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How to eat during pregnancy properly?

you learned that you will have a child! And here now, when in you new life, you will face a set of problems and difficulties, new to you, connected with childbirth and pregnancy. One of the most significant questions is the question of a favorable current and the result of pregnancy which the balanced diet of future mother important for prevention of anemia, various anomalies and complications influences.

The concept of a balanced diet includes a set of various food which need to be used according to pregnancy term, and also the correct distribution of products throughout the day. From now on you not just eat food, now your diet is bricks which your organism uses for construction of a new organism.

From - for the increased consumption of oxygen and activity of a fruit the metabolism of mother during pregnancy becomes for 10% more intensively. Also power expenses increase that is connected with growth of a fruit, a uterus, mammary glands.

One of important factors of good nutrition is the correct distribution of food to each reception. Meat, fish, and also products rich with protein have to enter a diet of the pregnant woman during a breakfast or a lunch as they accelerate a metabolism, and provide energy for a long time. The dinner, on the contrary, has to consist of dairy products and to be a lung as plentiful acceptance of food badly affects health of the pregnant woman and negatively influences rest and a dream.

Also the organism needs full-fledged proteins and irreplaceable amino acids which contain in such products as meat, fish, milk, cheese. In the second half of pregnancy it is recommended to exclude hot, salty dishes, spices, canned food and some other products from the menu. It is necessary to forget about alcohol and tobacco from the very beginning.

Increase in weight of the pregnant woman is controlled by the doctor on weeks, it is impossible to limit itself to rigid diets.

It is necessary to avoid the use of products which passed insufficient thermal treatment. There is a sense to refuse crude seafood, eggs, sushi - it is very important to avoid infectious diseases.

During pregnancy it is necessary to be extremely accurate with use of medical supplies. All medicines can be applied only after consultation with the doctor, surely having reported to him about the situation. All pregnancy it is necessary to accept vitamins which are recommended by the doctor. Among necessary minerals one of the most important is calcium.

Often during pregnancy pulls the woman on any exotic products and just on pickles, strawberry or chocolate - do not refuse to yourself pleasure, but you remember sense of proportion.

The pregnant woman has to lead the correct life, follow rules of hygiene. However it is necessary to avoid physical activities which can cause physical or intellectual overfatigue. The rules of hygiene followed by the pregnant woman have to promote normal development of a fruit. During pregnancy walks in the fresh air are extremely important, the pregnant woman has to be in the fresh air not less than several hours a day.

Extremely negatively the lack of a dream can affect health of the pregnant woman. Therefore the dream has to make not less than eight hours a day. At insufficient quantity of a dream in an organism immunity decreases.

Diseases during pregnancy can do harm to both future mother, and her child. Therefore at such symptoms as a lock, the milkwoman, hypostases, it is necessary to see a doctor. In spite of the fact that pregnancy is a state, unusual for the woman, it should be perceived as a normal life situation. Be not afraid, and adjust yourself on the best, then it will well affect you and your kid.