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You already chose to yourself contact lenses?

of Four-eyes can be counted on fingers today. At every fifth beauty of an eye surpass all shades existing in the nature in brightness of color a little. In clubs dolls of both sexes with pupils in the form of a dollar sign light. And all this thanks to contact lenses. Reliably, conveniently, beautifully.

It would seem, to get contact lenses as easy as shelling pears, these are not points with which it is necessary to suffer for hours, selecting a frame. However when business reaches visit to optics, we are lost... Eyes run up from a variety, and the consultant confuses clever terms, names of firms and materials.

That now carry

in the Russian market of producers of contact lenses more than enough Now. The most known: Johnson &Johnson, Vision Care, CIBA Vision, Bausch &Lomb, Maxima. Practically all of them offer a full ruler - from one-day to lenses of the prolonged carrying mode.

By the way, one-day (disposable) lenses and those which can be carried, without removing, are the priority directions of scientific researches of the leading producers. Ezhednevki attract the consumer with the convenience - put on, removed, threw out long-playing - because put on and forgot .

One-day lenses

Main minus ezhednevka - lack of moistening and low oxygen permeability of material. Therefore producers tirelessly invent humidifiers, built in in a lens and released during the day, or, on the contrary, add the components helping to hold already available moisture. Such lenses do of biocompatible materials that allows to ensure their comfort and safety.

Ezhednevki - the most expensive of the lenses presented on roar. For this reason doctors often do not even suggest patients to try them. And in vain. Eventually, each of us is able to plan independently the budget without the assistance of doctors. Ezhednevki perfectly will suit the people having an allergy; that who usually wears glasses and uses lenses only sometimes; and also to children, travelers and idlers. Such lenses, according to doctors, - the safest.

Lenses of the prolonged carrying mode did to

Before a lens of material under the name hydrogel - they should be removed for the night and to put in disinfecting solution, and in the morning to put on again. All attempts of a dream in such lenses came to an end is deplorable - at patients eyes reddened and swelled, the risk of development of eye diseases increased. All this was a consequence of low oxygen permeability of hydrogel. It, of course, is higher, than at ezhednevka (in which it is impossible to sleep categorically), but nevertheless it is insufficient for comfort of an eye for a long time.

Modern long-playing lenses do of more perfect material - silicone - hydrogel. Such lenses have the highest indicators of oxygen permeability that allows to provide the increased comfort at continuous carrying - an eye in such lens breathes .

The last achievement of developers silicone - hydrogel contact lenses - Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus . To their structure it is added, the so-called, moistening agent. It prevents drying of eyes and, respectively, increases comfort of lenses.

Moistening and breathing lenses can be carried, without removing, seven days then they go to a garbage can. Any of earlier let out silicone - hydrogel lenses of the moistening agents do not contain so emergence of a novelty, most likely, will force other producers to think up something such too.

When in companions of a consent is not present

Unfortunately, despite all novelties and inventions, there is no full unanimity between producers of contact lenses and ophthalmologists yet.

You judge. Information - advertizing from some producers: silicone - hydrogel lenses can be carried, without removing, within 30 days. Yes, the certifying organizations grant permission for such long carrying, but doctors categorically against! The latest models - already mentioned Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus and comparable to them O2optix appeared slightly earlier, are intended for continuous carrying only within 6 - 7 days. You feel a difference?

You should not be mistaken - lenses of the previous generation by definition cannot give to the patient more conveniences and safety than newer!

Doctors warn that continuous carrying lenses longer is fraught than seven days with serious complications (up to cornea ulcers). If to you laziness to watch terms, to potter with solutions and containers, you do not bring yourself to a condition of the Gogol Viy (when you are not able independently to open an eye in any fine morning) - buy ezhednevka .

The choice of professionals

From emergence of contact lenses was benefited by all. And four-eyes, since the childhood zadraznenny bad schoolmates, and people with very poor eyesight whose points quite often look ugly from - for thickness of glasses, and those who for hours stare in the monitor screen as we. It is considered that it is much more convenient to sit in front of the computer in contact lenses, than wearing spectacles. They do not glare and the field of the review more.

On the other hand, the users of computers carrying contact lenses often complain of dryness of eyes. It is connected with the fact that the person, looking at the monitor screen, blinks approximately by 3 - 4 times less than usually. Besides, eyes are dried by office conditioner and microparts of dust. Plus evaporation of moisture from a surface of lenses is higher, than from an eye surface. Here to you and syndrome of a dry eye with feeling of sand, a mote, burning in eyes. Therefore experts recommend for work at the computer to put on lenses which well hold moisture, that is, those latest developments.

Hardly most no athletes benefited from emergence of comfortable contact lenses (and the people leading active lifestyle). Imagine the football player or the biathlonist wearing spectacles Ridiculously! And here contact lenses to them very much even to the person. Even swimmers can carry contact lenses.

Moreover, lenses protect eyes from the chlorinated water of pools. The only thing, than natatorial linzonositel without lens risk - to come up. In water the lens can simply to come up from an eye and to find it in a bluish chasm of the pool hardly it will turn out.

The contact lenses protecting eyes from ultra-violet radiation, today not a rarity. But so far even producers cannot be defined: whether it makes sense to do in material of lenses of UV - the filter or not. So, for example, " company; Bausch &Lomb still did not enter UV - an absorber into one of the let-out contact lenses. The company considers that lenses with UV - absorbers do not provide absolute protection of eyes against an ultraviolet.

Lenses against an astigmatism

Quite recently in the Russian market there was a unique novelty - the soft contact torichesky lenses intended for correction of an astigmatism. It is practically revolution in the world of contact lenses as it was only possible to dream of a possibility of contact correction of an astigmatism earlier.

It is necessary to know

Contact lenses are contraindicated at: diabetes, diseases of a thyroid gland, keratita (cornea inflammation), infectious diseases of eyes, violation of a slezoproduktion, allergy. The fluctuations of a hormonal background at women connected with a menstrual cycle and reception of contraceptives also influence comfort of carrying contact lenses.