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How to define a class of hotel? We gather on leave of

Being sent on travel, the tourist always asks a question what hotel to choose. How many has to be asterisks or small letters (depending on the country and system of classification of hotels) that from rest there were only pleasant memories of soft beds and friendly maids, but not abuse of service personnel and turn before a toilet on the floor.

Services which are provided in hotels happen the main and additional. Accommodation and food belong to the main services. The range of additional services varies depending on stardom hotels.

Free of charge such types of service as can be provided to guests:

call of ambulance;

use of the medical first-aid kit;

delivery in number of personal correspondence at its receiving;

reveille in time necessary to the guest;

granting boiled water, threads, needles, and also one set of ware and tableware.

Hotels with one star are almost completely the died-out look. Accommodation in such hotel will manage cheap, but be ready that from usual free conveniences there will be only a morning reveille. It is unlikely in such hotel there will be a cafe or buffet. The TV and the refrigerator will be only the general, one on the floor (and that, not always), and in numbers it is possible and not to dream of conditioners and phones. A bathroom and a toilet also general (at least 2 bathtubs on the floor and 1 toilet on 5 numbers). Will clean number every day, and here to change linen time in five days, towels - time in three days. In such hotels there is a special room where you can wash or stroke the things.

In hotel with two stars the range of services not especially differs from previous. A difference only that in it there is a cafe or restaurant, and also service in number in hours of a breakfast is possible. In such hotel there can be still a dry-cleaner and a shoe-polish (for an additional fee, certainly).

The hotel with three stars most is suitable for tourists of middle class who need normal comfort for an average payment. In such hotel in each number there is radio (sometimes the TV) and the conditioner, and also a bathroom and a toilet. Every day cleaning in number is carried out, the linen changes time in three days, and towels - every day. In numbers presence of plants, carpets and a set of writing-materials is not excluded. The list of additional services is at additional expense quite wide - washing, small repair of clothes, a dry-cleaner, a shoe-polish. In three-stars hotel there has to be a business - the center with the computers connected to the Internet, currency exchange, a hairdressing salon, restaurant or cafe, the room of consumer services, a parking or the parking. The administration reserves tickets for all means of transport, and with 7. 00 to 24. The 00th number can be served by personnel in uniform.

The hotel with four stars will be suitable for tourists above middle class. Here besides all services which are in three-stars hotel there is also a beauty shop, the pool, a gym, the round-the-clock cafe or bar, restaurant with several halls, a banquet room, business - the center with several halls and many other things. Service in number well from 7 in the morning to 12 in the night, linen changes every day, and in each number there are a conditioner and phone, the TV with video - or DVD - the player, satellite television, the Internet. Doors of hotel will be opened by the friendly door-keeper.

Five-stars hotel the smartest. In such hotel the range of additional services is very wide, at hotel there can be a casino and night club. Numbers are remarkable expensive repair and furniture, top-level service. Your number will be served 24 hours a day.

Having decided on hotel, its level of service and necessary comfort, you should not forget also that there are various classifications of numbers, depending on that how many the person will live in him: whether there will be it single married couple or family with the child.

Business - In such number is the computer connected to the Internet the fax and other equipment thanks to which it is possible to work, without leaving hotel.

De Luxe - the Double room with expensive repair and furniture.

Double For Single Use - can lodge two In number singles .

Double Twin - are present At such number two separate beds.

Extra Bed - at will can equip a double room with one more bed (for families with children).

Family Studio - Family number with two adjacent rooms.

Junior Suite - One-room number of the improved planning for two.

King Size - In number one big and convenient bed for a married couple.

President - the smartest and expensive hotel accommodations. In such numbers several bedrooms, a drawing room, an office, several toilets.

Single - Number for one person.

Suite - Two-room number (a drawing room and a bedroom) with high quality and expensive furniture and equipment.

Triple - In such number is two beds, and also a sliding chair or a sofa on which your child can settle down.

Holiday pleasant to you!