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What diets the strangest, or all of you still want to grow thin?

Female inconstancy in views, tastes, opinions often dement men. But in one woman are sure firmly and unshakably - of diets. Always will be what to throw off and where to grow thin. But I will tell

not about modern tendencies and councils from the leading nutritionists because, certainly, your best friend will call you soon and will tell it better me. I will tell you about the strangest diets of our time.

On 10 - m the place strange dietary a hit - parade a medieval diet of the count Borgia. Some grandees so strongly were afraid of poisoning that considered hunger as the only way out. Then the resourceful count - the nutritionist advised them to eat only kernels of integral walnuts as considered that they cannot almost be poisoned. Each nut was brought on a separate gold tray, and its shell carefully looked round the entrusted servant. It is No doubt of it, heavy to be rich.

9 - e the place is occupied by the American traveler William Baklend who ate everything that moves. He, actually, also became the traveler because it was incredibly bored by hamburgers and pizza, and there was a wish for a different flavoring delicacy. Thus, he tried on taste of crocodiles, hippopotamuses, bears, seagulls and even, speak, an elephant. And where only the Greenpeace looked.

8 - e the place is given to not less extravagant diet to which the Italian fisherman Renato Arganza was forced to adhere. Carried away its boat to the high sea, and it ate own clothes. When it was found by rescuers, on it there was only a cap. He did not eat it because did not want to receive a sunstroke. We hope, he did not suffer from an indigestion.

On 7 - m the place - a wine diet. To adhere to this diet, it is necessary to use within five days products in the following order: in the morning - to eat one hard-boiled egg with tomato. Through 2 hours - to eat apple. In two hours to have a bite low-fat cottage cheese and one cucumber. And three hours later to wash down the grief with red wine that time before the following meal went quicker. The main thing - in this diet not to be involved.

6 - e the place a hit - parade of strange diets is given to a palmar diet. During the day you can eat anything, but only so much how many will be located at you on a palm.

On 5 - m the place a fashionable Italian diet " Traffic light;. Differs from the known color diet only in the fact that it is necessary to eat as an arrangement of flowers on the traffic light. Since morning you eat red products - raspberry, tomatoes, red fish. During the lunchtime - bananas, corn and other delicacies of yellow color. For dinner at you cucumbers, a kiwi and other vegetation of green color suitable in food. The main thing - the favourite chocolates not to begin to turn in candy wrappers of color necessary to you.

On 4 - m the place again seamen, but already Spanish and Portuguese. In olden days during long swimmings when supplies came to an end, seamen started eating ship rats. On Ferdinand Magellan`s vessel even kept account, a coma how many rats are given depending on the held post. And could and the clothes is, - natives would be surprised to them.

3 - e the place is occupied by a diet on zodiac signs. According to it, Twins constantly chew something. Maidens got used to eat up for the children and so began to enjoy that began to eat up and finish drinking even what remains from a festive lunch or a dinner. Tauruses cannot live without cream cakes, and Aquarius - without the next sandwich. Sagittariuses eat everything with hot pepper and suffer from an overeating, and Fishes have a soft corner in the heart for pink champagne and drink up to eight cups of tea a day. Goats adore puddings and rolls, and it is easy to find Arieses in buffet at the railway station, they just cannot pass by. Lions at restaurants choose the fattest dishes, and Scales try everything that to them is offered. Scorpions do not refuse to themselves food, and Cancers seek to feed more tasty darlings and eat with them together. You did not recognize yourself? Then present how the similar diet will be able to help you.

2 - e the place ours a hit - parade is occupied by a color diet which was first apprehended in society with improbable enthusiasm and awe. Yes so that nobody noticed the reservation that thanks to such distribution of food it is possible to grow thin for 2 kg (!) in a month. And that probably only thanks to the last (suitable color to it was not) to a Sunday fasting day in which it is authorized to drink only water.

And 1 - e the place is occupied by a diet of the Mexican painter Diego Rivera whose third wife was famous Frida Khalo. He suffered from excess weight and as a cleaning diet advised dishes from human meat. And even thought up several recipes. It is sometimes better to draw, simply to draw.

Now before going on any diet, check whether it is not in this list. I wish you to find the most effective diet which will allow not only to lose excess weight, but also to strengthen health!