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Armenians died all terrestrial death, death of all times...

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(It is only small part of photos. There are photos which are hidden from eyes of visitors of the Museum of genocide of Armenians as the normal person will not sustain such show!)

The Armenian Highlands stretched on 350 000 - the cradle which grew one of the most ancient people of the world - Armenians. The highest point of uplands is bible Mount Ararat (5165) to which the Ark of Nov once moored.

Armenia, is once the country from the sea to the sea, was a peculiar bridge between the North and the South, the East and the West. There passed the increasing trade ways including a well-known silk way.

Since those times when Turkic tribes from the Far East and from Central Asia intruded on the territory of Armenia and Asia Minor, the genocide concerning the Armenian people was defined. Genocide (from Greek genos - a sort, the tribe and lat. with caedo - I kill), the international crime which is expressed in the actions made with the purpose to destroy in whole or in part any national, ethnic, racial or religious group. During formation of the Ottoman Empire Armenians were included in the category gyaur that is gentiles. Within five centuries Armenians were exposed to violence, prosecutions, robberies. Implementation of a mass slaughter (and the genocide of Armenians was brought to the level of a state policy in the period of government of the sultan Adbul Gamid II) began with 90 - x years of the 19th century. 300 000 people became the victims of the Turkish yataghan, 500 000 lost a shelter and means of livelihood, 400 000 became widows and orphans. Extermination of Armenians was the planned, official operation for the decision Armenian question that is clarifications of territories from objectionable Armenians.

B in the Ottoman Empire occurred 1908 revolution, mladoturka came to the power ( Young Turks ) . Acting under slogans of freedom, equality and a brotherhood, they got support of the people which suffered much under a sultan yoke. Mladoturki, having hardly caught the power, passed to policy of a pantyurkizm and Pan-Islamism (Pan-Islamism - it is religious - the political ideology which arose in the second half of the 19th century and widely adopted in the Muslim countries. According to this ideology, all citizens of the Ottoman Empire had to practise Islam. Otherwise - a brand gyaur with which there are practically no chances to survive. The idea of association of all Turkic people to one state led by Turks was the cornerstone of a pantyurkizm.) Surpassed by Mladoturki in the cruelty and blood lust Adbul Gamid II. For the solution of an ethnic question they chose a way of destruction of the inoverny people. And the mass slaughter of Armenians in the city of Adana in the spring of 1909 was the first step in implementation of this idea. Within several days about 30 000 people were killed.

On the quiet World War I in 1914, mladoturka could carry out mass deportation and destruction of the Armenian population of the Western Armenia, Cilicia and other areas. Special body Executive committee of three led by Nazim, Bekhaetdin Shakir and Shyukri, it was created for implementation of plans of elimination of Armenians. Nazim, referring to war, directly declared that he so of an opportunity can not be presented any more that intervention of great powers and a protest of newspapers will not have any consequences as they will become before the come true fact and by that the issue will be resolved... Our actions have to be directed to extermination of Armenians so that any of them did not survive .

at the beginning of World War I were called up for the Turkish military service more than 60 000 Armenians from 18 to 45 years. In February, 1915 the Minister of War Turtsiienver gave the order on extermination of all Armenians serving in the Turkish army. The instruction sent to military command: The Government of the empire issued the order on destruction of all Armenian people... all Armenians serving in troops of the empire without breaking usual discipline, to separate from the bodies, to remove to lonely places, far away from public eyes and to shoot .

In spite of the fact that the genocide of the Armenian people proceeded nearly 30 years, is considered to be on April 24, 1915 date, symbolizing this tragedy. This day in a zhestochyshy way the assorted part, the intellectuals, the western Armenians - more than 2000 representatives was cut out: scientists, writers, cultural figures, teachers, doctors, ecclesiastics, journalists, public figures, etc. SIAMANTO, DANIEL WARUZHAN, GRIGOR ZOGRAP, RUBEN SEVAK, ERUHAN, RUBEN ZARDARYAN, HOVHANESS of TLKATITsI, the TYRANT KELEKYAN, GEGAM BARSEGYAN, ARTASHES ARUTYUNYAN, NAZARETH TAGAVARYAN and many - many others. Among deported there was also great Armenian composer Komitas who, without having taken out tyazhely nervous shocks, lost mind; thanks to influential protection it was transported to a psychiatric clinic in Constantinople, and then in Paris where died. On June 15, 1915 twenty public figures from " party were hung up; Gnchak the Armenians fighting for prevention of genocide.

