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To win in a competition - it is real? To Win

in a competition - it is real ? Why someone the fate faces, and someone does not look at all? With a lottery everything is clear - it is pure good luck, combination of circumstances, the fate smiled - and here it, a prize. But time on one million! It is more real to win in a competition with correct rules and a condition because in this game it is necessary to make efforts, so, in your hands there is every chance.

How you think that the winner of a competition feels ? The participant who so carefully zealously prepared for a competition approached creatively the work, wins a long-awaited prize. Euphoria! This feeling is familiar?

But what to do to those who put a lot of effort, but did not become a winner? So contests are staged that most often the winner one though there is still a set of decent works. However there are criteria by which (or specially collected commission) determines by of jury the lucky. Popular vote is taken by to learn what work gained most of all recognition from society.

Now the Internet, unfortunately, allows to wind voices, likes and so on. All this, of course, is dishonest. Therefore every time when holding the competition Organizer looks for most a successful form of an assessment and holdings a competition.

The culture of competitions does not stand still, constantly there is a development. There is a set of kinds of competitions:

you Remember polls, quizes, riddles, active games etc. how participated in competitions by means of mail earlier, sent letters with photos or a film with video. And now it is convenient to participate in Internet - competitions . You can always follow the developments, just having at yourself the computer or the mobile phone.

It is possible to give as an example a video competition which is held on the Internet - the platform.

The video competition is, as a rule, a competition of virus videos which is held by various companies.

Virus rollers can name the ridiculous, unusual or shocking videos which cause desire to send the reference to this roller to the friends.

Now it is very popular to remove amusing rollers, to spread them in a social net and to gather viewings. Participation in the Internet - competitions becomes more and more demanded as in such competitions to win a prize is a reality!

For example, here, having removed a successful amusing roller, it is possible to win Apple MacBook Air!

Very unusual idea at this competition. The competition continues till October 15, and it is already possible to look at the sent works on information resource. Some of them - the real masterpieces!

Traditionally duration of the virus video is from 30 sec. about two minutes.

Organizers of the competitions which are held on the Internet became more attentive to participants of a competition recently. In such competitions all participants receive pleasant gifts . It, of course, stimulates, but the bigger spirit sets the first prize and creative process.

Every time Organizers think out something new that can draw national attention.

In a competition it is possible to win, just conform to the rules, think up idea, create, use objects, look around, do not forget about idea, hold to the plan, be actual and send the works.