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What is Sareo`s dress? Revolution on the beach - 2012!

the Modern range of goods allow any woman and on the beach not to look worse, than on evening reception. On sale there is all for beach equipment - from various hats to the most various footwear and accessories. It would seem what else new can be thought up in summer casual? However the young designer from England managed it.

Attention, ladies! Something unusual is represented to your attention! The original Sareo dress which is thought up by it became the most fashionable novelty of a beach season of 2012.

The idea as it quite often happens, came unexpectedly. Having seen enough of how beach women of fashion torture themselves attempts to pull tight shorts on a wet bathing suit or turn themselves in shapeless something having hidden all delights of a figure under reeled up pareo, the English designer thought up a way at the same time to simplify them life and to keep appeal. The dress invented by it which received the name Sareo ( sareo ) it is put on literally for several seconds. And at the same time at the expense of a smart cut the piece of light fabric in the eyes turns into an elegant dress and allows a female figure to remain expressive.

In what a dress secret sareo? It does not make sense to tell about it, probably. It is better to look at once - and at once everything will become clear. Including why the dress sareo entered the TOP of the most interesting offers of this summer. It does not have alternative on convenience and style practically! And considering its reasonable price, women of fashion will be able to buy the whole clothes sareo - for each beach day new.

It is obvious that this invention is possible by the right to call revolutionary, unlike last year`s variations on the subject tunics and pareo. Unusually convenient beach dress sareo will present you feeling of the real freedom, it is put on in 2 seconds - and it is possible not to think of wet spots from a bathing suit, to do quietly some shopping, to glance in cafe, to drink soft drink in the bar. The variety of fashionable coloring, light air fabrics do a graceful dress sareo by ideal addition to your summer clothes!

And as it is good to relax and have a rest after hot summer day in the gentle southern evening! It is possible to bathe in sunset beams of the sun and directly from the beach to go to cocktail, to come into restaurant, to dance in the disco - bar. And how about to change clothes - you ask? You will be helped out again by a surprising dress sareo, only in long execution - sareo - Long. It is also easy and is quickly put on, but the real evening dress looks even more elegantly and distinguished!

There is one more demanded accessory in beach fashion - a summer scarf. It can be tied on a neck, to cover with it shoulders from the sun, to tie on the head or on the handle of a beach bag - anyway it is the highlight of any dress allowing to emphasize identity and good taste of the hostess. Summer scarves at the stylish lady has to be a little - both bright, and quiet shades, under any mood. Make a fashionable tandem a dress - sareo + a summer scarf, having picked up suitable tone, and you will be simply irresistible!

So, stylish sareo with a scarf we picked up, it was necessary to think of a hairdress. Without having broken your style, and having only emphasized its harmony, Sareo`s bows will come to the rescue! This convenient and stylish accessory will always help to put quickly on the beach in order hair after bathing and to make an original hairdress for evening rest. Pick up in tone to the dress - sareo a beautiful bow of Sareo for hair and be the queen of the beach.

It is possible to buy dresses and Sareo`s accessories quickly and conveniently on the Internet, delivery is carried out in any point of Russia and the CIS countries.

In a dress sareo you will always look stylishly and elegantly, all variety of prints of Sareo (and their more than 40!) it is developed in Italy taking into account the recent fashionable trends. The dress sareo - not just a novelty, is the real revolution of a season! It consists of a set of advantages and has no shortcoming, sareo by all means will become your favourite dress!