It is necessary to notice that the aspiration to be allocated in the direction of hipness, - is the most primitive as it is connected with desire to cause a stir even not so much in appearance, how many in purse thickness. And desire to differ in prosperity level - one of the most primitive. To the word saying what copy of the known label cannot be found in the market? Brothers Chinese in all try for the benefit of those to whom to spit on unhealthy desires to be allocated with clothes, and try to be allocated with mind or to develop in itself talents … (About the Chinese industry - a subject separate. I will write, can be later).

On it so far all.

To new meetings.