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How to sunbathe and to do much harm to health?

Outside May, the summer season is open long ago, and also bathing will open soon. After gloomy winter so there is a wish to hold up the body to tender beams of the sun. Many and arrive, having arrived to the dacha, undress and, being engaged in a kitchen garden, begin to sunbathe, having held up a back to the spring sun. It is the easiest way to burn. For certain not once it happened to you to burn on the sun so to explain what is a solar burn, there is no need. Let`s talk better about how to sunbathe in the pleasure and at the same time not to get solar burns.

We sunbathe correctly

First of all, it is necessary to remember at once that it is possible to sunbathe only in certain hours. In the middle of the day the sun bakes too strongly, it is possible to receive a heatstroke. It is much more pleasant to sunbathe when the sunlight is not really intensive. The best time for fire from 9 to 11 in the morning and from 16 to 19 o`clock in the evening. Well to sunbathe, some time will be required, but suntan will turn out more equal, than if you sunbathed in the middle of the day. It is desirable to lie on the beach (to work at a kitchen garden without clothes) no more than 2 hours a day.

To benefit from the sun only (in the form of beautiful suntan and vitamin D), it is necessary to acquire a tan gradually. That is, after winter our skin weaned from that dose of an ultraviolet which you want to give it. That there was no allergic reaction, do not hurry to sunbathe. Coming to the sun, sunbathe at first 5 minutes a day, then 7... gradually finish time till 2 o`clock. You should not come to the sun in one swimming trunks (bathing suit) at once, open a body gradually, at first hands, then legs. And when skin will get used to the sun, it is already possible to sunbathe completely. So you with guarantee will not burn skin and receive equal suntan. All know how it is difficult to resist temptation to sunbathe as soon as possible. I assure you, the suntan acquired gradually will look much better, than the burned skin which is getting down shreds It is especially important to

to protect a face, eyes and hair from sunshine. To save itself from the scorching sun, do not forget to wear a headdress and sunglasses. It is necessary not only when you sunbathe on the beach, but at an exit to the street in the sunny summer day.

Where it is better to sunbathe?

Nobody argues that the best place for obtaining suntan is the beach. And not for nothing, near a reservoir it is much easier to sunbathe: water reflects sunshine and strengthens their action. During bathing skin sunbathes too, water does not reduce action of sunshine at all. And if you like to dry on a breeze after bathing, then to burn risk considerably raises: water drops on a body work as tiny lenses. Fire at water has one more important advantage: air there more damp, so, skin will not be overdried right in the sun. Not to spoil skin solar bathtubs, use protective creams for suntan.

Creams for suntan

For protection of skin it is better for b to use special oils or oily creams. Nutritious cream is absorbed too quickly, and gives insufficient protection. Cream for suntan will keep your skin rather humidified, and the special components which are contained in it will prevent a burn. But if to put it with too thick layer, the effect will be gained the return: cream will heat up and will burn down skin. So that suntan turned out equal, and skin remained not burned, it is necessary to rub the broad massing movements in skin cream, beginning from hands and legs, gradually moving towards heart.

If you use special cream for suntan, then he not only protects your skin, but also strengthens action of sunshine. There are creams for suntan with effect tingl . Their action is based on strengthening of microcirculation of blood circulation in skin. Thereby the strengthened development of a pigment of melanin on which quantity intensity of suntan directly depends is stimulated. Be careful, when using such cream display of an allergy is probable. It is normal when skin after use tingl - cream reddens and itches a little, but reaction of each person is individual so I recommend to test a new type of cream at first on a small site of skin. Tingl - cream is good for strengthening of already available suntan, and it is better not to use it at all if your skin still did not sunbathe at all. It would be desirable to save you: this type of cream categorically is not suitable for the person.

If you do not want to risk, use cream with special additives for suntan strengthening. They can be used for not so suntanned skin. Cream - the accelerator stimulates production of melanin too, but also protects skin from aging and solar burns. Perhaps, it is the best option for those who want to receive equal suntan and at the same time not to spoil skin.

When you will choose cream, attentively read a label. If cream is intended for suntan in a sunbed, it does not suit you. Why? Everything is simple: cream for a sunbed does not protect from UF - beams, and you for certain will burn skin. You need cream for suntan on the open sun: it possesses high degree of protection against UF - beams, humidifies, nourishes skin and prevents its aging.