According to special orders of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Turkey Talaat Pasha, since May, 1915 began mass deportation of the Armenian population to the deserts of Syria and Entre Rios. Armenians were destroyed everywhere - on places of the accommodation, on the way to the reference, died of hunger and thirst in deserts where were created kontsetratsionny camp. Boundless caravans of the torn-off, hungry, hackneyed, wounded Armenians reached for places of the reference, absolutely unsuitable for life. On the road exiles were attacked by the Turkish crowd and the Kurdish bands, the destination was reached only by some which found the death in sand from the Turkish yataghan or thirst and hunger subsequently. The desert of Der - el - Szohr and the river Euphrates - mute witnesses of the terrible crime committed by Turks against the Armenian people. the Ambassador of the USA in Turkey G. Morgentau noted

: The robbery and destruction was the True purpose of deportation; it really is a new method of slaughter. When the Turkish authorities gave the order on these dispatches, they actually pronounced the death sentence to the whole nation .


Previously it was reported that by order of Dzhemiret the government decided to exterminate all Armenians living in Turkey. Those who will not obey to this decision have to be discharged of the management. Remorselessly, without shunning any means, not excepting women, children and patients, THEY HAVE TO be EXTERMINATED .

At the end of 19 - at the beginning of 20 centuries the foreign charitable and missionary organizations in the territory of Turkey open about 20 orphanages for the Armenian children. As a result of genocide of Armenians of 1915 - 1923 the number of orphans reached 200 000. About 5000 orphans - Armenians escaped in the shelters organized by the shvetsarsky missionary Jacob Kuenzler and his spouse, and also the Danish missionaries Maria Jacobsen, Karen Piterson, to Karen Effa and Kraft Bonar. Thousands of children escaped thanks to Arab, Kurdish, Greek, Turkish, etc. to families which declared adopted children own children. Now from the survived witnesses of slaughter there were only units, long-livers who with shudder of heart remember an event. Or are silent... To endure the past even in memoirs - like death. Some Armenian children islamized, who grew up in the Turkish customs only before death opened the origin for own children who read out themselves from the birth as Turks. Many children, having got to others families, lived as slaves, were handed over...

Term genocide it was introduced in use at the beginning of 30 for the first time - x of the 20th century by the Polish lawyer, the Jew by origin Raphael Lemkin, and after World War II received the international legal status as the concept defining a very grave crime against humanity. R Lemkin meant slaughter of Armenians in Turkey in the years of World War I (1914 - 18) by Genocide, and then destruction of Jews in fascist Germany during the period preceding World War II and in the countries of Europe occupied by Hitlerites in the years of war.

In sovetstsky time it was not accepted to speak about the FIRST GENOCIDE 20 CENTURIES that allowed Turks to retouch the history, to be rehabilitated a little. The benefit, certificates remained with eyewitnesses, representatives of other countries which were for various reasons in the territory of Turkey during genocide. It both documents, and reports, and photos, and just diary entries...

It is necessary to refer to Genocide of Armenians also massacre of the Armenian population in East Armenia and in Transcaucasia in general, made by the Turks who intruded in Transcaucasia in 1918 and kemalist during aggression against the Armenian Republic in Saint. - Dec. 1920, and also the riots of Armenians organized by musavatist in Baku and Shushi in 1918 and 1920 respectively. Taking into account the dead owing to the periodic riots of Armenians repaired by the Turkish authorities, since the end of the 19th century, the number of the victims of Genocide

of Armenians exceeds 2 million, and according to some data reaches 3 million

Acts of genocide massacre, beatings, tortures, rapes of Armenians in Sumgayit in February, 1988 and in Baku in January, 1990, made by gangs of the Azerbaijani chauvinists with full connivance of the authorities and law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan are. These acts completely fall under the first three paragraphs of the second article of the Convention of the UN 1948 about the prevention of a crime of genocide and punishment for it. Therefore inspirers, instigators, organizers and performers of these acts in Sumgayit and Baku, including leaders then still of an informal Popular Front of Azerbaijan, have to be brought to trial as the international criminals.

