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Muslims: who are they?

to Assalam Aleykum Varakhmatullokhi Vabarakatukh!
World to you dear friends, brothers and sisters!

I Want to offer you article written by the deputy mufti of Spiritual Management of Muslims of the European part of Russia for religious questions Shamil Rifatovich Alyautdinov.
Daily we repeatedly hear

and we read about Muslims: mentions of Muslims - both with positive, and with a negative shade - flash in newspaper publications, in a body - and radio news because Muslims make considerable part of the population of the globe today. But, despite such attention from modern masses - media, information on Muslims often happens prejudiced and biased that of course promotes formation in the society of myths and false stereotypes about Islam and its followers.

“ Tradition “ consciously or involuntarily to represent Muslims in negative light has centuries-old history. In works of the European and domestic authors not only attitude and moral shape of Muslims, but also the word " were in a wrong way represented; Muslims “. They were called by Mohammedans, by mukhammedanam, saratsinam, agaryanam, infidels that in itself is offensive for Muslims. Even present standard name “ Muslims “ is not exact.

“ Muslim “ - distorted from “ musly “ (compare English “ Muslim “) . It is interesting to remember in this regard that in 1964 the II Vatican Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church in the declaration turned to Muslims, showing the respect for them, changed traditional Latin writing “ musulmanus “ on “ muslimus “.

Today more than 1 billion people on Earth consider as the fundamental program of the life the Holy Koran - the Scripture granted by the Creator of all real not distorted by human fiction and the imagination.

Our task in this article - to give a short sketch about Muslims: whom it is possible to call those from the initial point of view, on the basis of the Holy Koran and Sunnah of the Prophet Mahomed (yes the Lord will bless him and welcomes). So, who they are are Muslims, “ people obedient to the One God “?

1. Muslims worship only One and Only God. First of all Muslims are the people obedient to the One God what the main formula of recognition of Monotheism - a shakhad testifies to: “ Ashkhadu allya ilyakhe illya lla, va to an ashkhad Anna Mukhammadar - rasulyul - la “ (I demonstrate that there is no god, except the One God, and I demonstrate that Mahomed is his Envoy).

“ About people! Worship the Gospod Who created you and those who were to you. Perhaps, you will be bogoboyaznenna “ (2:21)

“ God, angels and men of science demonstrate that there is no god, except Him One Adhering to justice in everything. There is no god, except Him One, Great and Wise “ (3:18).

The most great sin is giving someone or something in associates to the Almighty Creator. Withdrawal from Monotheism, an idolization of lifeless objects of a material world is called a shirok.

Shirk is a worship someone and a worship for someone, except God Gospod, t. e. equating someone or something to the Almighty Creator. Of course worship of a stone, grave or the sun is improbable today. However now there is an uncountable set of examples when the consciousness of people is in captivity of feelings and temptations when they admire idols, magnificent things, money etc. Unfortunately, such people worship pseudo-god - “ego“, refusing to worship God Tvortsu of all real Which created them, having given perfection him and to everything that surrounds them.

“ Really, Allah can forgive all sins, except giving someone or something to It in associates “ (4:48).

The prophet Mahomed asked a question: “ Whether not to report to you about the greatest sins? “

- Report, - his associates asked.

- Polytheism, disobedience of parents and perjury, - the Prophet told.

If someone gives to Allah of the son, the assistant or the intermediary, will build some feeling or a whim to the level equal to God, that is will refuse true religious values, will forget about an omniscience, pansophy and omnipotence of the Creator, and the death will overtake it the following on the way of the Satan, then it will stop being the Muslim. This person will go to a better world mnogobozhniky (mushriky), obviously deserving eternal stay in Hell.

Yes God will save us from worship of created!

2. Muslims believe in all prophets of God, beginning from Adam and finishing Moisey, Jesus and Mahomed (the world to them), in that Writing which was granted by God to mankind through prophets, and also in existence of angels.

“ The Prophet Believed in what was granted to him and all truly believing [believed together with him]. Everyone believed in God, his angels, the book of his and his prophets. We do not do distinctions between them “ (2:285).

“ About those which believed! Believe in God, his Prophet and the Writing which to him was granted, and also the Writing which was granted to him. Who will not believe in God Tvorts, his angels, the book of his, his prophets and the Doomsday, that, really, descended from the correct way “ (4:136).

