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What prevents us to be rich and happy? Presently practically everyone already knows

and understands that we constantly are under any someone`s influence.

But not everyone guesses that how thin, cunning and destructive this influence.

Here we will not mention political aspects, and we will talk only about TECHNOLOGY and we will highlight secrets of several examples of such influence.

The main idea of which we want to inform you consists in the following:

Be three times attentive to the consumed information!!!

We would like that you attentively read and understood article, and it is possible, you will find unexpected answers to immemorial questions: Why I am not rich with

? How to become happy? From where diseases undertake? etc.

So, went the Idea to write to

this article was born long ago right after on training of the NLP - the practician studied such concept as presuppozition (the principle, the assumption, the belief influencing our actions). Because when you begin to notice scandalous examples of thin influence, there is an involuntary wish to share, warn with someone friends. But on it many forces and time leave.

A last straw of the mercury which exhausted all patience was the fact of bright understanding of that, how impudently, everywhere and destructively it is applied. we will leave to

A lyrics now and we will rush in fight.

In a human brain there are about 100000000 neurons, and between them neural communications are formed. These communications can be shaky, unstable and practically do not exert impact on our life. But when the unstable neural communication (NC) receives several confirmations or many times becomes more active, it becomes very steady and turns into belief or belief. Such NANOSECONDS are distinguished from the others with the durability and stability. And under the law figure and background which says that if something becomes a figure, all the rest becomes a background, such NANOSECONDS become perception filters. They begin to force us to look for the facts confirming the validity of and turn on the mechanism of rejection of the facts, to the contradicting these beliefs.

Thinking - thinks, proving - proves.

When we often face some advertizing, in a brain the steady NANOSECOND which generates the associative field or a complex of associations is formed.

That is this NANOSECOND becomes in fact a certain POINT of RATIOS (PR), a certain STANDARD of ATTITUDE with which we are constantly verified.

When this point of ratios is chosen truly, in this area everything develops correctly and well. When it is chosen by

incorrectly, the person begins to live in a destructive rhythm.
we will pass

A to concrete examples now.

Wants to remind that we want to highlight only the facts which ask to be sounded.

I if at you suddenly develops steady feeling that the Russian people owing to some ominous plot want to be the death, then it is your dream.

Somehow time I set to myself a simple, apparently, question -

- What prevents me to become rich?

Ya relaxed and began to examine the associative field which was formed from this question.

The question began to be transformed to other questions:

- And actually that such wealth?

- what my standard of wealth is similar to?

- What PR (point of ratios) is on this matter hidden in my


- What NC (neural communications) concerning wealth in my brain the steadiest?

the truth which Opened in several seconds threw me in shock and forced me to stand.

Everything was simple, absurd and ridiculous it Turned out

that in the communistic childhood I often heard at dinner and saw the poster with the advertizing slogan: Moderately take bread by a lunch, it our wealth - protect it!

That is when I wanted to become the rich, my unconscious, trying to understand what it is necessary, addressed this standard and it turned out that the MAIN SENSE of concept of WEALTH is BREAD. And unconscious honestly worked that I was rich, i.e. did not lack bread.

Here simple substitution of concepts can play such jokes

this Idea captured me, and I decided to spread out (solitaire) on happiness.

On my happiness, at once emerged a saying Everyone - the master of fate!

At first sight seems that it is the phrase as the phrase and that it is not anything in it bad. But let`s look at

on it more attentively and we will find presuppozition which are comprised by this widespread and popular standard of our ideas of happiness.

In this phrase it is as if supposed it (presuppozirutsya) that:

1. The person in the answer for the happiness.

2. Word everyone assumes that exceptions do not happen. It is not said that every second master of fate and one and all inhabitants of our planet mean.

3. Word the reminds us of egoism, it is impossible to forge foreign happiness, most - that is not enough.

4. And in a zenith the word " sparkles; smith . Notice, not the wizard, not the artist, not the engineer, namely the SMITH. That is, the associative array from this word, as if metaphorically programs our unconscious on the fact that to reach happiness, it is necessary to become the healthy, strong person, to get into a dirty, stuffy, sweaty smithy, to take a huge and heavy sledge hammer and to forge happiness made white-hot before turbidity of mind.

And if you on the smith, so it turned out, it is not similar (or it is not similar) then and to try it is useless. Or all this can be expressed much more simply - Happiness is given only by heavy work!

Takay here the hidden implication at this phrase

In general, with sayings it is necessary to be very accurate and careful because they create illusions such that you will wake up at night - you do not otmashtsya by the axe.

As Archimedes " spoke; Give me point of ratios and I will turn Earth!

And so if to call our unconscious - Archimedes, then sayings and give such point of support.

So finally we want to wish to you to comprehend still time, to draw the corresponding conclusions and more attentively to select information with which you want to feed the brain.

Trust the voice of reason! Good luck and all progress!