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How to answer a question: Why you love me?

For certain all of us faced such question! Why you love? You want to surprise darling? Call by it 101 reasons, and she will fall in love with you even more!

1. Because You unpredictable

2. Because You only (and unique)

3. Because You are happy with me

4. Because You understand me and is frank with me

5. Because You is sensual - sexual

6. Because You embodiment of feminity

7. Because You think of me and believe in me to

8. Because You seductive

9. Because You purr

10. Because at You it is unique - ozorno - deeply - mysteriously - igrayushche - intriguingly - manyashche - laskayushche - mysteriously - hitryushche - charmingly - gently - scintillating eyes

11. Because You have not less inspiring smile

12. Because You have a divine figure

13. Because You have a cat`s grace and habits

14. Because You give heat and smiles to surrounding

15. Because You often are different

16. Because You like to be beautiful

17. Because You are touchingly gentle with me

18. Because You are able to talk to me

19. Because You are able to be silent with me

20. Because You miss me, even when we do not see each other day (the whole day - as long, and I already miss )

21. Because You ask what I think

22 of. Because after kisses there is your aroma on my lips

23. Because You fall asleep on my shoulder

24. Because You hear knock of my heart

25. Because You are such tender pussycat that in the mornings

26 can just not rise. Because for this reason I do not have need early to wake up

27. Because I like to iron You

28. Because it is pleasant to You when I carry You on hands

29. Because You give me the chance to feel the man

30. Because You - the sun

31. Because You like to lie at me on a shoulder at

32 movie theater. Because after the movie my clothes smell of your spirits

33. When I put on it next day - feeling that You nearby also embrace me

34. Because You cook the tasty

35 milkshakes. Because You have soft and careful small pillows of fingers

36. Because You have cold palms

37. Because You have beautiful marigold

38. Because at me heart when I see You

39 begins to fight quicker. Because You have a concerning velvet whisper

40. Because I like to argue with You on a kiss

41. Because You like to surprise me with

42 pleasantly. Because I am pleasant to give You surprises

43. Because You want to be pleasant to me

44. Because You have a laughter hand bells

45. Because You like to tickle me the fluffy eyelashes

46. Because I madly like your long slender fingers

47. Because You taught me to trust in happy cars, tickets, eyelashes

48. Because You have playful ringlets raising my smile and doing you is mysterious - seductive

49. Because You see in the sky not only clouds, but also, for example, striped to a tiger:

50. Because You opened for me a cloud of parashyutik of a dandelion

51. Because You for ever it is unseparable with the rain

52. Because You kiss my palms

53. Because I smile when I wait for You

54. Because You touch me with a leg under a table

55. Therefore all verses which I read - about You

56. Because it is pleasant to You when I ride You on the boat

57. Because I like to rub to You in a back a milk for suntan

58. Because You left marks of cat`s pads in my soul

59. Because You appreciate me

60. Because I like to feel your body when we take a shower

61. Because You like to feed birds

62. Because You are the princess

63. Because You like my window sill

64. Because You embrace me a look

65. Because every evening at me in soul your phone call

66 is distributed. Because You smile when I give You flowers

67. Because You give me caress

68. Because You touch behind cold fingers my neck

69. Because You, as well as me, like the sky

70. Because it is pleasant to me when You unexpectedly come

71. Because suspiciously often I see off You

72 exactly at night. Because at me is installed on the refrigerator I

73 presented by You. and it is necessary to water it only on Thursdays

74. Because to You the opinion of people around

75 is not important. Because it is pleasant to me to do You massage

76. Because You frankly talk to me

77. Because at You tasty tea with

78 mint turns out. Because You just like to be with me

79. Because You have the view of things

80. Because You try to be for me erotic and seductive

81. Because You like to do good deeds surrounding

82. Because it is pleasant to me when we read aloud each other

83. Because You like to walk with me

84. Because You like big windows (especially on ceilings), and You want to live in a penthouse

85. Because You turn around to wave to me when You leave

86. Because You believe that everything will be good

87. Because to brush teeth it gives pleasure to me only with You

88. Because You want to be the unusual bride

89. Because I like to play your palm

90. Because You call only to hear my voice

91. Because You presented me the sky

92. Because You dream me

93. Because You are an attentive mistress

94. Because You worry about our relationship

95. For the whole world You can be individual, but for me You are the whole world

96. Because in the light of the beams of the sun creating around You gold aura You seem an angel

97. Because You are my Lady!

98. Because You are my half

99. Because You are my life

100. Because I become irrationally happy, just when You a row

101. Because I love You.