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How to build the house?

to you bothered to toil in the city jungle and there was a wish to spend free time outdoors? Means, it is time. It is time to build the house. House of your dream. Cozy, beautiful and warm.

Unfortunately, in the modern market deafened by advertizing appeals in mass media its numerous participants it is very difficult to find professional approach to construction of a country house. No, of course, masters in Russia, thank God, were not translated. But, unfortunately, to them happens very difficult to reach.

Here therefore - that also gathered professional builders of wooden houses. Gathered in virtual space on the website Association of the Russian carpenters .

On this website it is possible to find answers to questions: What

the house is necessary to you - various technologies of construction.

How many it costs - very important, agree the section. Who it will design

and will construct - the list of the design and construction organizations.

I, at last, how to build the house - the section From the base above .

On the website very big gallery of photos and houses and technologies of construction.

Is information on several constantly working schools of carpenters. It appears, in our country prepare not only economists and lawyers.

You learn about the Norwegian and Russian cabin.

And also, in the Internet - the " magazine; Life in the country - about secrets of country kitchen, how to hold animals at the dacha, hunting baizes and about much very and very interesting.

By the way, on the website there are a lot of interesting materials from the Life online project. Therefore his authors can participate also in creation the Internet - " magazines; Life in the country and Plyushkin .

In conclusion just there is a wish to provide the small quote taken from the website Association of the Russian carpenters :

We invite all fans of wooden architecture to us on a visit. It is accepted to visit with gifts. Your active participation in work of the website will be the best gift for us. You come to a forum and ask a question - we will try to answer you. Is what to tell - send article or the story to our " magazine; Life in the country .

We are interested not only special materials, but also art prose and journalism.

We wait for architects, restorers, woodcarvers.

Especially we invite the firms building wooden houses old, antiquated in the ways. And it is unimportant on what technology you work: Russian, Norwegian or Canadian. Important the fact that carpenters - high-class masters work for you.

only the person is capable to build the house about which it is possible to tell with pride - it is absent another any more.

Let in fashion now the houses made on the latest technologies in which the tree is only one of components. The real judges know that truly wooden it is possible to call only the house which is cut down by carpenters .