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As the award " was founded; Victory ?

Summer of 1943 - go, the third year of one of the most bloody wars in the history of Russia. The considerable part of the Soviet territory is still occupied, but is already clear that the victory will be for us. Already there were defeat of Hitlerite troops near Moscow and on the Kursk arch, a speeding up of Dnieper and liberation of Kiev, the Battle of Stalingrad is won.

Stalin begins to think of what to award especially caused a stir commanders. Marshals and generals are not some collective farmers - drummers. Here certificates of honor you will not manage!

Then the country leaders had a need for establishment of the highest military award to which it was possible to represent the highest military leaders.

November 8, 1943. The decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR founded the highest military award Victory . It appeared in one day with soldier`s award Glory .

According to the statute the award Victory were awarded persons of the highest command structure of Red Army for successful carrying out such combat operations on the scale of several or one fronts as a result of which in a root the situation in favor of Red Army " changes;.

Award Victory - the most beautiful, the richest and biggest award USSR by the sizes. He became a true symbol of greatness and richness of the country.

An award basis - the star and the dispersing beams - are made of platinum, the large rubies framed with diamonds are inserted into beams of a star. Diamonds are also inserted into the dispersing beams; in total on their award 174. In the center of a star of an award - a blue enamel circle with the gold images of Spasskaya Tower, the building of the Senate and the Lenin Mausoleum, and also laurel and oak branches imposed on it. The ruby, between leaves of branches - small diamonds is inserted into a star of Spasskaya Tower. In the lower part of a circle - a red enamel tape with the inscription Victory in the top part of a circle the inscription USSR ; both inscriptions are executed by white enamel letters.

Ponder: the estimated cost of an award in 1945 made 3750 pounds sterling!

Award Victory with confidence it is possible to call a work of art. Besides this award simply exception to the rules.

In - the first, the star fastened to clothes on the left side of a breast, but not on the right side as all awards with bayonet fastening. In - the second, it was placed below all awards and medals: 12 - 14 cm higher than a belt. And the tape of an award is almost twice wider than usual. In - the fourth, an award " level; Victory rushed on a uniform above levels of all other awards.

Besides Victory factories became the only thing from all domestic awards executed not on the Mint, and in special jeweler masterful hardly noticeable Moscow hour.

First gentleman of the award Victory there was an outstanding commander of the Great Patriotic War Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov. The highest award of a military leader was handed to it for strategic success in fights for Right-bank Ukraine. After death of the top military commander 1 - go the Ukrainian front of the general N. F. Vatutin (1901 - 1944) G. K. Zhukov assumed command. Troops came to the foothills of the Carpathians and rassekl the front of the opponent to 2 parts.

The award No. 2 was handed to the chief of the General Staff Alexander Mikhaylovich Vasilevsky also for a contribution to liberation of right-bank Ukraine.

the Third award was handed to the Supreme Commander of the country I. V. Stalin.

Following owners Kremlin stars became: Konev, Rokossovsky. Twice gentlemen - Zhukov, Vasilevsky and Stalin. Five awards were appropriated to the highest military heads of Union States. Other awards were received by marshals who were representatives of the Rate of VGK or ordered fronts at the final stage of war: To Govorov, Malinovsky, Meretskov, Tymoshenko and Tolbukhin. One more award was handed to the chief of the General Staff general Alexey Antonov. This is the only Soviet general awarded such high award.

All in 1943 - 1945 there were 19 rewardings with this award.

The final chapter in award " history; Victory it was entered on February 20, 1978. Then the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR adopted the decree on rewarding of the Secretary general of the Central Committee of CPSU, the Chairman of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR, the Chairman of the board of defense of the USSR Marshall of the Soviet Union L. I. Brezhnev with the award Victory .

What here to tell, the statute of an award was roughly violated. This historical injustice was corrected by M. S. Gorbachev, having signed the decree on cancellation of the former decree on September 21, 1989. On the other hand, who deprives of awards of the person posthumously?! Somehow it is even blasphemous.

Today awards Victory is not present in system of awards of the Russian Federation, and already nobody also will be never awarded by it.