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Bitriks24: How to use the social intranet in work?

Be aware of what occurs in working team, set tasks, plan meetings, operate sales and conduct base of clients. Comment and like actions of colleagues, as on social networks. Communicate with them, without coming into e-mail.

Bitriks24 (www. bitrix24. ru) - the first Russian cloud service uniting tools for collaboration and an opportunity to communicate with colleagues exactly - in - exactly, as on social networks.

Be aware of what occurs in working team, set tasks, plan meetings, operate sales and customer service. Comment and like actions of colleagues. Communicate with them, without coming into e-mail. All this is in Bitriks24 and it is free for teams up to 12 people in size!

Why I need it?

Bitriks24 it is necessary to those who want convenience and the true flexibility in work. It helps you to do the work much quicker and better, exempting from attachment to office and simplifying interaction with colleagues. Access to all necessary tools - in one point where you were. Discussion of working questions - in a format of your favourite social network.

That is able Bitriks24 ?

Bitriks24 - social intranet. This its main difference from all systems that you saw earlier.

Certainly, in Bitriks24 management of tasks and projects, work with documents, generation of reports, planning and the accounting of working hours is realized. At it there is all necessary CRM - tools, including integration of CRM about the Internet - shop. But not this main thing!

The main thing is social functions. In Bitriks24 in the center of attention - people therefore all habitual working tools are combined with acquaintances to us social services.

Here is Live tape who tells employees about everything that happens in the company and helps to react quickly to objectives, to be connected to discussions and to look through new documents.

In Bitriks24 exist likes . Pressing the " button; It is pleasant to me you not only approve actions of colleagues, but also influence a rating of record or the file. In search results they will be shown the first.

Forget about mail and ICQ they are not necessary when there is own IM - a messenger. Besides, messages can be written directly from Live tape . We said that our social intranet will help you to work quicker. Why with us it is easy and convenient to


of Only 30 seconds on registration and you can get to work. Special training - everything intuitively clearly is not necessary, and social functions are familiar for a long time on social networks. You do not believe that everything is so simple? Look.

Social intranet Bitriks24 - cloudy product. Any expenses and the headache connected with introduction and technical support, any purchase additional " gland; and troubles with data protection.

Bitriks24 it is created for open and free communication therefore he speaks not only in great and mighty, but also English and German languages fluently. Both it is convenient to you, and to us helps to carry out our plans for a world gain. How much is to try


can be Tried absolutely free of charge. For the small companies or design teams to 12 people of Bitriks 24 nothing is necessary. And even for the biggest companies which need systems of the accounting of working hours schedulers of reports and meetings, it will cost not dearer 10 thousand a month on all organization.

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