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The fence, gate, gate of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion

in - important

d - for children, banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

a collar Fence a gate animal plants of the reason a barrier border an obstacle agrees with need of the earth protects blown to make to construct new old to clean to bear continuous people value definition a role appointment boundary dispute to get over

z the Fence - a fencing, a fence zp Better than a fence constrains

the person from penetration on others territory spirituality, morality, philanthrophy

p Should construct so correctly the life - to go along fences.

and not to climb through fences it is necessary to live so that before you all gate opened.

and From - for high a fence - foreign need is not visible.

and the Fence - border.

and the Fence - a barrier.

to the Fence - is more law, than obstacle.

and the Fence - fixes the territory.

and the Fence - the security guard.

and the Fence - the peacekeeper.

and the Fence the shortest way - does to curves.

of the personal computer Not fences divides people - and hatred.

and the Fence - is overcome by the purpose.

of cd The more fences - the is more than desires.

and the Fence an obstacle for legs - but not the heads.

and the Person will not begin to perelazit through a fence - if does not know that behind it.

z the Fence - can designate border between the next sites, carry out a protection role, to be a territory frame, to serve as scenery, to close ugly places .

and the Fence with a hole - that is that is not present.

and On what side of a fence of people there would be no it as the being who is not loving borders wishes to get on other party.

p is more effective than a fence - supervision of thinking of the person.

and The is more than fences - the it is better than the relation.

z the Fence - stops whether forces to reflect it is worth continuing the movement.

and is A lot of plans - came to an end at a gate.

and the Fence - often last that forces to decide not to make nonsense, offense, and even a crime.

and Gate and gate not only part of a protection, but also symbol of greatness and taste of the owner.

and Fences differ from each other in gate more.

and At open people fences is more transparent.

pzv protects the Solid fence not only you, but also criminals from eyes of witnesses. Robbers and thieves prefer to

of stars solid fences.

zd not blown fences - enemies of plants.

pzv should set up the Solid fence to improve ecology if it behind it is worse, than at you, aired - if it is better. it is not desirable for

to set up All solid fences even if the ecology around your site is worse everywhere, especially it is unprofitable in windy weather in small settlements.

pz For normal growth of vegetation at least two opposite fences have to be blown.

pzd should set up the Fence it that to criminals, innocent children, animal it was more difficult to scramble on it.

z That it was more difficult for poultry to get over a fence it has to be flexible above, not have the top crossbeam and columns have to be not from their party or protections are lower.

z That animals did not seek to get for a fence enough what they would not see what behind it is.

the Lock on a gate turns penetration on the fenced territory into a crime. to What the fence - the more courage is more reliable than

. to What the fence is higher than

- the threats are more probable and stronger.

zp Latch and lock legally not same.

and Only territory becomes inaccessible of - for installations of a fence - as all want to get there.

zp Changing a fence on a boundary with neighbors old columns it is desirable to leave or at least not to pull out them, and to cut.

zp From boundary dispute can rescue the remains from the become useless or broken columns. zp If before replacement of a fence old completely to clean

the boundary is lost. zp At loss of a boundary good and honest people try to concede to

part of the territory, bad and dishonest - on the contrary.

zp At loss of a boundary good people suffer from the fact that they could climb on others territory, bad - that perhaps conceded the.

zp Loss of a boundary worsens the relations between neighbors.

yu Idlers move border between the land plots to the territory, workaholics - on others.

yu the Fence not only a hindrance for handshake - but also blow.

yu The is more dense a fence - the wife is more faithful.

yu When in a fence appears a hole - the person stops being honest.

yu If people occurred not from monkeys, and from eagles - fences would not be.

yu Than is above and more deafly a fence - the neighbors are farther and more native.

yu the Fence - is similar to the owner.

yu Fences for training of obstacle race.

yu Sporting achievements on high jumps - are in many respects obliged to fences.

yu The higher at darling a fence - the is stronger love.

yu If to your desire is interfered by a fence - it means standing.

yu Love fences not a hindrance.

yu stop Fences of weak, strong - glorify.

yu For the real man - fences do not exist.

yu the Fence - should not become happiness barrier.

yu Fences are not terrible to imagination.

yu Fences promote development of the personality.

yu Fences - temper character.

yu Fences support the person in the uniform.

yu The is higher a fence - the more behind it than pleasures.

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