Are available similarities between Genocide of Armenians in 1915 - 23 in the Ottoman Empire and 1988 - 90 in Azerbaijani the Soviet Socialist Republic. In both cases the Genocide was applied as the response to aspiration of Armenians to gain independence on the earth, to return itself the right for the national territory and to reunite the separated homeland. In both cases took a scene of action, different in scales, but identical on character, determined by the Convention 1948 as acts of Genocide including violent deportation of the Armenian population.

Takes place and national - cultural genocide (the actions and actions directed against national culture of any group of the population or the people). Indisputable facts confirm that they in days of a mass slaughter and deportation of Armenians of a mladoturka sought to destroy as well the material evidence of existence of the Armenian civilization. Understanding a role and value of church in life of the Armenian people (Armenians one of the first adopted Christianity in 301), the Armenian clergy was purposefully exterminated, churches and monasteries, hand-written books, church utensils and so forth were destroyed. Talaat`s instruction said: ... to take great pain to destroy the name Armenia in Turkey . In 1914 total number of church constructions in the territory of the Ottoman Empire and the Western Armenia made 2549. According to UNESCO for 1974 from 913 constructions which remained after 1923 464 - completely disappeared, 252 - represent ruins, 197 - need capital restoration. A set of churches are turned into mosques, shelters for cattle and a stable. The same happens also to the Armenian historical monuments and temples in the territories occupied by Azerbaijan. Armenia appealed to the world about the help when Azerbaijan systematically destroyed hachkara (carved crosses - stones) an ancient Armenian cemetery under the name Old Dzhuga. And so, there is no Old Dzhugi any more, to your data. Thousands of hachkar which are of historical value are completely destroyed, razed a cemetery to the ground. And the more the Armenian people cause respect that in those territories where both Muslims and Christians once peacefully lived, mosques turn blue, being carried away by minarets in heaven, also Muslim cemeteries are kept what I can personally testify to because saw it own eyes in the summer of 2006.

National - cultural genocide of the Armenian people proceeds in modern Turkey to this day (about the Armenian church in Istanbul the patrol is on duty, the system of school education of the Armenian community is discriminated, teaching the Armenian history, geography and the Armenian literature and so forth is forbidden) . The advertized restoration of the Armenian Surb Khach Church - only sycophantic wagging of Turkey in front of the European Union. Type, well, look what we, even restore churches!!! And here to set up a cross on church - it is excluded. The restored church received the status of the Museum some the culture which does not have the name because during opening definition - " was not said; Armenian . Azerbaijanians the Georgian and Armenian churches which are not turned into mosques or stables call Albanian, erasing inscriptions, Turks do not call in any way.

" newspaper; Tayms of August 24, 1877:

Position of Armenians in the country across which there passed Ismail`s army - pashas, extremely disastrous. From 122 villages of the Alashkertsky plain everything, except for nine, are completely destroyed. Those few Christians who did not use protection of Russia at retreat Rubbed - Gukasova, are barbarous killed, a number of villages is reduced to ashes. In the Mushsky district some villages were destroyed, and many inhabitants are cut out. The city of Bayazet and neighboring settlements received the same fate. In the majority of these places of the man, woman and children were killed in the most cruel way...

From the dispatch of the Russian ambassador Nelidov to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Girs of November 22, 1890:

Incessant arrests of Armenians, suspicions and prosecutions of all their community created a little - Pomala for the main members of it almost intolerable situation...

