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Who such Osama bin Laden: the biography of the terrorist No. 1

Osama bin Muhammad bin Awad bin Laden was born on June 28, 1957 in Ayr - Riyade (Saudi Arabia). It was 17 - m a child in a family, one of 52 children. His father, the large construction magnate, had several wives. His mother was 10 - y Muhammad bin Laden`s wife (Osama - her only son).

At the end of 80 - x years Osama bin Laden inherited 250 million from the father, the successful Saudi businessman and the owner of the construction empire created in 1931 Saudi ben Laden Group . His father passed a way from the unskilled worker to the founder of successful construction business. I will touch wealth and fidelity helped it to establish close ties with royal family. Now its condition is estimated from 100 million to 5 billion dollars. Except that Osama bin Laden inherited his money from the father, he became the owner of many firms almost on all continents, including Sudanese Gum Arabik Compani Ltd., which makes up to 80% of rubber in the world. The majority of means of Osama bin Laden lies on accounts of figureheads in Western Europe and are hidden among funds of various charitable organizations. Bin Laden helped Talibs to perform operations on money laundering. In exchange he gained from 2 to 10% of income from the Afghan drug traffic (it approximately from 133 thousand to 1 billion dollars a year).

In 1979 Osama bin Laden graduated from faculty of economy and management of university of a name of the king Abdel of Aziz in Jeddah. In Afghanistan during war of 1979 - 1989 it was at war on the party of Afghans against limited contingent troops of the USSR.

In the middle of 80 - x years together with the Palestinian, the member of the " organization; Muslim Brotherhood Abdalla Azzam, he created Maktab - al - Hadamat (Bureau on service) for the purpose of a transportation of fighters and money to the Afghan resistance. This bureau opened the centers of recruitment worldwide, in particular in the USA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan which recruited and sent to Afghanistan thousands of people from 50 countries to fight against the Soviet Union. The bureau also organized and financed camp of military preparation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In 1989 Osama bin Laden returned in family podryadno - construction business about a staff - the apartment in Jeddah, but its organization continued to help the oppositional movement with Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Antigovernmental activity of bin Laden induced the Saudi authorities to send it in 1991 from the country. Osama bin Laden moved to Sudan.

On August 23, 1996 Osama bin Laden for the first time declared (said a fatva) that a holy duty of each Muslim - extermination of the American military abroad. In the second fatva, in 1998, Osama declared that murder of Americans and their allies - both military, and civilians - is a debt of each Muslim who is able to make it, in any country where it is only possible .

In May, 1996 Sudan sent bin Laden, generally in response to persistent requests of the USA and threat of imposition of sanctions of the UN from - for estimated partnership of the Sudanese authorities in attempt at the president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak in 1995 in Ethiopia. In a month bin Laden found a shelter in Afghanistan where continued Islamic extremist activity.

On May 28, 1998 Osama bin Laden declared creation international Islamic front of sacred fight against Jews and crusaders . It was the organization uniting groups which considered the western democracies and, first of all, the USA as the main ideological opponent. Their activity was directed against the existing international order in which Islam held the subordinated position. They denied legitimacy of the secular modes in the Muslim countries. Drawing the same defeat of the USA as the USSR during the Afghan events was an ultimate goal. Some Islamic movements, including, " joined Osama bin Laden; Egyptian Islamic Jihad .

Islamic front of sacred fight against Jews and crusaders was fragile alliance of Islamic terrorist groups. Speak about other organization of Osama bin Laden much more often - Al - Kayede ( Basis ) . The relations between them are not up to the end clear. Al - Kayeda appeared in 1988, and, perhaps, this term came from the name of one of inns of bin Laden where registration of the Mujahideens going to Afghanistan was carried out. These registration records helped bin Laden to keep in touch with soldiers of Islam worldwide.

Osama bin Laden is suspected of the organization of a number of acts of terrorism.

Explosion in the International shopping center on February 26, 1993. Before acts of terrorism of similar scale in the USA were not. 6 people are killed, about 1000 wounded. In 1994 four organizers of explosion were arrested and sentenced to 240 years of imprisonment everyone.

on November 13, 1995 the car filled with explosive exploded to Ayr - Riyade about the training center of national guard of Saudi Arabia. 5 Americans and 2 Indians were killed. 60 people got wounds (from them 34 - Americans).

In 1996 in Dakhrana object of attack: 19 people are killed, 300 are wounded. The blow was struck by means of the heavy truck of which before blow two jumped out. On the place of explosion the crater 10 - meter depth was formed. Damage were sustained by houses in a radius of 5 km.

the Execution of excursion of the European tourists in the Luxor temple (Egypt) which happened in the winter of 1997. Performers were killed " in the same place; under the obscure circumstances . After this case at each intersection in the southern Egypt there were submachine gunners, and tourists began to carry escorted by.

Osama bin Laden gained Wide fame after explosions at buildings of the American Embassies in Nairobi (Kenya) and Gift - es - to Salama (Tanzania) on August 7, 1998. 257 people died (from them 12 Americans), 5 thousand were wounded.

Investigation of incident on the American destroyer Cole in Yemen in November, 2000 also shows that traces conduct to Osama bin Laden.

The American intelligence agencies declared Osama bin Laden the organizer of these acts of terrorism, appropriated him the title international terrorist No. 1 also promised an award in $5 million for information which can help his arrest. Now bin Laden rose in price : for its capture promise 1 billion dollars, and within already several years he heads so-called a top - the terrorist 10 - the list which is annually made by FBI where the most dangerous terrorists join.

About what happened on September 11, 2001 in New - York and Washington, all know. The USA provided to the governments of many countries of the proof of fault of Osama bin Laden in the organization of these acts of terrorism which do not have similar on scales and the number of the dead.

Several attempts to liquidate Osama bin Laden were made, however, as we know, they were not crowned with success.