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The telescope instead of the TV: how the new family hobby becomes fashionable?

Already an October, and soon - winter with long evenings. On the street it is dark and cold - it is necessary to stay at home. Rescues the TV from boredom. But really it is the only option of family rest? For many families it already not so.

the science and intellectual kinds of activity becomes fashionable Today, and on this wave the new hobby - astronomy gains popularity. People of the most different age buy telescopes and observe directly from the apartment, gather and leave on the nature, come to open lectures on astronomy, master art of an astrophotography. Why supervision over stars and planets attracts people?

Let`s understand.

The telescope as a magnet, collects around itself all family. In this sense it plays that role which once completely belonged to the TV. The secret is simple - the astronomy is interesting at any age - to both children, and adults. Curiosity and desire to see something unusual forces even teenagers though for a while to come off the computer. Also it is excellent option to organize communication of children with the father, the telescope - such curious equipment - for certain will draw attention of the man.

Supervision over stars - quite feasible occupation even after the difficult working day. It is not necessary to go anywhere and the more so to go - only to take out the telescope on a balcony, to check whether children warmly put on and to show them beauty of the night sky. And at the same time most to enjoy process.

The astronomy broadens horizons that is especially important for younger generation. - to look at one business on planets in the atlas on geography, and absolutely another - to see them with own eyes. What is realized and passed through itself is acquired many times better, than the paragraph from the textbook.

Important and the fact that the astronomy does not demand too big expenses. The telescope for beginners allowing to see planets of Solar system, rings of Saturn, satellites of Jupiter and even star congestions and fogs - can be bought approximately for 10 thousand rubles - for example, the Levenhuk Strike Plus telescope. The advanced game console will cost dearer, and to it it is constantly necessary to buy in addition new games. Plus telescopes morally do not become outdated, unlike digital equipment, and do not need continuous updating.

For example, all necessary accessories, and also the guide of the beginning astronomer in whom there is information on the most interesting objects of the star sky, a set of posters,

the mobile star chart, virtual 3D planetarium, a compass and a special bag for the telescope are included in the telescope package for beginners of Levenhuk Strike Plus.

The amateur telescope takes a little place. Some models are located even on the back shelf of the car. Here - that is also useful a bag if it is in a set.

At last, there is one more feature which attracts people to astronomy. Supervision over stars is a flight to something high, derivation from all cares and problems. When you see how the Universe is huge and as we are small in comparison with it, the adversities seem insignificant. Probably, meditation gives similar feeling. But for this purpose it is necessary to know special technicians. And it is possible just to glance in the boundless star sky.