3. Muslims are convinced of inevitable approach of the Doomsday, Doomsday and life eternal in Paradise or in Hell.

Muslims “ believe in God... and Doomsday “ because “ each soul will feel taste of death. And, really, you receive for the acts in the Doomsday wholly. And who will be removed from Hell and entered into Paradise, that won. And, really, this life is not anything, except as a temptation subject “ (3:185).

4. Muslims believe in predetermination which is based on Wisdom and Pansophy of God.

They know that all prerequisites for commission of good or criminal actions, kind or nasty are created by the Creator of all real, and the person has an option. Only Allah knows that he will be in a moment or minute, month or many years. People can only assume on the basis of the consistent patterns determined by the Creator.

“ Belongs to God hidden in heaven and on the earth. To It everything comes back. Worship It and rely on It. Your Lord knows about what you do “ (11:123).

The trouble, except as according to the permission of God does not comprehend someone. Who will believe in God, heart of that will be on a right way [he will understand an events essence, to analyze events and the phenomena, will not despair, knowing that the difficulties which comprehended it or troubles are solvable on Tvorts`s favor]. Allah knows about everything “ (64:11).

5. Muslims daily make obligatory prayers and time in a year pay an obligatory tax (zakit).

A prayer - the direct address to Omnipotent and All-knowing God, gratitude for the incalculable benefits granted to Them. This special condition of human soul, condition of spiritual clarification and tranquility, expression of hope for Gospod`s favor.

A tax - ability to share with the neighbor, with needy brothers and sisters, understanding that everything granted to us by God - only temporary delight which is test for us.

“ Make a prayer and pay zakit “ (2:83). “ Bogoboyaznenna also those who believed in unknown [what it is reported in the Sacred Writing about, but people at this historical stage are not able to see it and to learn. For example, the Doomsday, Hell, Paradise, existence of angels and many other things], makes a prayer and pays from with what We allocated it “ (2:3). “ About those which believed! You ask for help of God patience and a prayer. Really, Allah with patient “ (2:153).

6. Muslims annually observe an obligatory post for the sake of the Gospod.

Fasting in a certain time of day have to refuse from resolved in usual days to realize and feel the value of the benefits and opportunities granted to us by God. People often perceive surrounding as due, self-evident: having prosperity not always can understand a condition of need and expectation of those who from - for material difficulties are forced to hunger. Performance by the person of the religious debt, in particular, observance of a post, helps it to think of sense of its life, to apprehend world around as favor of God Tvorts.

“ About those which believed! The post is ordered you, just as it was ordered those which were to you. Perhaps, you will be bogoboyaznenna “ (2:183).

7. Muslims if have a material opportunity, at least once in life have to make pilgrimage to the Sacred Kaaba to Highly respected Mecca.

Making pilgrimage, Muslims from all continents of the globe, irrespective of a nationality and skin color, political views and beliefs, are for a while released from wordly vanity to appear before the Gospod on the earth of prophets lit with unfading light of the Sacred Kaaba and to appeal to It about favor.

“ And pilgrimage to the House [the Sacred Kaaba] - a debt for people to God, those who are able to make it. And who does not believe [has an opportunity, but does not carry out Tvorts`s instruction] - truly, God does not need anybody of all worlds “ (3:97).

8. Muslims always, in process of the opportunities, spend from the property granted to them by Gospod for good causes.

Sacrifice on Allah`s the way does not mean only an expenditure of money. For achievement of the noble purposes commanded by God, the believing person endows health, property, all the fact that on vremyadarovano it Gospod.

For what it is spent? On a minimum of material and spiritual prosperity of all persons in need. The prophet Mahomed (yes Allah will bless him and welcomes) told: “ The one who goes to bed full and his neighbor is hungry, that is not from us “. The specified means, material and non-material resources have to be used also in order that the Word of God - the Truth of Divine Revelation was brought to people free from distortions and perversions. A task of Muslims - to inform of Truth people, and a task of the certain person - to learn it.

“ About those which believed spend from this, than We allocated you, before day when there is no trade when you are not helped by friendship or someone`s protection “ (2:254).

“ You cannot reach righteousness if you do not spend from what you love. And what you spent for ways of God, He about everything svedushch (3:92).

Muslims - those, “ who, spending, are not wasteful and are not avaricious. Their expense - between two extremes [squandering and avarice] “ (25:67).

