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What to do when hair shout SOS?

the Nature is wise. She created the person and allocated him with the qualities not inherent in any more one being on the earth. The majority of us do not even guess unique hidden opportunities of the organism. We can not only cultivate the mind and body, but also to define by certain hints failure in work of this or that body. Not without reason bio-energetics and national Aesculapians even more often say that the best doctor of the person is he and his subconsciousness.

Remember, for certain the cosmetologist focused your attention more than once that fragile nails - a sign of shortage of calcium in an organism, and dry skin obviously suffers from a lack of vitamin A. The same and with hair. Hair, perhaps, - one of the most exact barometers of our health, because their each certain sign illness directly or indirectly shouts about this or that malfunction in an organism.

Problem 1. the Splitting ends. Are sure, you smiled, having read this phrase. You perfectly know that the splitting ends are an abuse of the hair dryer, paint and the heated nippers. However everything is not so simple. If you follow simple rules of leaving - cut the ends each 3 - 4 weeks and do not abuse the hair dryer, and hair all the same remain similar to a haycock - think of the power supply system. It is in that case important to remember what is loved and what our hair feed hostility for. Make to yourself the approximate menu where in one column capital blue (green) letters write products which should be used first of all, and in another - red color the forbidden list.

Council . The splitting hair adore castor, almond and olive oils. Oil the head, after that wrap up it the hot wrung-out towel, and in an hour properly wash out and apply the shaken-up fresh egg or the turned sour milk on hair. At the end of procedure rinse hair with brewing tea, infusion of a camomile or lime color.

Problem 2 . A brittle hair just shouts to you of malfunctions in intestines. In certain cases fragility demonstrates moisture loss by a hair core. Therefore for a start try to strengthen hair national means. If improvement did not come - run to the therapist.

Council . Except change of own diet which needs to be filled up with fermented milk products fall in love with masks. Here one of the most effective: add to the leaf of an aloe crushed in the meat grinder on a tablespoon of honey and castor oil. Shake up the turned-out mix with one yolk and a teaspoon of cognac. Stock up with patience, it is necessary to hold a mask not less than an hour. Course of treatment - six procedures which are carried out once a week.

Problem 3 . Dim hair. It speaks about a lack of smoothness of each hair separately, and also burning out of a pigment (natural or artificial). However the main reason of dimness - low hemoglobin. Women to the thicket long for the nature iron deficiency anemia because monthly and childbirth - the main reason of loss of iron.

Council . And again - to food because dim hair very often lack vitamin N which improves a condition of a horn layer of hair. To find this vitamin B to the nature it is rather problematic therefore accept the preparations containing this vitamin two - three times a year. Feed an organism tiroziny - eat almonds, avocado, dairy products, sesame and pumpkin sunflower seeds. Do not forget about zinc, thinning of hair speaks about its shortage in an organism, and not only hair need zinc! Indulge yourself oysters, shrimps, crayfish. Except seafood, poultry, oat flakes, bean, eggs and milk, and also black bread and seeds of sunflower will be useful meat. Check hemoglobin and lean on the products containing iron - pomegranates, meat and red wine.

Problem 4. I can make nothing with them - young mother to the hairdresser complains. If on the street of heat - hair are so electrified that it is simply impossible to collect them in a heap if the nature is depressed a rain - droop icicles. Reason such unruliness it is covered in the increased porosity of hair cores.

Council . Try though sometimes to rinse hair with the cooled mineral sparkling water which well tones up head skin and renders natural micromassage effect, stimulating blood circulation.

Problem 5 . Dry hair. To it it is unpleasant even to touch, it is extremely heavy to lay, braid, tie them bows. Such problem hair simply ask you to consult at the nephrologist - dryness of head skin and hair meets at diseases of kidneys. And still - it is possible, you have a deficiency of vitamins A, In, With, and also deficiency of protein.

Council . Pay attention to the means on care of hair (shampoos, conditioners, masks) containing bamboo extract: they strengthen and recover a fine, dim, dry hair, give them volume and at the same time do not overload.

Problem 6 . The doctor, we lose them. The catastrophic hair loss horrifies you. Do not panic. Analyse situations in which you were the last half a year. Only - only gave life to the little man? Or circumstances forced to interrupt pregnancy? Then the hair loss reason in endocrine violations. Such events involve violations of balance of men`s and women`s hormones, as affects your head.

Council . To wait. Through two - three months the state has to improve. If it did not occur, make blood test on sugar. The hair loss can be the first symptoms of diabetes at which microcirculation in the small capillaries feeding hair bulbs is broken. If special changes in an organism were not observed, so the hair loss reason in daily stress, chronic locks or cervical osteochondrosis.

Council . Stress needs to be reduced. Learn to do it by means of good music, aromamaset or sounds of the nature. At locks when the organism every day gets littered with slags more and more, the healthy nutrition is important. Make friends with cellulose (cabbage, apples, carrots), water and sport. Well, and osteochondrosis you treat massages. At the same time and the stress will pass.

Problem 7 . Dandruff! Treat with special attention to zheludochno - to an intestinal path. Fat scales of the head indicate problems with a large intestine, diseases of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways and delay of a metabolism. Besides, dandruff can be an allergy consequence.

Council . Eat properly: without sugar, salt, coffee and sparkling drinks. You adore chips? Then it is necessary to choose - to crackle or shake white snowflakes from a jacket. Reception of fermental preparations will revitalize a head of hear: panzinorma, Pancreatinum, mezy forte. They will help a liver and a pancreas to work well-coordinated.

Problem 8. Hair were silvered - the gray hair appeared. It is in danger - a pancreas and a thyroid gland. In this case it is important to exclude hormonal dysfunction.

Council . Eat less salt and sour food, do not overtire, do not subject yourself to stresses.

Problem 9 . I just in confusion, - write one of visitors of a forum. - My voluminous golden hair, my pride and the main achievement in life, darkened . Welcome to the therapist. For certain, the alarm was sounded by a liver and a gall bladder. The complicated outflow of bile from a liver in intestines promotes emission in blood of the painted pigments which are contained in it. Blood carries a pigment to hair bulbs why hair begin to darken.

Council . Protect a gall bladder. Forever refuse from fried, " aerated water; and... ice cream. At the same time and the waist will become thinner.

Scientists proved - the most magnificent head of hear grows by 30 years. From 30 to 50 years the number of hair sharply decrease then can remain invariable. The British stylist of Andy Uffels at whom many celebrities brush the hair made discovery, interesting from the psychological point of view: clients, whose hair are in an excellent state, are much more successful in work and private life, than owners of hair with seven signs of damage. Protect a head of hear and let you be lucky.