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You want to glance in confidential researches of daily substitution of concepts?

In the previous article we talked about wealth, about happiness. Time to touch upon the Health subject came.

We will take for an example of a cigarette.

That very first comes to mind, so is the cult phrase, that supposedly the kind Ministry of Health the last time warns - Smoking is dangerous to your health!

In our opinion, this the direct, covered with nothing, purposeful aiming of damage (black hypnosis) at each smoker!

Judge for yourself, the phrase in itself through a prism of hypnosis is nothing else as a formula of rigid phonosemantic coding, or if it is more clear, black plot, either damage, or installation to death. As you like to call it more.

Add here still the " method; perservation that is repeated repetition and it`s done.

But also it it is not enough Now absolutely precisely types of danger that unconscious it was easier to create an image of the desirable future still decided to concretize

and began to write that:

- Smoking conducts to cancer diseases

- Smoking conducts to heart diseases

Moreover and an inscription decided to INCREASE

generally, to snub smokers, to snub so in a big way.

But, postoyta! - the indignant reader will tell, - same actually so! Smoking is dangerous and conducts to these diseases!

Well and that!

Even if and so, then what sense to write about it? Believe us, to the former smokers with an experience - we stopped smoking - that (Allen Kara), but at all not because someone on packs wrote something! Each smoker considers that smoking, no doubt, is dangerous, but not to it!

If before the person to put a glass of water and long and to competently inspire in it that it is poison, then the person can really get poisoned! It is here too pertinent to

to remember about effect of " placebo; when the person is given chalk, under the guise of strong medicine. During experiments more than a half of examinees recovered!

you do not trace any analogies?

Also, I know many people who smoked, nearly till 100 years - and died of an old age, and there are many not smokers, but sick people!

So in what advantage of similar inscriptions - suggestions?

On this note is given up smoking and we pass to the last most striking example of black hypnosis.

When I (Alex Dao) for the first time faced it several months ago, I could not believe the eyes.

Ya was terrified, admired and surprised at the same time. Present to

the following option:

me are faced by the poster in human growth (I saw them then at all city stops). From the poster fixedly and seriously watches a face of some person at me and the terrible inscription

" gets into a brain; AIDS concerns everyone !

The imagination at once draws an image that AIDS (by hearsay is a fatal illness) in the form of the person looks in the face and as if along with it pulls the hands to each inhabitant of Earth. And already the turn reached me.

Ya I try to evade clumsily from contact, but it nevertheless inevitably CONCERNS me.

I is all...

the Fuck-up to a kitten

Such here associative array according to S. King.

And in the NLP it is considered that at most of people the brain thinks (processes information) on VK - strategy. That is at first submits the picture (Visual system), and then passes to feelings and feelings (Kinestetik).

Therefore with an ulterior motive at first pierces you a look from the poster (vizualka), and then in an inscription the predicate - " is used; concerns (kinestetika). all this

I is squeezed in 3 words.

Is ingenious! Such work of the master cannot but admire with

expert people. It is unclear only - why the Master wants to you the evil?

Therefore as morals to this fable I suggest to break this paternoster a pure beam of sensibleness, and for a push I give a couple of the options:

- AIDS concerns not everyone

- If AIDS concerns, then what specifically places of a body and than?

- And whether in general there is AIDS? Who saw it personally?

- whether And the truth that this poster was written by the EXPERT in the field of AIDS?

- And what proofs exist for this thesis?

- What originators want to achieve by means of this poster?

- whether Is useful to trust us in it? continue


And in general, I was familiar with the person who was convinced that AIDS was thought up by doctors that there was a good reason for extortion of money allegedly for carrying out some experiments for the purpose of search of medicine for this illness. there is also no

A why? To it it was so quieter. And if it is fated, so not to avoid.

At somebody the photo of AIDS is at home?

It reminds history about Tatar - the Mongolian yoke, like 300 years it was in Russia and prevented to live. And who saw it?

Well, at least traces some in 300 years - that would remain, likely? And where they?

And if it is reasonable to think, then why to look for AIDS medicine in principle?

is enough to find the WAY of INSTANT TESTING of this disease. Present to

, for example, you approach the partner bring a special feature to a body and define, the person is sick or not.

Was lit a red bulb - stand, green - go. to Supply with

with these indicators of all and consider, mast give AIDS!

A destructive posters - down with!

There is unclear only one why instead of constructive decisions in us try to support a condition of uneasiness.

So finally we want to wish to you to comprehend still time, to draw the corresponding conclusions and more attentively to select information with which you want to feed the brain.

Trust the voice of reason! Good luck and all progress!