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How to become more harmonous without sport and diets? 10 ways

For the guaranteed finding of an ideal figure regular physical activities and healthy nutrition - two main conditions. The main, but not only. We found several additional recipes of weight loss. Not less effective. What of them it is better to use - to solve to you.

1. To make color revolution. Take paints and draw the new ideal forms. Yellow not incidentally is associated with refinement. It not worse than fashionable preparations clears an organism of toxins, helps to get rid of hypostases, controls weight . It is more than yellow color around! Noticed: in design of restaurants with the Swiss table most often prevail blue tone? Put food on Xing - a green plate - and you will easily manage in the smaller portion and the additive will not want any more. In the nature blue, as a rule, means all inedible. And in life this color is natural remedy for the increased appetite. And here orange, on the contrary, excites it. Blue resolutely interferes with the weight loss process, encouraging to remain such what you are. You want to become more slender? Clean blue jeans and jackets from clothes.

2. To read. the Magazine - an excellent additional tool for farewell to excess weight. In an hour of reading your organism will burn 71 kcal. However if after reading you begin to reflect intensively, for example, over what should be undertaken for disposal of weight ballast, energy consumption will sharply increase - up to 128 kcal. You really can become slightly - slightly more harmonously, just strenuously thinking of it - physiologists please us. Until, however, experts showed to the amazed public of any volunteer, experiment still continues. For us all - a keyword in this hypothesis is slightly - slightly . In the same hour on a racetrack you will leave 485 kcal. And then it is possible to dream of an ideal figure. If to work in such sequence, dreams will come true quicker.

3. To sleep more. At your disposal always the most reliable and absolutely natural way not to get fat is. It is a healthy full-fledged sleep. Its violation, according to the authoritative scientific Lancet magazine, provokes obesity as leads to a hormonal imbalance. Leptina - the hormone reducing consumption of food and stimulating physical activity - in an organism becomes less. But in inverse proportion the level of its antipode - a neuropeptid of Y which presses grows: It is More than food . The increase in weight can appear in a week of a sleep debt. Urgently undergo preventive procedure! It will not take away many forces, but enough time - 8 daily will demand hours.

4. To switch off the TV. It is an appeal of specialists of the Chicago school of medicine. They established: the one who spends at the blue screen more than four hours a day consumes at 30% of calories more. Colleagues from Harvard agree with it. Even the two-hour daily television session, on their supervision, increases danger of obesity by 23%. The reason is in that, neither news, nor thrillers seem to us rather entertaining without chips, nutlets, sandwiches and tea with a roll. Long sitting steadily awakens appetite in the TV. Most kaloriyna melodramas and horror films. Nervousness, strong emotions lead to increase in quantity additional and, so excess fats and carbohydrates. More dietary pictures about the nature, travel are. Under them we absorb 2,5 times less food.

5. To look at the Moon. When the Moon begins to decline, the organism easily gets rid of all unnecessary, becoming is more weightless even without our participation. Any astrologer will tell it to you, and the nutritionist will confirm. Force of influence of a night star on people is big. In a phase of the falling-down Moon there comes the peak of physical shape, the metabolism goes in the optimum mode, calories for maintenance of energy it is required much less, and the feeling of hunger decreases. The organism actively works for removal of surplus. If at this time to go on a diet, the result will be fast and notable. Fix it in a new moon arrange a fasting day - be exempted from toxins and excess halves a kilo. In the period of the growing Moon do not argue with the nature which adjusts a body on accumulation, alas, not only vital potential, but also kilograms. Direct efforts to maintenance of body weight.

6. To brush teeth more often. It is useful not only for teeth, but also for a figure. The one who does it three times a day suffers from excess weight much less often, the Japanese scientists claim. How simple hygienic procedure helps to burn fats? It dampens unlimited ardor, especially if to use paste with mint. Protects teeth from destruction that promotes the correct assimilation of food. Besides the people caring about health of teeth definitely watch closely themselves in general. Meanwhile only 9,7% of Russians brush teeth at least twice a day. And you?

7. To forget classics. Lyubov to musical classics testifies to distinguished taste and is frequent as it is sad, about not a thin silhouette. All these fugues, cantatas and preludes caress hearing, but ruin a waist because awaken appetite. Under Vivaldi, Beethoven and Bach`s music people eat more, than under any other accompaniment, ordering additional dishes and drinks - refined, but high-calorific. It was noticed by observant English physiologists from medical college of Leicester during the experiment arranged at several British restaurants. Of course, you should not hand over the subscription in conservatory, but as music for dinner it is better to choose some popular tune or silence.

8. Not to change the address. you Want to replace the PERMANENT RESIDENCE considerably? Hold your horses. According to scientists of the Californian university, the risk of development of obesity in the people living in radius of 20 km from the birthplace is 18% lower, than at those who left native Penates. Results of research are extremely curious, but experts did not find a scientific explanation yet. It is possible the matter is that during life natives test less troubles, than cosmopolitans . And any moving is an excess stress which many got used to jam.

9. To inhale symmetry. of What the good figure smells? Vanilla - specialists of Fund of studying and treatment of violations of taste and sense of smell in Chicago got wind. This aroma reduces appetite, and at the same time need for sweet. Citrus smells are almost also effective. Odorous molecules are caught by the special receptors located in a nose in a so-called olfactory pole. Then molecular data are transferred on an olfactory nerve to a brain. That processes the arrived fragrant signal and gives an organism command: To Grow thin! For visible result it is better to inhale the concentrated smell before food. And during a meal it is possible to put fragrant candles on a table. In only two weeks, scientists claim, on an aromadiyeta really to get rid of 1 extra kilo.

10. To have supper on appointment. the Best means from a dessert, the love to which so prevents to fit in in ideal 90 - 60 - 90, - the man. All women adore sweet. But, as experts noticed, only 11% from them eat something on the third if they divide a meal with the man. The friend, the colleague, the former schoolmate - in this case any man is equally useful. Experts explain the curious fact with desire I will allow to show commitment to healthy food and care of a figure. If chocolate mousse and an apple share in minus, then symmetry - in plus.