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What needs to be eaten to be happy and healthy?

And from where only this irritability, fatigue, sleeplessness or, on the contrary, drowsiness undertakes? Here, again was in time nothing As often we complain to

that there is no time, forces, mood does not come to

I to mind at all that sometimes our problems - from - for a lack of some cunning substance here in this head. What substance is? It is called serotonin , hormone of good health and its chronic shortage - the culprit of the fact that you quarreled with the soulmate, forgot about birthday of the girlfriend and got it hot from the chief for outstanding work.

The modern person does not have this central functional substance constantly because we forgot to help most to develop to our organism it. The person, after fire conquest, almost completely passed to the use of boiled, fried or baked food. Some of us eat also crude food, but, most often, do it incorrectly and in improper time. At the same time our digestive device remains to the same what we inherited it at our prehistoric ancestors. They ate crude vegetable food for 99%. Therefore crude vegetable food remains the integral component of processes of a metabolism without which in our brain shortage of serotonin can be formed.

Serotonin carries out every second our life a number of the vital tasks and regulates work of other hormones. As the real conductor in a concert of hormones it operates hunger, temperature and pain, memory and ability to be trained, control over a stress, a dream and wakefulness, impulsive behavior, control over dependences, sexual behavior and immunity.

Scientists and nutritionists today - just the same eternally hurrying and tired people, and they perfectly understand requirements and problems of an organism of the modern person. And today they with confidence declare that to improve health and quality of life is possible. And it is possible to make it not in the difficult and obscure way through the use of chemical preparations, and return of the person to life sources, performance by it by the set nature of the program.

Quite so natural foodstuff of a phytogenesis - a world novelty   works with ; AMINAS Vitalkost . Thanks to it today we can fill with

shortage of serotonin which has huge value for our physical and mental health.

Besides, it is the dietary food product giving invaluable help within any diet connected as well with a serious illness. Thanks to enough serotonin the tormenting hunger and attacks " vanishes; Zhora therefore the organism adapts to strict requirements of a diet better, the metabolism at such diseases improves as, for example, gout and diabetes.

Author of a product, doctor and psikhoterpevt Ryudiger Dalke: Serotonin is formed in an organism of amino acid L - Tryptophan. Amino acids are a protein component, and it would be theoretically possible to try to become happy through the use of meat. However, you, most likely, will not manage to make it. As well the use of L - Tryptophan as medicine personally to me did not give essential relief.

Analyzing peaks of the good mood, I understood that they fall on the periods of active sports accompanied with the food rich crude proteinaceous products of a phytogenesis. Thanks to one case I got acquainted with the private scientist studying this feature of a human body. It began the researches, having encountered means which it found in China. It combined three species of plants (sweet potatoes a girasol and pseudo-grain crops an amaranth and a kvino) with fruit or cocoa, having achieved thereby tremendous effects

Main - to use only a small amount of crude food Aminas: 1 - 2 tablespoons in the mornings. To dilute in juice or yogurt then to drink a large amount of liquid and within an hour nothing is. Nearly a year later, after the beginning of the use Aminas, I understood that I found what looked for and already on anything another it I will not change .

With the help and support of AMINAS Vitalkost you will be able easier to maintain any physical and mental activities, will better fall asleep in the evening, and at night with pleasure to sleep, you will have every chance to live to a ripe old age, having kept a stock of energy and clarity of thinking. Perhaps, about unique properties of a world novelty there is a sense to reflect right now when we so were tired after the next winter, at the same time we want to look in easy summer dresses on all hundred and our duties - with us, nobody directly will let go on leave tomorrow

When will begin to use AMINAS Vitalkost , pay attention and to your skin! You will see that thanks to enrichment by useful vital substances it took considerably the best form, was smoothed and exempted from an omozolennost and other annoying skin defects. And skin, as we know, - mirror of work of intestines .

So, the basic mix which is contained in all grades of AMINAS Vitalkost : amaranth , of a kvino , girasol . by

Choose a grade to taste: Cocoa - the Nut (powder cocoa and hazelnut - a filbert), the Berry harvest (bilberry, blackberry, raspberry, a dogrose), by the Harvest of root crops (carrots, a parsnip), Green energy (a hlorella, a nettle, spinach, a vegetable marrow - zucchini, broccoli are added).

In several days of the use of AMINAS Vitalkost you will feel that you can resist to daily loadings with considerably great success! And it is only the first notable changes...