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Fighter The Bum with a shot-gun . What is a trash and with what it to eat ?

Anger - substance accumulative. Imagine the neighbor. The quiet peace person, the exemplary family man, the husband, the father, plankton at work and the henpecked of the house. His life is full of stresses, children`s diapers and gardens, automobile breakages, low wages, verbal slaps in the face from the boss, mortgage loans, cat`s excrement on a kitchen floor and badly fried thoroughly fried eggs in the mornings.

And once this imperceptible, to nobody uninteresting and in fact the unimportant person comes on Sunday to a supermarket in the neighbourhood, gets the gun from a pocket of the smoothed-out trousers and begins to kill. It would seem what could force the ordinary law-abiding citizen to make so antisocial and shocking act? Banal explosion of rage. The fountain of the anger saved for years. Emotional splash. Desperate course suprotiv conventionalism, banality and indifference of world around.

Everyone fights against injustice in own way. Someone burns down with a verb in hope to awaken mass consciousness, someone stealthily spoils to neighbors under a door and scratches a car nail on the parking, and someone grabs a trunk. A situation, cinema described and the acquaintance. The next exercise on the set subject was presented to public by the director - the debutant Jason Ayzener whose trash - the fighter The Bum with a shot-gun came out in 2011.

To the small town of N where the heartless and unscrupulous bastard Drake and his two sons - the geek runs the show, on the goods train there arrives a bum. The most usual, without passport, without name and without any prospects on the future. The old man wanders about streets, collects stuff, begs in gates and mentally dreams to buy a lawn-mower in a local commission bench to adjust the business. For now the bum needs only to look with horror as Drake`s family with assistance of selling police and indifferent citizens turns the city into a fetid heap of shit.

It is not so pleasant to escape most how to rescue others. When the bum meets the lonely, but nice prostitute Ebbi, he finds the purpose in life. Having been tired to suffer violence, dirt, abuse, connivance and lie, instead of the desired mower he buys a shot-gun in shop and goes to manage justice. For it there are no rules or restrictions as there are no them for a huge number of the bandits, addicts and loonies who flooded the city. The bum with a shot-gun quickly gains popularity among the badgered citizens, but Drake and sons are not able to afford revolution in minds. They declare hunting for the impudent stranger As everything began

? For the " project; Grayndkhaus Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino removed several false advertizing trailers on nonexistent movies. In total trailers was four, however the Canadian audience had an opportunity to contemplate and the fifth video shot for a competition of forgeries by their compatriot - the director Jason Ayzener. This short opus also won the first prize in competition of fakes, and subsequently developed into the independent feature film.

What you will tell here? It is difficult to inflate a pug in an elephant. Ayzener especially as them he well stated all in an initial short roller had a few thoughts. When time to stretch a trailer on full metric area came, oil on sandwich had to be smeared with very thin layer. And if a two-three of decades back a trash - cinema existed not for the sake of art and as the full-fledged direction for that who have a flat purse and the sick imagination then today the trash turned into a certain fetish, a way to mock at reality and at the viewer. Still yesterday similar pictures were considered as norm and even received some ratings, and today is a craze, some kind of retro.

And this nostalgia in Ayzener`s tape prt from all cracks. Starting with Rutger Hauer who played a leading role (that bum) and finishing with the visual special effects filched from the eightieth. Having regarded as of paramount importance simplicity and availability of a message, creators for some reason periodically forget about sense of proportion. The torn-off extremities, the rivers of blood and tasty curses (at all jammed in the official Russian translation) are, of course, company elements of a genre, but here burning alive children or sawing off of the head a hacksaw However, it will seem to someone normal within the general madness in a shot.

The social protest is given in the movie unartfully and on a silver platter. And the devil with him if Ayzener in the protest is original and opened for us eyes on a certain truth. But is not present, alas, this field was trampled down and iskhozheno long before it. The most faithful movie - I have had enough! Joel Schumacher in whom Michael Douglas professed the same principles of fight against a lawlessness on streets of the hometown. However Schumacher worked in a mainstream and created really powerful drama, even participated in the competitive program of the Cannes Film Festival. Creators The Bum with a shot-gun it is unlikely dreamed of such heights, and therefore have a ball, every minute of the movie increasing the pace of an escape from reality.

The tape caused extremely ambiguous reaction in public. In fact, the movie was ignored simply. Even in America where the trash genre is traditionally popular, Ayzener`s picture collected pejoratively modest sum in hire. Did not rescue The Bum with a shot-gun and presence at a shot of old times of Rutger Hauer to which not to get used to fight on the screen crime by the most cruel methods. Let`s remember at least it To Take live or dead or Blind rage - cult fighters of the eightieth. Alas, the last years twenty charismatic Dutch act only in movies through passage of the category B below.

Or perhaps to all fault prejudiced attitude of Americans to cinema products of the northern neighbor? Of course, the Canadian cinema cannot brag how many - nibud big names or masterpieces. Selecting crumbs from a table of Hollywood, Canadians as try, cannot break through on the North American market. The exception is made by rare independent dramas which are shot for the sake of festivals and the wide audience is all the same not reached.

To tell that The Bum with a shot-gun absolutely it is bad, it is impossible. Within the narrow direction the tape is sustained in the best traditions. Sense minimum, maximum of violence, atrocities and ketchup. Actors, as well as it is necessary, passionately change, leading up each scene to the point of absurdity. In it all genre and to accept or not to accept it it - a personal record of everyone. The problem is that even among similar The Bum with a shot-gun differs in extremely weak, amateurish realization and total absence of any intrigue.

Going too far, it is difficult to seize the moment when it bursts. Ayzener stupidly ruined the idea about a knee. Because it is impossible to compensate huge semantic tears in the scenario by the ultraboundary level of cruelty. All this is cinema, but not an attraction for rather strong a stomach.