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How to rise from - for the computer and to go to sleep?

2 a step the Internet, ICQ, social networks - it, of course, are healthy

, but there is a saying: To business - time, a fun - hour . Deliver yourself a limit on a number of hours behind a computer. You should not reduce this time extremely: from 8 o`clock sitting behind a computer in day till 1 o`clock per day you will not be reconstructed. Set the realistic purposes.

The 3rd step

Sitting down at the computer, you can put to yourself an alarm clock not to miss time limit. Also you can act even more strict: put the timer in system after which the computer is switched off.

Realize the 4th step that at the computer you waste the precious time. Let`s carry out simple calculation: if the person sits in front of the computer on average 5 hours a day, then in a week it is about 35 hours, and in a month - 140, and in a year - 1680 hours that makes 70 days! 2,5 months are just deleted from real life in favor of virtual.

The 5th step

Deliver yourself on a desktop wall-paper - " installation; with the thoughts on this subject setting thinking. There are several conceptual options:

- And behind a schedule window astounding

- the List put ( Before self-liquidation of slippers full of holes remained Wash me! Your " car; And borsch already cooled down etc.)

- whether you Know that spending at the computer every day 7 hours, you spend behind it on average 49 hours a week, and in a month - 196 what makes 8 days? 8 days of your life a month.

- When the computer prevents affairs, it is dependence.

- I fight for weeks of the life which were eaten earlier by the computer.

And so on in the same vein.

The 6th step

Every time when you are engaged a web - surfing, a computer toy or a kovyryaniye in programs, ask yourself a question: Why I do it? Whether brings closer it me to my true purpose? Whether enriches it me? If the answer negative, refuse such occupation.

Designate the 7th step and write briefly and accurately on a single sheet that actually and when it is necessary for you from the computer. Hang up to yourself this list on a foreground and try to follow it that the computer was your assistant, but not the owner.

The 8th step

Think of the health. The computer operates in a complex: in - the first, eyesight is damaged; in - the second, the computer is dangerous to people with gentle nervous system and can exhaust it (a sleep debt, irritability, fatigue, a stress); in - the third, continuous sitting on one place spoils a bearing and promotes morbidity in a backbone and muscles.

Councils and preventions: Disaccustom with

children to the round-the-clock torchaniye behind a computer since small years! Keep them health, and develop in them organization.