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How to grow up house pineapple?

you Want to grow up houses some unusual plant which besides will fructify? It is better to grow up the majority of the exotic fructifying plants from shanks or to carry out an inoculation. Otherwise the lemon which is grown up from a seed or grenades can blossom in about 15 years. It is unlikely you will want to wait so long. The date palm tree starts fructification when reaches height not less than 4 meters, - where, interestingly, it at you will grow? But there is one plant which demands efforts very little and fructification is entered rather quickly, and yields fruits really imperial.

So, you are ready to grow up pineapple at home?

For a start small introduction. Pineapple - a grassy fruit plant of family bromeliyevy. Its homeland - semi-droughty areas on North - the East of South America.

Respectively, pineapple - a perennial, thermophilic, photophilous and drought-resistant plant. Its linear leaves with prickles are at the edges collected in the socket and in length reach 90 cm. The inflorescence on a fleshy pedicel is collected from densely and spiralno the flowers located on an axis. Flowers bisexual. Soplodiye of pineapple on the structure it is similar to soplody raspberries. It consists of the separate juicy balsas sitting on the central core penetrating soplody from the basis to a top on which the bunch of leaves is located. Coloring of fruits depending on a grade happens yellow, golden, red and even violet color.

About what taste of pineapple, it is possible not to tell is the magnificent dessert capable to decorate any table. During eating of pineapple its green top is thrown out, as a rule, as superfluous. And in vain. It is possible to master technology of waste-free eating of pineapples and even to part a small plantation. Of course, in it there will be more botanical experiment, than practical advantage, but cultivation of a crested delicacy - occupation which will deliver to you many pleasant minutes.

So, the green socket of pineapple needs to be cut off at the basis a soplodiya, without pulp and to wash out it in pink solution of potassium permanganate. Then the cut needs to be powdered with ashes or pounded coal - tablets of absorbent carbon from a drugstore will approach. After that the cut has to posokhnut 5 - 6 h properly. The dried socket is landed in a pot with a capacity no more than 0,6 l. On a bottom of a pot fill a drainage, and then the friable earth mix consisting of the cespitose earth, sheet humus, sand and peat in the ratio 1: 2: 1: 1. From above a layer of 3 cm fill mix of sheet humus and sand in the ratio 1:1. But it is generally simpler to buy in shop ready earth mix for bromeliyevy.

In the center of a pot do a pole of 2 - 2,5 cm in depth with a diameter slightly more than diameter of socket. In it fill a little crushed charcoal that the tip of the socket did not begin to rot. In deepening lower the socket then the earth is well stamped. At the edges of a pot 2 - 4 sticks have and to them strings fix the socket.

The soil is humidified, put on a transparent plastic bag a pot and put to the light place. The socket takes roots at a temperature of 25 - 27 C. If you undertake rooting of pineapple now or during New Year`s holidays, then it will be possible to put a pot with a shank on the battery, previously having enclosed under it a foam or pith support.

In 1,5 - 2 months roots are formed and new leaves begin to grow. The plastic bag is removed only 2 months later after rooting. At adult pineapple at the stalk basis lateral layers often grow. They are implanted in the same way, as well as the socket from a top a soplodiya, - and thoughts of own plantation cease to seem the imagination.

Pineapples need to be replaced annually, but not to be fond and not to give to scope plant roots - the capacity of a pot increase very slightly. The root neck is buried at 0,5 cm. Replace only in the way of transfer, without destroying an earth lump. Root system at pineapple very small therefore will be enough for an adult plant 3 - 4 - a liter pot.

The major conditions at cultivation of pineapple - temperature and light.

In the summer temperature has to be 28 - 30 C, well, the smallest - 25 C. In warm sunny days the plant can be taken out on the street, but if at night temperature falls below 16 - 18 C, then bring to the room in its evening. In the winter pineapple is contained at a temperature of 22 - 24 C. At a temperature below 18 C pineapple ceases to grow and perishes. Overcooling of root system too perniciously affects a plant therefore it is undesirable to put it on a window sill, is close to a cold window. In the winter the plant is highlighted surely a luminescent lamp that light day made not less than 12 hours.

Water pineapple only with the warm, heated to 30 C, acidified by lemon juice water.

Watering a plant, water is filled in also in the socket, but it is necessary to consider that excessive remoistening leads to rotting of roots therefore between waterings the earth has to dry up slightly. Except the correct watering pineapple needs frequent sprayings by warm water.

Each 10 - 15 days a plant feed up liquid complex mineral " fertilizers; Azalea . Surely 1 - 2 time a month pineapple is sprayed and watered with the acidified solution of an iron vitriol at the rate of 1 g on 1 l of water. Alkaline fertilizers, such as wood ashes and lime, a plant do not transfer.

At the correct leaving pineapple begins to fructify on 3 - 4 - y year. Usually at such age length of its leaves reaches 80 - 90 cm. However, adult pineapple it is necessary still to force to blossom. It becomes by means of fumigating: put on a dense plastic bag a plant, near a pot for 10 min. put several smoking coals or couple of cigarettes, observing measures of fire safety. Procedure is repeated by 2 - 3 times with an interval of 7 - 10 days. Usually in 2 - 2,5 months from the center of the socket there is an inflorescence, and in 3,5 - 4 months ripens soplody. The mass of mature fruits - 0,3 - 1 kg. Beauty!