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Successful freelancer: how to work at home and to earn more, than at office?

Polls show that the average Russian freelancer earns about 45 thousand rubles a month that exceeds an average salary over the country almost twice. The total cost of the services rendered by freelancers - about $700 million a year also continues to grow. However among the freelancers working at home there are stars bathing in orders - and the people working practically for food. Why does that happen?

The freelance is a first step to own business. Many people are able to work well, but the few - it is good to sell the services. Passing to freelance, we think that time I am a good expert - customers will be at once. However less skilled colleague, but with a vein of the seller, receives all good orders.

The listed below rules will help to achieve success on freelance.

The successful freelancer is a good seller

Passing to freelance, you do not work any more - and solve others problems. It is necessary to understand what the client is ready to pay for, to propose the best solution and to conclude the bargain. It is necessary to prove that is financially favorable to work with you .

However it is necessary to understand that not everyone who will address for services - clients. If the person does not understand that it is necessary for him, is not ready to discuss TZ, to fill a brief or adequately to pay is not your client, release it to competitors. Better than any transaction, than bad. We simply do not earn from any transaction - on bad we waste time and money.

The successful freelancer is able to operate time and it is pleasant to allocate the most important of routine

to Clients when respond to their requests quickly, all tasks do in time and politely communicate with them. Unfortunately, often happens on the contrary - the client tens of times calls the freelancer to learn when there is so and so, suffers failures to meet time constraints and many other things. It will be difficult to such freelancers to earn good money and to receive favorable contracts. Even if they are sensible people in the profession.

The successful freelancer - it the good expert

is not obligatory to be the best , it is enough to be good . But it is impossible to be bad! Often people without specialization, education, experience and skills come to freelance. They will not be able to rise, without having mastered any demanded profession. For anything will not pay. However people try, without having the necessary knowledge, to earn money on the Internet. They were told that in a network there is an easy money. It`s not true.

Any freelancer has to improve constantly skills and be put in it. Any free courses, the websites, books - only advanced training courses from the best experts. The ruble invested in good education, will give 10 rubles of profit, and in bad - at best zero.

Where to find colleagues and support? If you do not know

what work will suit you or what to begin with, to you is difficult to find clients at once - it is possible to ask for colleagues of the help or to suggest to become the assistant. In a network there is a set of resources where willingly will answer questions. For example, the known Club of freelancers opened in a network of VKontakte and uniting already more than 6000 freelancers of different professions: from designers and copywriters to programmers and analysts. In Club there is a consultation concerning distant work.

If you do not know what is freelance, but wish to work at home according to the free schedule and to earn by it a living, we also recommend to look at the management for beginners How to become the freelancer. It contains 7 steps on transition to freelance for those who never faced distant work on the Internet.