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How to choose the printer and the scanner for the house?

often buy the Printer with the computer at the same time - in this case, having once made a choice, it is possible to forget for a long time about technical problems. However, there is a reservation. It is necessary to make a choice correct. Even, apparently, such not most important thing as the printer, can bring upon the owner enough trouble and disappointments or, on the contrary, to become a source of constant small pleasures. To understand what printer better needs to be chosen, first of all, to be defined, for what purpose you will use it.

As a rule, in life the printer is necessary only for listing of text files less often - photos. Therefore if you not the professional photographer, and high quality of the color press for you not essentially, you do not overpay money for model which possibilities are not necessary to you. It is enough to buy the small universal inkjet printer in price category to 150$, it will be able to solve many of the tasks set for it, however, rather slowly.

Faster option of a quality printing - the laser printer (the cost is from $200). There are also special photoprinters if you are going to print houses mainly of the photo. However, practice shows that the house press of a photo does not mean cheap . Often, it is more favorable to carry pictures in salon, than to spend house ink.

So, one after another.

Types of printers.

Matrix. As a matter of fact, matrix printers are a last century. Process of printing happens at the expense of the printing tape which nestles needles on paper. These models very much of a shumna are also slow in work, and the image can only be received is black - white, it is impossible to print a photo on such printer. However their main advantage still provides them some demand - they are cheap both upon purchase, and in service. So if you like to read, but it is not possible to reach bookstore, the matrix printer for you just a find - find the necessary book in the Internet and unpack on cheap paper.

Jet. the Principle of operation of the printer can be understood from its name. From special inkwells which contain paint are applied on paper multi-colored streams . As it is correct, inkwells happens three or four. Three-colored contain yellow, purple and blue colors, and black it is formed due to mixing of all these shades in one. It is easy to guess that if you mainly print out documents, paint in the printer will be spent very uneconomically, at the same time using all three colors. In quadricolour printers to a yellow, purple and blue inkwell it is added also black that can save color paint, and also give correct black color.

Laser. Dye (toner) sticks to paper in places of its heating. These devices in itself are expensive, but the cost of their service is low. The cartridge for the laser printer costs as much how many and for jet, but at the same time allows to unpack time in 10 more sheets. Besides, quality of the press of such devices is much better, and the speed of work is several times higher. The printed-out sheets are practically not afraid of external influences including moisture, unlike the copies which are printed out on the inkjet printer. However, there are also such models much more expensive " inkjet printers; therefore if there is no need to unpack color pictures, buy it is black - the white laser printer - you will be satisfied.

If to sum up some result, then it is reasonable to use matrix printers for the economic operational printing of small texts and tables, laser printers provide the quality and fast printing of texts, tables, schedules, charts and images, and jet - the high-quality printing of images, photos and color documents.

Necessary properties.

In spite of the fact that at the printer there are a lot of technical characteristics, even their detailed studying will not help the simple inhabitant to learn what as a result will be quality of the press. Therefore it is necessary to stop only on the most important.

Permission is considered one of key parameters (the maximum number of points per square inch (dpi)). Theoretically than resolution of the printer, especially the accurate text and the image is more we will receive. In practice often all differently therefore it is enough to be guided by such parameters: 300 dpi - for the press of the simplest graphics and the text, 600 dpi - for the better text and graphics, 1200 dpi - for photos, 2400 dpi - for the professional photo.

The characteristic of speed of the press shows how many pages with the text or photos the printer prints for a unit of time (in this case - minute). Many producers specify the speed of the printing of simple text documents at the most poor quality (draft - mode) therefore in actual practice speed can be lower. So at the press with high quality it is possible to expect about a half of speed which is promised by the producer.

Connection of new printers is calculated on USB port. Also large number of printers supports 25 - the contact interface of parallel port. Many modern models support the wireless press by means of IK - port, Bluetooth and Wi - Fi. Some can even accept the press from cards - the reader.

It is considered that quality of the press, and in particular, color rendition accuracy, at inkjet printers directly depends from drop volume. At modern printers diameter of a drop from 5 to 1 pikolitr. At the best modern models - 1 - 2 pikolitr. There are printers to the fixed drop size, and happen with variable. For example, in Canon the printing heads with the fixed drop size, and in some Epson models - the press drops of the different size depending on the picture are used.

There is also one more important nuance connected with the printing heads. The cartridge is combined with the printing head (HP, Canon) or the inkwell changes separately from it (Epson). In each option there are pluses and minuses, and each producer tries to convince the buyer of advantage of the technology. Not to go into excess details, it is enough know that simultaneous replacement of a cartridge with a head - rather expensive pleasure, and will manage often in the sum, a component there is not less than a half of cost of the printer. However, in this case quality of the press will be always excellent since the head will not get littered with the dried-up paint drops, and it is not required to bear the printer on a head clearing in a workshop.

However, and here Russian Ivan without wishing to pay spare cash, found an opening - the come to an end cartridge can be filled with stereotyped ink. They will come to an end quicker, and quality will be worse, but it is not necessary to throw out not up to the end used paint. The second version of inkjet printers are printers in which the printing head remains in the printer at the next change of a cartridge. Cartridges for such printers cost much cheaper, but at such choice constantly it is necessary to watch a condition of ink. If they dry up - a direct road in repair shop for replacement of the printing head. What, it is necessary to notice, very expensively, and sometimes it is easier to buy the new printer, than to change its expensive components.

So if you wish the to the " inkjet printer; long life, do not allow its long idle time at all. At least once in two weeks even if it is not necessary to print anything, switch on and off the printer. Every time at this procedure it will press through paint through the printing head that will prevent its drying up.

With the scanner for house use everything is much simpler. Most likely, you are not going suit houses a photolaboratory therefore for scanning of images it is enough to be guided only by one characteristic - optical permission of scanning. Than it is higher - the transfer of the image on the screen is more high-quality. If your plans include only scanning of the text - safely choose the cheapest model from offered in the market. Any scanner will cope with such elementary task, and you will save money.

It should be noted that in our century of technical progress producers can offer consumers and the so-called multipurpose devices capable to scan documents and to print them, to send and receive faxes, to copy without the computer. Such devices are a little larger than the ordinary printer and share on office and house models. The main advantage of this type of equipment is that it is much cheaper bought separately the fax, the printer, the copier and the scanner. However, if a miracle - the device it is necessary to give to repair, you will be left for some time with nothing.

Pleasant choice and successful purchases!