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How without serious consequences to join new collective?

you received the invitation to new work? Remarkably! It, undoubtedly, victory! However already euphoria will pass through couple of days and there will be an internal nervousness concerning whether you will cope with new work as you will be accepted by collective whether you will suit this company etc. of

In order that injection in collective was painless and it is easy, we suggest to take the following advice:

Be not late.

be not late, and you come in 10 - 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the working day even better. Remember that punctuality is a good line which will be noted by all. Do not think at all that time you the new employee whom still nobody plainly knows, so it is possible and to be a bit late, all the same nobody will notice it. This delusion, your delay will be for certain noticed, but, perhaps, will not be told about it aloud.

Put on to the place and according to requirements of the company. you are employed by

of Times, it does not mean at all that it is possible actually more and not to pay attention to appearance. You are mistaken, meet nevertheless on clothes therefore and at first you come to work in clothes of that style which is accepted at this enterprise. Be tidy, not well-groomed look will be noted by all.

Try to get acquainted with all.

Remember that it is pleasant to people when they are called by name, and from the first days of acquaintance. Impersonal addresses nevertheless cause negative reaction in the interlocutor. For this reason from the first days of work try to remember all in names and to address people already personally.

Attentively listen.

the best way to penetrate somewhat quicker into work is to learn to listen attentively. Visit all corporate actions, do marks, listen that is discussed in collective even in lunch time.

Ask questions.

do not hesitate to ask questions about work, you will show these the interest in the company, and, besides, and own knowledge and practices in this sphere, imparting own experience.

Communicate with fellow workers, have dinner together.

Try to establish good relations with fellow workers, do not refuse when you are invited together to have dinner or come into cafe after work. In order that to you it was comfortably worked in this collective, it is necessary to establish good relations with colleagues.

Avoid gossips.

do not allow to involve you in any gossips. Gossips is a destiny of diffident people, and you do not want that so thought of you? If you are tried to be involved in discussion of these or those employees, let know that you do not wish - to discuss that else badly you know all, for this reason are not ready to render any verdict.

Be late at work.

At first you for certain will have a lot of work, for this reason it is recommended to be late nevertheless for 10 - 15 minutes after work to close unresolved questions.