Islam cultivates feeling of a community and need of care of others in people, first of all - about the relatives. Also it is necessary to notice that it is made Muslims not of the mercenary purposes but only in order that God was happy with the slaves who are able to use granted to Them for a while.

As we lack today these qualities which would make the rich in our world not separately taken people and all living on Earth!

9. Muslims are very patient.

“ About those which believed be patient, show persistence in patience, show endurance and be bogoboyaznenna, maybe, you will achieve success “ (3:200).

Muslims are “ those which show patience and rely on the Gospod “ (16:42). “ Everything that at you - is perishable, everything that at Gospod - is eternal. And really, We will reward those who showed patience more the best, than they deserve “ (16:96).

Those who owing to the incompetence or insufficient knowledge rather morally - moral values of Islam speaks about allegedly characteristic of Islam and Muslims of cruelty and violence would like to give the following Koranic ait:

“ If you answer oppression [offense], then answer as it was made in relation to you. But if you forgive, then it is the best for patient. Be patient! And your patience has to be with God [only relying on It, you will be able to bear all offenses and difficulties]. Do not mourn and do not torment yourself, seeing as they deceive [you] “ (16:126 - 127).

This the formula, authoritative and universal on contents, given by the Holy Koran symbolizes wisdom and Tvorts`s justice because, having executed this precept, the person will get advantage and advantage not only in this world, but also in an everlasting peace.

10. Muslims in relation to all have to arrive nobly (al - ikhsan).

Concerning parents it is forbidden to show even the slightest roughness or discontent. “ Your Lord enjoined that you did not worship anybody, except Him, and were kind to parents. If one of them or both reach old age, then do not dare to speak to them even “ uf “ [scorning their words and opinion] also do not raise on them the voice, and address them with the kind word. Also incline before both of them a humility wing from kindness and say: “ My Lord, render to them milosttak as they brought up me [with love] when I was a child “ (17:23 - 24).

Mass media often consciously or out of ignorance are accused of the organization of various acts of terrorism “ Islamic extremists “ “ Muslim terrorists “. What it is possible to answer it? Precepts of the Holy Koran do not allow the Muslim to create the evil and violence in relation to somebody, whether it be Muslims or gentiles. On the contrary, the Holy Koran urges Muslims to concern to all on - kind: “ Also help each other with piety and the fear of God, but do not help with a sin and hostility. Also be afraid of God. Really, the Lord is strong in punishment! “ (5:2).

The Muslim is obliged to help gentiles: “ And if someone from not Muslims seeks at you asylum, then shelter it until he hears the word God`s. Then bring him to the place, safe for it. It - because they are people ignorant [Truth] “ (9:6).

The prophet Mahomed spoke:

“ Truly the believer (mu`min) is a mirror truly believing: protects and warns him against all bad “

“ Truly believers are similar to parts of the uniform building: strengthen and prop up each other “

“ Truly believing is that with whom people [whether it be Muslims or not Muslims] are not afraid for themselves and the riches “

“ Truly the believer under any circumstances considers the situation as the best: as if hard to it was, it eulogizes God Lord “

“ The Muslim is that, language and which hands do not do harm to Muslims “

“ Muslims are brothers, and there is no advantage of one before another, except as in the fear of God “

“ Muslims are those who adhere to the established conditions [corresponding to Sharia] “

“ Will not be truly believing any of you until wishes what he wishes himself " for the brother;.

The Muslim who sacredly believed in the One God and living justly and piously is the one who, speaking to words from David`s psalms (the world to him), “ goes uprightly and does the truth, and tells truth in the heart; who does not slander the language, does not do to the sincere is angry and does not accept an abuse on the neighbor; in the opinion of what outcast, but which afraid of Gospod glorifies Prizren; who swears, at least angry, and does not change; who does not give the silver to growth and does not accept gifts against the innocent. Acting this way the Second World War will not hesitate for a timeek “ (Ps. 14:2 - 5).

The sad fact that in mind of the Prophet Mahomed there are people who do not respect the rules of Sharia, Islamic ethics and morals, cannot testify to incorrectness of the canons established by the Creator. Defects and mistakes of the certain people or groups carrying themselves to Muslims can be connected only with weakness of their belief or insufficient religious knowledge.

Many thanks to you dear brothers, sisters and friends for yours vnimay.

I Wish all of you health, good luck, achievements in life and all best!

Yours faithfully, Mahomed