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How to bake an air charlotte? A small secret of successful baking of

you noticed paradox: at all simplicity of the recipe of a traditional charlotte (3 - 5 apples, 3 eggs, 1 glass of sugar and 1 glass of flour) it turns out at all differently? Unscientific research of this paradox led to a conclusion: a secret of an air charlotte at all not in products and not in ability to prepare, and in small cunning.

to me happened to execute a charlotte in different kitchens, in different states, with support group and without it.... Charlottes turn out air always. Who tastes for the first time this pie, usually the m - m - lows from pleasure and asks the recipe. It is interesting to try? Then we will begin!

We begin, as usual, with beating of three eggs (it is not necessary to separate the yolks from the whites - excess cares). Continuing beating, we add sugar and it is brought to cream color . And only after that we add flour and we continue to shake up to a condition of viscous fluidity. Dough has to become lighter. In it all secret... we add

For house gourmets or special cases on a pinch of cinnamon and a nutmeg. You will not spoil our small masterpiece nothing - either sour cream, or oil, nor extinguished vinegar soda, nor a baking powder.

We bake one of two ways:

1. For receiving a crisp we stack the apples cleared of a core and sliced thin in a form and we fill in with the test. The test should give a little time for filling of emptiness between apples. Children like to regale on the candied crust and bring pie to an indecent state therefore I recommend such way for a narrow family circle.

2. For pie exit to the public , I pour out dough in a form and from above beautifully I display slices of apples (circles, fans, sockets), having slightly powdered them with granulated sugar.

By the way, for decrease in caloric content of pie it is better to use a silicone form which should not be oiled.

2a. For a charlotte exit in society needs a baking sheet and a double dose of initial products. In the prepared baking sheet (here not to do without oil) we pour out dough and on it we spread slices of apples, accurately a row behind a row along the long party of a baking sheet. Usually 4 rows turn out. After baking to divide into portion pieces - second business. On a baking sheet 20 good portions find room.

35-40 minutes we bake pie at a temperature of 180-200 degrees. In an oven with convection the crust turns out a little quicker at a temperature of 165 degrees.

This airy pie is capable to eclipse ease and refined taste practically any cake of industrial production (behind a small exception).

A charlotte - pie all-weather: we bake it with dried apricots and raisin in the winter, we add a rhubarb in the spring. We bake with currant, raspberry, a mespilus, bilberry and other berries in the summer (we bake on 1 - mu to option). The most tasty charlotte autumn - with plums or apples. Now just high apple season. Also let sad time pleases not only shades charm eyes but also taste charm.

I believe that will ask to execute a charlotte you quite often now... in a dish do not endure

About symmetry of a figure and decent amount of carbohydrates. If not to be fond of a charlotte at supper, and to give for breakfast as a main course or by a lunch as a dessert, then the figure will remain within decencies.

I wish bon appetit, a good health and family wellbeing!