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What to listen to? Crematorium There are no

On this street lamps,

does not happen sunny days Here,

Here always shines the moon.

conduct Terrestrial roads not to Rome,

Believe me and tell all of them:

Are expensive all to one bring here -

Into the house of an eternal rest -

the Crematorium
I Admit to

at once, it is one of my favorite bands from 15 years. And, probably, for this reason it is difficult to me to write about it.

In the beginning the group was wanted to be called Lady`s men then Black Friday later as the name appeared Omnibus and Experienced spots .

As a result called group collectively - Black spots . The narrow circle soiled by future glory consisted of pupils of the 7th class of one Moscow school: Armen Grigoryan, Sasha Sevastyanov, Igor Shuldinger. With what tool each of heroes will conquer the world, decided long - nobody was able nothing. At this stage Black spots smoothly flowed in Atmospheric pressure .

The group took words of the first song from the textbook of English and put on traditional three chords. In general, then children sang generally in English. And, texts consisted of a casual set of foreign phrases. But for game on school dances - and other platforms then were not yet - it quite was enough. All the same nobody listened to words and could catch thanking to quality of sounding of the equipment.

Interestingly that Sergey Golovkin was the famous schoolmate of our heroes. The maniac famous for the cruelty - the murderer Fischer - and it he also is - kept Moscow and Moscow area in awe quite long time. The people even devoted it songs ( Fischer wanders about forest paths ) .

At the end of 70 - x years the group found the new character - Victor Troyegubov. Unlike Grigoryan who went mainly in black by then, wore dark glasses, a hat and looked like a devil from comics Troyegubov reminded Christ who slightly drove out of mind. It was promoted by a long straight hair, the light beard which is strictly sustained in a style framework of early Christianity and a look of the unrecognized genius.

Armen Grigoryan begins to write poems own productions also sets them to music. There was no equipment yet, masterpieces were created under a usual acoustic guitar and played to friends on to a flet on home concerts. There the alcohol flowed like water, people got acquainted and replaced each other, inconceivable acts were made in the same place, and the group found heroes for the songs: Ugly Elza, Tanya, Khabibulin

Ya I will live there, you will live here,

You will build the family temple, and I will drink wine.

Ya I will die of cirrhosis - you will open a window,

But hardly you will remember me when tumbles down a smoke from a pipe.

B 1983 the group acquired the present name - Crematorium . At the few concerts it was reduced to politically correct " Cream;. Music which the group began to play very approximately reminded that tyazhelyak which was in its repertoire right at the beginning. Grigoryan began to write lyrical songs in a large number, in them already appeared non-standard for fate - N - a beater motives - ballads, waltzes and even folk. They will be obvious later in such things as Sebastiya Adolf Ugly Elza Sexual cat .

A sexual cat on clouds, the blessed fairy of good,

Caressing stars I see you in the sky
Is interesting to

: many consider that Strawberry with " ice; - song about sexual minorities, about lesbians. Actually it is attempt to get into a female body, into female soul and as Zhvanetsky spoke, to understand that they feel. For me always women were an inspiration source, and it is successful attempt somehow seriously to display a condition of female soul, sometimes extremely lonely and misunderstood - Grigoryan says.

She closes eyes, she moves lips, She allows to watch

and even to touch.

Everyone is ready to warm it the heat,

But she does not love men, - she loves strawberry with ice.
Somehow on a fleta to Grigoryan presented to

the next black hat. Besides, to it predicted events after which execution ordered to get rid of a hat quicker. . Nobody, certainly, then believed in gravity of this fortune-telling, however subsequently everything occurred exactly as it was predicted. So the hat was solemnly cremated at a concert on the occasion of a decade of group. Since then from time to time Grigoryan repeats this trick .

And above fat pigeons of the world fly,

Using what lies under them, instead of a toilet.

Worries the Ministry of Health, hospitals cry

Ya I carry with myself the axe as a security measure.

Grigoryan is an author practically of all songs, and in fact he is the only irreplaceable person in team. When musicians Crematorium speak about the commander, they very carefully are at loss for words. Therefore a conclusion arises that, despite the touching friendly relations in group, all creative problems are solved here by Grigoryan.

So it Crematorium ? This gloomy building which consists of the bricks enclosed in it by heroes of all life of group. At any changes of structure the best always remained and which - that from before written is used in arrangements still.