From the report of the Russian consul general in Erzrume V. Maximov to the ambassador in Constantinople Nelidov of October 20, 1894:

According to the data received recently, Turks exterminated about 4000 Armenians in Sasuna... Turks raged within 25 days and destroyed 30 villages...

From the report of the Russian consul general in Erzrume V. Maximov to the adviser of Embassy in Constantinople Zhadovsky of November 26, 1894:

... The Christian population was destroyed in the most ruthless and barbarous way in 32 Armenian villages...

... they (Turks) killed babies; having satisfied the animal bents, ruthlessly destroyed girls and women...

From the report of the Portuguese consul in Aleppo to the Italian ambassador in Constantinople: The Armenian church where more than 2500 people took cover, mainly women, children and old men, was poured by kerosene and set on fire. Except for fifty persons who managed to get out to a roof in time all others died. In cellars of church 400 people " choked;.

James Bryce (1838 - 1922), the English statesman, the chairman English - the Armenian society:

It was no flash of rage of Muslims against Armenians - Christians. Everything occurred at will of the government . 1915

Armin Vegner (1886 - 1978), German writer, officer of the Turkish army:

... Armenians fell a victim of this war. When in the spring of 1915 the Turkish government undertook implementation of the terrible plan of destruction of two million Armenians, nobody prevented the Turkish obscurantists to carry out terrible tortures which mozhnabout to compare only to actions of the mad criminal.... they (Armenians) died all terrestrial death, death of all times... 1915

Johannes Lepsius (1858 - 1926), the theologian, the chairman germano - the Armenian society:

... deportation of inhabitants one and a half million disseminated through all empire it is impossible to justify with military reasons in any way. The only explanation which does not allow to see any unnatural act in this government action is that it was talked of some plan of domestic policy which purpose was in advance considered and coolly calculated way to exterminate the Armenian ethnic " element;. 1915

Anatole France (1844 - 1924), French writer, Nobel Prize laureate:

Armenia dies, but it will revive. That small share of blood which it still kept, - precious blood from which the heroic posterity will be born. The people which do not want to die will never die! 1916

Fridtjof Nansen (1861 - 1930), Norwegian humanist, traveler, friend of the Armenian people:

These horrors which Began in 1915 had not equal in the history... Riots Abdul Gamida seem trifles in comparison with slaughter, osushchesvlenny modern Turks . 1916

Valery Bryusov (1873 - 1924), Russian writer, literary critic, translator:

Turks continued the former policy, without stopping before such grandiose riots which also Lengtimur " did not venture;. 1916

the Territory of present Armenia makes 29 800 that less than 1/10 part of the historical homeland of the Armenian people are.

as a result of genocide Armenians lost the most part of the homeland and dissipated worldwide. Today in 105 countries of the world there live about 9,5 million Armenians. And only 3 million have an opportunity to live in the homeland, on that small piece which remained to Armenians after bloody events of the end 19 - the beginnings of 20 centuries. And Ararat, primordially Armenian mountain, reclines in the present territory of Turkey, at border with Armenia, the face, the most picturesque party, povernuvshi to the country Ajka.

In memory of the victims of genocide of Armenians, martyrs who were left without burial without grave and a gravestone, monuments as proofs of revival of the Armenian people and an unbending will in fight against oblivion for memory preservation are erected worldwide.

Germany recognized the Holocaust made over Jews, without throwing shamefully fault to fascist Germany. Turkey in every possible way tries to deny the crime committed by it, shifting the blame to the Ottoman Empire, proving absolute lack of such precedent, in every possible way dodging and shifting in front of the European Union, but the EU needs to remember the Turkish saying: Kiss that hand which you cannot chop off. Kiss until you chop off ...

The Armenian eyes fill with icon grief... And question why it is inappropriate...

Gravestone crying over a mass and great

Grave of Armenians and a knell is heard...

Are ashamed! The laughter of hostility and rage of wild

In reverential hour of a national funeral is pathetic.

(V. Nemirovich - Danchenko, For what? )

On materials of the Museum of genocide of Armenians in Yerevan and the encyclopedia Armenian Question (Yerevan, 1991).