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Whether pampers harm boys?

Young parents often ask such question as in mass media periodically slip messages that use of disposable diapers is the reason of man`s infertility.

It is possible to hear something it seems: Use of pampers threatens genital function of boys. Scientists claim that application of pampers (and other types of disposable diapers) can lead to man`s infertility subsequently. Pampers promote temperature increase in the field of a scrotum that harms normal development of testicles. It is known that at adult men temperature increase interferes with production of full-fledged sperm. Scientists entirely carry the increased number of cases of man`s infertility in the last 25 years to practice of use of pampers .

But if it was possible to prove scientifically this fact, then - producer it would be possible to seize huge sums of money from the company. Nevertheless, similar trials are not known. The matter is that the researches conducted in this area received the conclusions very far from a categoriality and unambiguity.

The German pediatricians (university Kiel) on the basis of studying of 48 children publish in the " magazine; Archives of Disease in Childhood results of measurement of temperature of a scrotum also suggest that application of pampers for boys can affect quality of their sperm further.

The number of infertile men really grows, but the reasons - that others:

inactive and mostly sedentary life;

smoking, alcohol, drugs;

excess of household chemicals;


swallowing apropos and without cause drugs, since the early childhood;

the concrete diseases leading to infertility - venereal or, for example, epidemic parotitis (mumps);

psychoemotional stresses of the house and at work;

unsuccessful ecological situation.

The list is not full, but sufficient. For objective consideration of a problem it is necessary to consider some data from the field of anatomy and human physiology. In the period of pre-natal development in a male fruit the small egg is in an abdominal cavity and falls to a scrotum only by the time of the birth. Anatomic testicles of newborns have the sizes, ó body lengths lshy relatively, than at an adult man`s individual. The right small egg is slightly more left, but in process of growth their weight is leveled. Seed tubules on which subsequently the formed sperm is emitted to the semyavynosyashchy canal at children of the first 7 years of life actually tubules are not because there is no gleam in them, they represent continuous cellular tyazh.

In testicles there are special cages - cages of Leydiga. Their task - a producing male sex hormones, androgens and testosterone. First 7 - 8 years of life of a cage of Leydiga actually stand idle - it confirms at least the fact that concentration of testosterone in blood very much - very low, and quantity of androgens in urine at the ten-year-old boy same, as at the girl of similar age. After seven years in seed tubules the gleam, and in testicles - cages - predecessors of spermatozoa, so-called spermatogoniya and spermatotsita begins to appear. And full-fledged, qualitative and active spermatozoa can be found not earlier, than in 10 years, and as a rule - is much later.

From the point of view of common sense of the provided information it is quite enough to be convinced of insolvency of statements that pampers influence quality of sperm - as it is possible to influence what to seven-year age is not present in principle?

It is possible to give some more facts disproving harm of pampers. Really, there is a number of the researches proving that impact on a scrotum of the adult man of the increased temperature leads to decrease of the activity of spermatozoa. Let`s at once emphasize: it is not about infertility, i.e. complete cessation of the movement of spermatozoa, and only about decrease in their activity. The research essence is as follows: adult men was lowered in water with a temperature of 45 C at 30 min. The specified procedure was carried out daily and only in 2 weeks it was succeeded to find decrease in spermatozoidny activity. To try to draw from this experiment conclusions that the pampers are harmful only the fantast can.

Concrete figures according to numerous measurements temperature of a scrotum, are as follows: at use of gauze diapers, averages 34,9 C, and when using pampers - 36,0 C. About any 45 the speech does not go and is close. But put even not in it: the scrotum temperature, but not temperature of a small egg is taken. And the difference here very much is also very basic. Between a small egg and environment are available the whole 7 covers. The Yaichkovy artery bearing blood in a scrotum passes directly in the center of a powerful venous texture, and it creates ideal conditions for transfer of heat. To heat scrotum skin not a problem, but to overheat testicles - a difficult task! Compensatory opportunities of system of thermoregulation are too big.

The last phrase is confirmed by numerous experiments on studying of activity of spermatozoa at residents of the warm countries, and also at men who work at high temperature of environment. All researchers come to the same conclusion: if the small egg by nature normal i.e. if in it there are no anatomic defects, then no temperature increase of environment will be able to prevent the person successfully and productively to carry out a reproduction.

Materials of the book of E. O. Komarovsky " are used; Disposable diapers: popular user`s guide